Premios Príncipe de Asturias – the videos

I’ve made two videos of the moments that our 10 players and VDB spent in Asturias.

In the first video, you can see their arrival at the Hotel Reconquista, their arrival at the Teatro Campoamor, their entrance into the teatro, the awarding of the Prince of Asturias sports award, Vicente del Bosque’s speech, and other random moments.  The second video is the part of Prince Felipe’s speech on the Spanish national football team.

Moments to watch out for in the first video:

In the segments dealing with the arrival at the theater: Sergio Ramos being a caballero shortly before getting into the car; the hugs between the players and Ramiro Fernández; the players’ bowlegged walks; Mata wiping his hands on his ass, Sergio’s heavily shellacked down hair.

Inside the theater: Xavi, Iker, Sergio, Nava making use of the instant translations (in Iker’s case, he used his middle finger to hold up the earphone, making it look like he was flipping us off); the bored looks; Iker and Xavi leaning towards each other.

During the award presentation: Iker’s little smile at VDB right before the players were called up; Luis Aragonés without his glasses (he recently had an operation on his nose and so he was unable to wear glasses); Pepe’s smile as Mata walked up to Prince Felipe; Sergio and Pepe shouting something as Fernando and Iker went up; Fernando coming face to face with his “twin,” Joan’s smile as he went up; the increase in applause for the captains and VDB; Mata waving with both hands.

And of course, VDB going to get Luis Aragonés to have him join in.

During VDB’s speech: Iker’s tongue.

Moments to watch out for in the second video:

During Prince Felipe’s speech: Iker’s posture (I found it funny); Sergio’s constant fidgeting.

(I apologize for the quality of the videos, I had to convert and edit and so some of the quality was lost along the way).


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  1. thank you for your hard work ;-)

  2. Thanks again Una! You don’t miss anything – Iker holding up the headset with his middle finger.

    The queen must be thinking, man these players clean up nice but I prefer seeing them in the locker room :).

    Navas doesn’t seem as glued to Sergio. Maybe it’s the order they came in, or because they’re in Spain and not outside the country :).

  3. I won’t be watching the videos just yet, but thank you so much for them. <3

  4. thank u very very much for the videos. it’s so nice to be able to just watch the players doing normal things like sitting down and listening to speeches….that way I get to gaze at them while they’re just being themselves instead of running around the pitch where it’s so hard to observe them for longer than 2 seconds.

    sigh javi martinez is growing on me as well..he’s got that cute boyish youthfulness but yet also an aura of manliness. He looks great in his suit…love that youthful touch of purple in his tie. Now llorente’s tie…that’s a complete opposite….looks very much like an old man’s tie lol!

    by the way, i don’t see why people don’t like what Iker’s wearing. I think he looks better in lighter suits than darker suits…a darker suit would be too severe on him…especially considering his fair complexion and delicate hair and refined features. He looks smashing in that suit…fits him well and ironed nicely!

  5. Either Sergio really was being a caballero or he just didn’t want to get stuck in the dreaded middle seat, haha.
    Wow, at 2:20, Xavi Navas and Mata look like they’ve been digitally shrunk! I just love our bajitos!
    Oh my God, Iker’s smoldering look at 5:29 is enough to melt me like butter!
    Juan’s double wave was absolutely adorable! “Look at me, Mom, I’m on stage!!”
    Thank you for providing the videos!

    • Heh, maybe he was just cleverly manipulating the situation so as to both look like a caballero (I mean, he’s even an excelentísimo señor and everything now!) *and* avoid being squished in the middle seat! Can you blame him? (Although he needs to work on his mesura and self-control with all that fidgeting!)

      Also: Sergi. Give Cris back his hair gel. Why are all the RM boys suddenly dumping gallons of glop in their perfectly lovely hair? Ick!

  6. I LOVE this site, thank you so much

  7. Capdevila is too timid, I can see he does not feel quite at ease in public… he needs to lose that and stop underestimating himself… he has no reason!! :)… and I’ll tell you he’s extremely elegant!! so elegant that I’d love to dance a tango with him… a Finnish tango like this: (yes, that’s from the land of polar nights, but super sexy)…


    I love the fidgeting.

  9. I so happy when i caught this on tv live the other day :DDD it was like i was there too! it was so wonderful to see them together again and looking all gorgeous in their suits. <333 although, it made me wish David and the others who could not go were there too.

  10. Sorry for the typo. that should be I’m not I :)

    Thank you so much for the vids and the awesome recaps! you spoil us too much! THANK YOUUUU <333

  11. It just dawned upon me how good looking Capdevila is! I know, i´m slow. But Jesus, you are my favourite, but what´s with the hands in your pockets? That´s a big no no. He was nervous i guess. It can be difficult to know where to put your hands, i know.

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