your useless La Roja information for the day

Upon returning to Madrid early yesterday morning, after the game against Scotland, half the players wore their La Roja tracksuits, and the other half were dressed in “civilian” clothes.  This is the breakdown.

Tracksuits: Sergio Ramos, Llorente, Arbeloa, Bruno, Borja, Santi Cazorla, Aritz Aduriz, Marchena, Pablo

Street clothes: Iker, Xabi, Valdés, Puyol, Villa, Biscuits, Iniesta, Nacho Monreal, Piqué

Not seen: Capdevila

Not seen because they presumably did not return to Madrid: David Silva, Pepe Reina

The cuerpo técnico all wore suits.

I wonder what the thought process leading to their choices of clothing entails?

Seen at the airport walking next to David Villa was Fernando Morientes, which begs the question: was Sara Carbonero on that flight?  And Iker must like duty free shopping a lot, because he always returns from trips like these carrying large plastic bags, in addition to his travel bag.


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  1. Una…

    I do not know the relationship between Morientes and Carbonero. Could you elaborate?

    Thank you again for keeping us apprised of all activities.

  2. I just don’t understand how Iker can even get simple jeans and a t-shirt wrong. Look at Xabi (he’s the one who looks casual and and still presentable about three feet in front of you): jeans, button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up, and a smirk. Watch and learn, dear. Watch and learn.

    • It’s true. I refrained from commenting on it because I’ve said it too many times before and I’m tired of saying it.

      • Actually, with all my admiration for The Captain Iker, I will be SERIOUSLY surprised the day I see him dress perfectly. Just as much as I would be surprised if I ever see Xabi not looking all aaaawwww classy in whatever he wears.

        Speaking of aaaawww, Sergio seems to be in the middle, just between those two, as he is perfectly able to choose both hideous clothes and wonderful ones. LOL

    • When in doubt go with the tracksuit lol

  3. Thank you, and your updates are never useless….

  4. Haha, when I saw this picture of Llorente I started singing one song in Portuguese…

    Gosto muito de te ver, leãozinho
    Caminhando sob o sol
    Gosto muito de você, leãozinho

    Para desentristecer, leãozinho
    O meu coração tão só
    Basta eu encontrar você no caminho…

    (I like so much to see you, little lion, walking under the sun, I like you so much… to make my lonely heart happy, I just need to meet you no my way…) and I think it’s just about Llorente and many women’s feelings for him, with the very small difference that this lion is very very big (almost 40 cm taller than me, for example)… but the rest is 100% true… ;)

  5. None of the Barcelona players wore their La Roja clothes? Clearly this is a Catalan conspiracy!

    (For the humour-impaired, this is a JOKE!) :D

  6. Oh no, I was hoping Iker’s name wasn’t on the “street clothes” list..
    “I wonder what the thought process leading to their choices of clothing entails?” — It’s actually safer to say that Iker didn’t have a thought process whatsoever when slapping on those clothes rather than actually deciding to wear..that. Thankfully, I can’t detect what the little scribbles are on his shirt, so I’ll let this one slide for the time being. Iker, I still love you :)

  7. I’m pretty sure Sara was on the flight with Iker – they seem inseparable. Although I’m from the US, so what do I know?

  8. there’s no such thing as “useless” when it comes to La Roja information. thanks as always! :)

  9. YAY for this – my La Roja fix for the day! :) Muchisimas gracias! Just cant get enough of these guys! <333

    PS: David looks absolutely GORGEOUS in black. *drools*

  10. Information about La Roja is never useless! :D Especially when it features gorgeous pics like the ones of Llorente and Sergio. Somehow I actually prefer it when they wear their tracksuits. :D

  11. I wonder if Arbeloa ran out of his supply of D&G Tees and settled for track suit :)

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