is there space left in their trophy cabinets?

Some La Roja news that I hadn’t seen until now.

While the team was in Salamanca to take on Lithuania, the RFEF handed out commemorative diplomas to several players (Iniesta, Capdevila, Cazorla, Piqué), who had reached a certain number of games with the national team, and insignias to those players (Bruno) who had just played their first game with La Roja.  Meanwhile, all the players received a replica of the World Cup, which was handed “in good faith” to David Silva.

Note: all of the players on the World Cup-winning squad each received a replica.  Since they were not all present at the ceremony, David Silva received his on their behalf.  No clue on whether he got to hand out the rest to his teammates though.

Previously, while the team was in Zurich preparing for the game against Liechtenstein, Víctor Valdés and Pedro received their insignias commemorating their first game with the national team.

And while the U-21 team was in Burgos to take on Croatia, the mayor of the city gave the team a replica of their beautiful cathedral, which was presented to Juan Mata, who was born in Burgos (and probably because he’s the captain).

Poor Sergio Canales, it looks like he lost his balance just as the photographer snapped the picture.


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  1. I am not sure I understand correctly – where is the actual trophy, world cup – at Silva’s and the rest got the replicas?

  2. handed “in good faith” to David Silva

    why have you put that words in commas, i don’t understand

    also why is it that silva is theone to get the replica and not the rest?

  3. Wait, so there’s only one replica, and it was given to Silva to hang on to?

    …I have a wonderful mental image of Silva being given twenty two replicas and having to cart them away in a wheelbarrow. And then having to pack them all in a suitcase to bring back to Spain for the next NT meet-up, so he could hand them out to everyone else. That would have been so much more entertaining! (Especially because a wheelbarrow full of cup replicas would probably be bigger than Silva.)

  4. eres de espana? hablas en espanol tambien?

    your english is greattt if u were raised speaking spanishh

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