Premios Príncipe de Asturias: inside the Teatro Campoamor

A brief recap of what’s happened so far today during the awards ceremony, with updates to follow:

The players were the last honorees to arrive at the Teatro Campoamor, just before Queen Sofía and the Princes of Asturias themselves.  And of course, they received the most applause.  Cars took them from the Hotel Reconquista to the Teatro: Iker rode with VDB, Capdevila/Xavi/Navas took another, Pepe and Sergio were together, as were the two JMs and finally, Marchena rode with Llorente.  Iker was the only one not in a dark suit.  They all had the insignia of the awards on their lapels.

As the team walked in, they were introduced one by one.  Pepe became José Manuel Reina, Javi was Javier Martínez and Carlos was Carlos López Marchena.  They all paid tribute to the queen, who was clapping and smiling (probably because she was thinking, the last couple of times I saw them, they were wearing a lot less).  The team was the last to receive their award; meanwhile, they listened to other speeches, with the help of headphones which provided instant translations.  It appears that everyone else on the stage is at least twice their age, or even three times.

When the team went up to collect the award, they were also called up one by one.  They got the most applause of the night.  The two captains were last, and then VDB went up to get the scroll corresponding to the award.  He then left protocol behind by going to find Luis Aragonés and bringing him to where the players were standing so that he could be honored too.

This episode perfectly sums up what our team is all about.

VDB gave a speech (he paused first to put on his glasses -adorable!), and he ended by thanking the queen and the prince and princess for their support in South Africa (isn’t it great that the three of them were there in Johannesburg and also here today in Oviedo?)

The prince, in his discourse, also praised those values that have come to characterize this team, among them humility and teamwork.  He called them “un grupo excepcional” and also took the time to thank all those who contributed to the team, such as Luis Aragonés, including those who weren’t present in Oviedo.  He ended by saying that the players are as good at their sport as they are at being good people.

– the ceremony is going on longer than Real Madrid planned, because Iker and Sergio are supposed to already be on their way back to Madrid. –

Felipe’s still wearing his beard but Iker shaved for today.

It’s a few minutes past 20h and the ceremony is over.  The players have left the theater accompanied by the gaitas.  I guess Iker and Sergio are running back to FP’s private plane (will the team dinner be delayed for them?), while the rest of the players will head to the reception.

More on the awards tomorrow!


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  1. See, Iker wore black shoes! I think he looked smart, even in a lighter suit.

    Don’t care for Llorente’s tie, however. Javi looks smart with the purple.

    Thank you for the updates!

  2. Pep must have told Xavi what to wear – tight, black suit and a skinny black tie

  3. Although I think the pants are a bit wonky, I love Xavi in the skinny suit <3 Quiero mas fotos omg <3 Thanks for sharing <3 (Sorry for all the hearts, just love them!)

  4. thanks so much unamadridista for keep us all updated on what’s going on with the ceremony! its great having your help to keep us overseas followers informed!

  5. I have run out of superlatives to use about VDB. That gesture towards Luis Aragones was class of the highest order. I’m actually tearing up. Well done.

  6. Cant wait to see more pics =)

  7. Good Lord, am I dreaming or what! The best dressed men I saw for the whole week! I am even able to not notice that Iker did not have the dark suit (which would be obviously the best one for him, imagine him dressed in a custom-made dark suit *faints*)

    They look adorable, adorable. I bet you none of my male friends I will meet tomorrow evening for a party would look so good, I would be so dissapointed in them, so dissapointed.

    At least I could stare at those pics now for a while. I don;t even feel ashamed. ;-))

    thank you for such a quick and up-to-date news Una!

  8. oh, and I have forgotten to vote for my favourite one!

    I am voting for Sergio (even though I am usually sceptic when it comes to his outfits) I did not expect that I admit, but his suit is absolutely gorgeous!!! No hairgel and I would almost suspect Xabi chose the image for him for tonight… pretty pretty

  9. Sweet gesture by having Aragones be part of this.

    Best dressed : Navas, Xavi, Sergio. Xavi looks sharp!
    Iker doesnt look bad but the suit (jacket) is way too big.

    Thanks fo keeping us up to date!!

  10. I think the best dressed was Reina.
    Iker was good but I think a darker suit would have been better ( he looks amazing with dark suits).
    Sergio was ok but that tie is not very appropriate, he could have worn something totally weird and shiny so this is pretty good for him – looks handsome.
    Javi & Fernando ( except for tie) – really good, appropriate and handsome.
    Xavi – not liking the shiny suit ( his shoes have higher heels than normal :) )
    Marchena, Navas and Capdevila – normal.

    • I saw more of them and changed my mind a little;
      I like how Xavi looks and Iker’s suit is not properly tailored ( it also stands out because its grey). Navas’ suit is winkled and its Sergio’s shirt thats not working.
      But they all look lovely, its nice to see them in suits .

  11. I was looking at the other pictures on El Pais. Man, Capdevila is looking devilishly handsome and spiffy in his suit! He just looks so masculine in it. Yum.

  12. Una, thanks for a wonderful recap! All your hard work in keeping us up to date on the exploits of Spanish NT is much appreciated.

    Wow, Iker surpassed my expectations in how he was dressed. My expectations, where he was concerned, were pretty low to begin with, so there was only one way to go — Up :)

  13. Congratulations to all members of La Roja !!
    Everyp play looks smart and sharp in suit. Like to see VDB with glasses, as you said “adorable”, hehe..

  14. They are all very handsome, but i gotta say that Jesus Navas looks soooo good in a suit! It fits his slim figure pefectly!

  15. I’m so happy that Xavi and Sergio got to go! It sucks that the only reason they were there is because they are injured :(

  16. I was watching the ceremonies on TVE at past midnight on my part of the world. I love how the boys looked sharp and smart in general, but my personal highlight? Sergio in deep concentration with his headset, trying to catch every translated word during the speeches delivered in English!

  17. I -really- like Xavi’s suit, he looks amazingly good (except that maybe you’re right Una, the pants are a little too tight around the thighs). Navas looks pretty good too!

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