we’ll have Xavi with us for at least four more years!

At the presentation of his new boots in Barcelona yesterday, Xavi confirmed that he’s going to continue playing with La Roja: “I want to deny reports that I want to leave the national team.  I want to play in the Eurocopa and the World Cup in Brazil.  I don’t know where the rumors came from.  I’m excited and happy.  I want to play against Portugal, in all the games, including the friendlies.”

He continued, “I’m excited to go to the national team.  I have the feeling that people are always doubting my commitment to the team when I’ve never given them any reason to.  Each time I give a press conference, I have to explain it.”

Well there you have it, Xavi is staying!  Stop doubting him!

This is great news for us (fans of La Roja), but probably not so good for Barcelona!

Watch a video here!

Meanwhile, here’s the second part of the interview Xavi did with fifa.com.

FIFA.com: Xavi, as someone who’s won everything for club and country, how do you stay motivated?
Xavi: You get used to winning and you want more. That’s not a problem, it’s a virtue. For example, we were so frustrated after Spain’s defeat in the Confederations Cup (in 2009). Once you’ve savored the taste of victory you never get tired of it: winning is addictive. I think that we (Barcelona) are on the right track now. Morale in the camp is good, we’ve got a calm atmosphere to work in. We’ve got everything we need to keep winning titles.

You often say that you have to treat the ball right. What do you mean by that?
It’s just one of the ways I use to express my respect for the game. Controlling the ball, keeping possession and the way we position ourselves to enable us to move the ball quickly around the pitch by playing it to feet are all crucial to our style. Our game is both simple and complicated at the same time. I remember Mark van Bommel used to say to me that the ball moved too fast over here. He was used to receiving the ball and then deciding what to do with it, but at Barça you need to receive it and play the ball first-time whenever possible.

Do you feel like you now have more of a leading role than in the past?
To tell you the truth, I’ve always been at the heart of things in the squad, be it with Barça or the national team. That’s the way I am, the way I play. I’ve started a lot of matches and I know my role to perfection, although I admit that perhaps in media terms I wasn’t as high-profile as I have been recently.

It must be great having Messi and Alves playing to the right of you?
It’s a real pleasure, I really enjoy myself. Messi is the best of the best. And Alves too, you turn around and suddenly he’s upfield, then he’s covering back, playing one-twos – he never stops! It’s like he’s on a motorbike. Playing alongside him is a real luxury.

Does the same thing happen when you link up with Cesc Fàbregas for la selección?
I’m always saying this: Cesc has Barça in his genes, he’s grown up with our philosophy at La Masía. It used to make me laugh when people said we couldn’t play together for the national team. It’s quite the opposite, we could combine together with our eyes closed. He’s a fantastic player and has proved that at Arsenal and with Spain.

Read the rest of the interview here!


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  1. As both a cule and a fan of the national team, I am happy to hear this, but I really hope he takes care of himself and listens to what his body is telling him. I know you want to play all the time, but it wouldn’t hurt you to miss a friendly game, Xavi!

    • Ditto you on being a culer but still being thrilled for La Roja! Because ultimately it doesn’t matter if it’s “not as good for Barcelona” if it’s what Xavi himself loves to do and what gives him personal fulfilment. It would be one thing if he were being “called up against his will” and run into the ground, but that’s clearly not the case. I hope he keeps on playing for as long as he wants to. <3

  2. Am I glad to read this?!

    I simply cannot imagine a Spanish NT or Barcelona FC team without Xavi. I know that day will come but I am glad it will still be a few years away.

  3. Xavi is staying?


    Question though…why is this good for la Roja fans but not for Barcelona? I didn’t understand your meaning…

    Thanks again for keeping this up! You really do make my day less sucky – no pressure!

    • The rumors said that Xavi would only stop playing in the NT and concentrate on his club career with Barca.
      So now, fortunately, he promised to keep playing for both teams, which might yet mean that it’d be more tiring for him in the future (since he’ll be playing for 2 teams and not only Barcelona).

      I think it’s great news anyway! Xavi is reasonable and he knows what is best for him – physically and mentally.

    • because careers in the nt and club are not co-terminus. players have longer club careers, ex raul. spots in the national team are fiercely contested. there are so many talents to choose from espcecially from a great footballing country like spain.

  4. whew! at this point nobody can take over the helm from him. cesc, perhaps, but he has a ways to go. the rest are more defensive or attacking midfielders. xavi has a bird’s eyeview of what’s on the field and distributes accordingly.

    that said, i still think it’s iker who should get the ballon d’or. the clincher was the wc final. they would have lost if he hadnt stopped robben 2x! ;-)

    • I agree with giving Iker the award based on his excellent saves in the World Cup. But aside from Xavi, I do believe that Xabi Alonso is also an excellent midfielder/deep-lying playmaker. But I may be completely biased as he is my favorite player in the world. ;)

      • xabi is excellent but he is more of a defensive midfielder than a distributor. plus xavi just has a couple of years on him so they really do need to build up the younger ones.

  5. oh ,that’s some great news on a Friday! and Xavi looks adorable in that adidas plastic bag

  6. omg, totally didn’t read about the rumor, but good thing i read this post first!

    yay 4 more years of Xavi at least.

  7. xavi pls shave… you look much better without the mini beard :P

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