Sevilla FC pays homage to La Roja

A nice gesture from Sevilla!

They’ve decided to pay tribute to all the players who won the World Cup!  Of course, the first one was Jesús Navas, just days after the team arrived back in Spain.  And now each time one of the teams with a player or players on the world champions squad comes to town to face Sevilla, they’ll receive a tribute after the game.  (What’s going to happen with the players that play in England?)

The first players to receive his honor were Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez, as Athletic played Sevilla this weekend.  Sevilla president José María del Nido gave them each a replica of the World Cup final shirts, personalized with their names and numbers.  Did they make the shirts for these two players especially tight, to reflect the reality?

It’s also a good move for the friends and family of Del Nido, since they’ll get to have pictures taken with all of the world champion players!


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  1. they both looks super gorgeous..!!!

  2. And then Floris broke Caceres’ tooth. lol. Class act by Presi Del Nido still.

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