Sergio’s coming!!

Sergio Ramos wasn’t called up for the game against Racing as he’s still recovering from injuries sustained in the Spain-Scotland game.  This means that he’ll accompany Iker to Oviedo today!

This brings the total number of players to 10 – not bad, considering we started with four!

The players that will be in Oviedo this evening are: Iker, Sergio, Llorente, Javi, Mata, Navas, Pepe, Xavi, Marchena and Capdevila.  Yay!


It was one long tweet, divided into three parts (guess Sergio doesn’t know about this).  The tweet says, “Friends: I want to congratulate everyone for the Príncipe de Asturias award that the national team will receive this afternoon.  It’s an award for everyone, the fans, for all of Spain, who knew how to support us and encourage us.  I’m sure that we (the team) alone wouldn’t have been able to be champions of the world.  Enjoy it, like I’m also thinking of doing.  A big hug for everyone.”

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  1. OOOOh!

    It’s too bad he cannot play tomorrow!!! On the other hand we get to see the pics of Sergio being Sergio, smiling hopefully and playing with his amigos on the stage!

    But the fears about the outfits can be bigger now, all I can think of now is his the recent Crackovia episode! Amuse us Serhio, wear something nice, por favor!!!

  2. I meant -all I can think of now is his OUTFIT FROM the recent Crackovia episode!

    being “impatience” makes my typing all wrong;-)

  3. Aaaah!! Okay this is sort of bitter sweet for me. Come on, no Sexio three matches in a row? And this time I can actually catch it live..Well, the fact that he recuperates fully is much more important, not to mention we get to see him in a suit!!! :D will he go all out Sergio-style or tone it down with some tasteful simplicity? I can’t wait!

  4. Awww – it’s too bad that he’s still only recovering, but yay for the fact that he’ll be there! I can’t wait for pictures/videos!

  5. I hope that Sergio posts lots of pictures on Twitter, on the private plane with Iker, at the ceremony, etc. I just hope he doesn’t have everyone do a thumbs up. So excited to see the La Roja even though it’s not the entire team.

    Iker, Sergio, Navas, Capdevila, Llorente… yum! And Juan Mata and Javi reunited with La Roja!

  6. There could be pics with the thumbs up with the Royal Family – I bet you! ;-)

    yeah, I am not even pretending that I am not checking this blog (and the other one) every hour today. I have tons of work and need some good distraction. The Spanish news make my day today and I am not gonna pretend it is otherwise;-)

    Thanks Una!

  7. please god, don’t let the players choose their own clothes.

  8. una, your title made my pulse race, haha!

  9. omg, i just saw sergio’s photo on twitter!! the face, uber guapo!! the outfit… help! my eyes!!!

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