what do you think this is for?

There’s a new campaign called “the world is in our hands” featuring our national team, but so far what it’s for and the objective behind it all hasn’t been revealed yet.  But so far the premise is that Pepe has some damning information on his teammates, and he’s going to tell us about it.

The tagline is on the website is “History is always written by the winners.”  And it goes on to explain, “when someone has the good fortune of making history, of touching the sky with their fingertips, of having, literally, the world in their hands, they feel an uncontrollable desire to tell all, to share it with the entire world… including those experiences, moments and anecdotes that form part of that history but that not many people know about, and that everyone should know about… or not.”

And then there are videos of six players, each with a message to Pepe, and Pepe’s response.

Capdevila and his motives…

All our actions are for a reason, a reason that can be honorable or something else.  Something else?  Pepe tells us his motivations.

Capdevila to Pepe: I put the ice bucket on my head to impress Shakira, but she stood me up!

Pepe to Capdevila: You can search for excuses, but that of the ice bucket on the head has no possible explanation.

The best kept secret of Andrés Iniesta

Every feat has its history, and every history has secrets, secrets that should never be revealed.  Never?  Pepe reveals all of his secrets.

Andrés to Pepe:  I told you that in confidence and now the entire world is going to know.

Pepe to Andrés: Andrés, I’m sorry, but I believe that the entire world has the right to know it.  Don’t hold a grudge, please.

Hustling Fernando Llorente’s money

Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Wait your moment, keep it hidden, and when your enemy is caught off guard… zas!  Pepe is going to take everyone’s money… everyone’s?

Fernando to Pepe:  Hi Pepe, you know a lot of about football, but I managed to win all your money with the Argentina-Germany game.

Pepe to Fernando: Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Now, I’m going to take all of your money.

The threats of Sergio Ramos

There are times when you can’t contain yourself, when you need to reveal everything that’s inside, although this means making new enemies.  Enemies?  Pepe tell us all his secrets.

Sergio to Pepe: you’ll see what happens to you when you reveal that.

Pepe to Sergio: Sergio, don’t threaten me, I can reveal a lot of things about you…

Iker: you won’t be able to stop this, even if you fly

If someone gets angry with you, it’s because you did something.  If someone praises you, it’s because they don’t want you to do anything.  Anything?  Pepe is going to tell all.

Iker to Pepe: Dear Pepe, you’ve outdone yourself.

Pepe to Iker:  What saves!  What class!  But I’m doing this to you for the entire team…

Becoming the best means effort and sacrifice.  And the need to renounce important things.  Important?  Pepe reveals all his sacrifices.

Busquets to Pepe:  A lot of people tell me I’m the best, but they don’t allow me to eat croissants.

Pepe to Busquets:  Sergio, all that sacrifice was worth it, no?


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  1. Haha love it! Can’t wait to find out more!

  2. Well, I don’t know… that’s mysterious, but I hope they’ll tell us soon!! Maybe it’s a new film about Los Secretos de La Roja???

    And I, personally, think that the ice bucket IS FOR BEING SEXY. Sexy like only Crackdevila can be, in his unique way :))) Yesterday I did not resist making a montage with your photo of the seleccion at the Principe de Asturias’ award, i.e. putting a cute little bucket on the head of our super-elegant, solemn and smiling Joan… after that, his smile became mischievous at once :)))

  3. Esto es del libro que va a sacar Pepe Reina!

  4. biscuits wins! hahahaha cracked me up!

  5. I have no idea what it is about, but all I know for sure is that I really want to know those secrets!!;-)

    no matter what the campaign regards, it is a cool idea, I feel intrigued!

  6. I hope it’s Los Secretos, World Cup edition! Or is Pepe writing a book about the World Cup? And Pepe would have a great take on it. Anything that is similar to Los Secretos would be fabulous.

  7. Im so glad Pepe is the type of person who CANNOT keep secrets!!!! haha Sergio your threats are sexy but REVEAL AWAY PEPE! Cant wait to hear more about this ;)

  8. I can’t wait to find out!!! It sound like a really fun thing

  9. it sounds like a los secretos world cup edition!! :)

    but though its highly unlikely, i’mcan’t help but feel very hopeful for a pepe talkshow where he interviews all la rojas! it would be a riot!!! *crosses fingers*

  10. Croissants? Not biscuits? LOL
    Sounds like someone is writing a book…

  11. intresting… they should do a dvd with all the behind the scenes of la roja… that & write a WC edition of the book Los secretos … & i think i would not stop laughing if Pepe Reina wrote a book …

  12. Can’t wait for this! Whatever it is it looks great.
    Loving Iniesta now he’s grown his hair out and bit and got a bit of stubble going. Never thought I’d say that!

    • The hair is SUCH an improvement, I agree! And the stubble helps alleviate his gusiluz qualities a little bit.

      • Aw poor gusiluz! Maybe I like him because it’s impossible for me to tan also!

        Hehe I never found him attractive *at all* until the other day as he was walking out of the hampden park tunnel for Scotland v Spain and I just thought ‘hello!’ whatever changed, I like it. Maybe it’s also because I find pretty much all the la roja boys irresistable the more I see and hear from them…

  13. its official its a book … Pepe Reina came out & said it … look @ the video http://www.marca.com/2010/11/12/futbol/seleccion/1289573776.html

    at this rate … we will have a book written by ever single player… thats alot of books…. *lol*

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