to the Euro we go!*

What a day for Spain, going 2 for 2 on its national day!  Of course, La Roja beat Scotland 3-2 (more on that later) but prior to that, La Rojita did their part, defeating Croatia 3-0 to qualify for next year’s U-21 Euro in Denmark!  And with that qualification, the dreams of playing in the Olympic Games in two years time are kept alive!  (The top three finishers at the U-21 tournament qualify).  The aggregate score was 5-1.

Álvaro Domínguez (67th minute, off a corner by Juan Mata), Adrián López (89th minute, from a Mata assist) and Jeffron (91st minute, assist from Dani Parejo) were the goal scorers, and the team played very well, especially defensively.

Other game notes: Mata was the captain and acted like one, leading the team in both the offense and the defense.  The players wore black armbands in memory of Agustín Domínguez, who had been the secretary general of Real Madrid and the RFEF.  RFEF president Ángel Villar was at the game – it’s great that he supported La Rojita when he could have been watching La Roja!

Everyone was happy with the result, including Sergio Busquets: “I couldn’t watch the game, but I followed it and I’m very happy for them.  I was told the game was a bit crazy.  And I’m happy for our team as well.”

Cesc and Jordi Codina also sent out their congratulations via twitter!

The only bad news came in the form of Álvaro Domínguez’ injury, which came off a hard tackle that left his left ankle with deep bruising.  He’ll undergo tests today, but an injury of that type usually takes a player out for 2-3 weeks.

* the U-21 Euro.


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  1. Congrats to La Rojita! I adore the La Roja players and how they support them. And speaking of La Roja, Javi was captain and now Juan Mata. Yay!

  2. Over the moon happy for La Roja and La Rojita and esp for David for that goal we’ve been praying for!!!! Here’s to many many more goals and wins to come for both teams!!! Cheers! :)))

  3. Congrats to the U21 team. Can’t wait to see them in June here in Denmark, where I live :)

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