more love for La Roja

A new football stadium in Cudillero (Asturias) will be named La Roja as a tribute to the Spanish national team.  The name was suggested by the local government after confirming that no other stadium bears that name, and the RFEF gave their blessing as well.  The mayor of the town said that the name “La Roja” was suggested because it represents values such as team work, unity and hard work that are indispensable to achieve success.  La Roja Stadium will be inaugurated on Nov. 3, in the presence of Sporting de Gijón’s first team.

Meanwhile, Rod Stewart became the third musical act from the British Isles to profess their love for La Roja (U2 and Elton John were the others) when he told EFE that that the World Cup-winning Spanish team is “one of the best teams” he has ever seen.


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  1. i would love to name my son Roja in the future.. :P

  2. Hey! I even named my kennel La Seleccion, my tribute to the SNFT. In fact one of my labs is currently named, Xavi.

  3. i agree with rod stewart and all the people who have said so. 2010 was my 7th world cup (i’m dating myself, i know ;-) ) and i have seen no other team like the spaniards. to be sure, they are not perfect but the harmony, fluidity and teamwork with which they play is just unparalleled. this is the first international team whose members i know all by name. with the others like brazil, argentina, germany or france, you just know the stars. but with spain because the ball is spread out and all are contributing well in their positions, all are brought to the fore of the public’s consciousness.

  4. Hey, have you seen this picture (click link)?

    It’s Jensen Ackles wearing a la roja shirt! I love it!

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