Premios Príncipe de Asturias: on the blue carpet

I love this combination so much I’ll even overlook Sergio’s western-inspired shirt!  And Iker’s better than I expected, although I would have preferred a darker suit.  But it looks like he’s wearing brown shoes with the outfit.

Upon arrival, Iker said, “I’m very happy to be here and be with my teammates,” while Sergio remarked, “it’s a happy day and all Spaniards should feel proud because the national team of our country is receiving such an important award.”  And of course, he was “superorgulloso” to be able to attend.

And Pepe was looking delicious as well!  He’s wearing on his lapel the insignia he received earlier today.


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  1. Looking good, boys. :) Sergio looks REALLY good in that dark suit.

  2. Isn’t Xavi supposed to be there too?

  3. AAAAAAH they look GORGEY!!!! ugh and the picture Sergio tweeted…YUM! See he knows when the ‘thumbs up’ is appropriate and when its not! lol

  4. Sergio looks -so- good oh my god. I really actually adore the lapels and his skinny tie.

  5. Wow, Pepe Reina meets La Reina :)) Pepe looks great in his suit, and I love his smile… it’s so adorable that it even makes me forgive him for saying bad things about Capdevila…

    • What did he say about Capdevila?

    • what bad things did he say about Capdevila?

    • Well, calling Capdevila “feo” (ugly) was, in my opinion, not a good joke on Pepe’s part (even if it was a joke)… but I’m a northern girl, maybe I’m too hard on him… it depends on what Capdevila himself thinks about that and what are the relations in the team (and as I see, they are friendly).

  6. The boys look absolutely breathtaking! Pepe I was sure wouldn’t disappoint, but Sergio and Iker?! I couldn’t possibly be more proud! But darn it I knew there was gonna be some brown involved! Thankfully we can’t see his shoes in that picture. Phew!

  7. Pepe is….perfection. *sigh*

  8. Sergio’s shirt is a bit strange, but this is SO much better than I was expecting from either of them.

    And Pepe looks class as well, love him!

  9. Boys, you’re all looking hot! Especially Sergio! He is hot as always!

  10. Iker’s get-up looks almost exactly like the RM suit!

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