Iker to lift up another award!

It looks like José Mourinho has been “persuaded” to change his mind about letting Iker Casillas attend the Príncipe de Asturias awards ceremony on Oct. 22 in Oviedo.  On Saturday night, Jorge Valdano confirmed that our captain will be in Asturias to receive the award and return as soon as possible to the concentración of Real Madrid.  Iker will fly to Oviedo on a private plane, accompanied by Florentino Pérez, and won’t be allowed to attend any pre- or post-ceremony activities.  Iker, for his part, said he was “encantado” to be able to go, since for him it’s a source of pride to be able to collect the award.

Meanwhile, Mou had this to say: “Staying open to other options is not a defect, but an asset.  The president asked me to meet with him, although he didn’t need to, and he explained what this prize means to the Spanish people and what it means to the madridismo to have their captain there, the respect we all have for the king, and we came to the conclusion that we had to stay open… I hope the Spanish people enjoy this day.  I’m happy to have changed my decision.”

And over in Barcelona, Pep Guardiola has apparently softened his stance as well after speaking with Sandro Rosell.  He said that any of the eight players that does not play on Saturday against Zaragoza may go to Oviedo.  It would be great to see one of the vice captains – Xavi, Puyol – there, or David Villa, given his ties to Asturias.


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  1. What about the rest of the guys?

  2. That’s awesome! I hope that Puyol and Xavi would be able to make it. They all deserve it so much.

  3. I think Xavi might get to go – the Barcelona coaching staff were making funny noises about “seeing whether he plays on Saturday” after the game yesterday. I guess that would be the one happy effect of his injury… =/

    • I secretly have my fingers crossed for this — I was a little horrified to see Xavi start on Saturday, and he played 80 full minutes before coming off — I hope they aren’t rushing his return, we’d rather see him make a good recovery! If he sits out next week and goes to collect this award “on behalf of” the Barcelona contingent, I think that would be a good outcome on every level.

  4. At least he gets to go, I guess… although I imagine any field trip with FP as a chaperone can’t be all that pleasant!

  5. I’m very relieved to read this. A ceremony without Iker would have made no sense, clearly. And I’m also glad that Barcelona came to their senses and allowed the sidelined players to go.

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