still the most popular team in town

Well, I didn’t think this country could come up with more ways to pay homage to our champions, but here’s a new one!

The bus used by the team in South Africa will go “on tour” through various Spanish cities in the next few months.  Hyundai Motor España has acquired the bus and will be displaying it in their various concessions, starting tomorrow in Guadalajara.  Other cities to be graced by the presence of the bus this year: Valladolid, Vigo, Pontevedra, Santander, Barcelona, Castellón and Valencia.  In 2011, it will pass through Gandía, Elche, Murcia, Almería, Granada, Jaén, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the Prince of Asturias awards, Vicente del Bosque, accompanied by team doctor Óscar Celada (who’s Asturian) and the World Cup, made a visit to Avilés (Asturias), to the delight of the fans of La Roja, both big and small.  VDB spoke about his experience in South Africa.

Love the cowboy hat.  LOVE IT.

From reader Regan:  two of the kids who walked the Scottish and Spanish teams out in their game at Hampden Park talked about their experience.

Gary McGregor, who walked Xabi out, said it was “nerve-wracking.  “We could have spoken to the players, but we were all so nervous ahead of the game kicking off.”

Meanwhile, Aiden McMurdo said, “The best bit was getting to high-five David Villa when he was coming off the pitch after Spain warmed up.”

And the Royal Spanish Mint released today a second set of coins commemorating the World Cup victory (information on the first one here).  These new ones will go on  sale on Nov. 24, and can be purchased at banks and other credit institutions.

The edition is made up of 2 million pieces, with a face value of €20, the same as the ticket price.  These are collectors’ items, and not valid for circulation.  The coin has on one side a footballer in the position of kicking a football, with the words “world champions” above.  On the reverse are the profiles of the king and queen.


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  1. awww I wish I could take a ride on that bus…..:( I just might have to make a pilgrimage to Madrid lol

  2. “The best bit was getting to high-five David Villa when he was coming off the pitch after Spain warmed up.”

    omg. adorable.

  3. Thanks again Una!

    Any schedule exactly when the bus will be in which city this year?

    Love the kids! Go David for the high five. Hopefully he will get his goal scoring mojo back.

  4. Ay Dios mío. The coin is beautiful! :D

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