Oviedo should be proud of their Pichonín

One player who will be Oviedo tomorrow took the time to talk about his feelings about the award.  And he should know, since he’s the only one on the team from Oviedo!

Juan Mata told the RFEF, “after having the opportunity to be among the 23 footballers able to enjoy this wonderful experience of winning the World Cup in South Africa, receiving an award like this one is another reason to be happy, since it recognizes an important achievement in the history of Spanish football.  In addition, it’s an important reward for any athlete, regardless of sport.”

“I’ve experienced many times the ambiance of the city when the ceremony is held, it’s very special to be able to live it in first person.  I still remember assignments on the Príncipe de Asturias awards in my school, the Gesta 1, the galas on television…  It’s a tradition that year after year brings together in Asturias the best and most distinguished people in their professions in many areas.  The importance of these awards and the great work of the Foundation are things I remember since I was a child.”


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  1. aahh so sweet…

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