Piqué: the Andalucían/Catalán thing was nonsense

Gerard Piqué spoke with newspaper El Confidencial right before the team traveled to Glasgow, and here are the interesting parts of that conversation:

Most important thing first:

on the Sergio Ramos “controversy”: it really was nonsense.  I’m continuously surprised by how things are twisted around outside.  The power the press has accumulated is tremendous.  We talked about that inside the locker room.  The next day, a newspaper printed a picture of the two of us next to each other during the hymn, as if everything had been worked out.  But it wasn’t anything.  It’s incredible how they seek to make a big issue out of things that aren’t.  You get used to it.  It’ll be many years before things change.

on politics and sports: there’s no space for politics in sports.  You have to separate one from the other.  You can be both Catalán and Spanish without any problems.  Sometimes people don’t see it like that.  I’ve spent my entire life playing for the Spanish national team.  I’ve never done anything disrespectful.  I’ve won great things with the team.

And the rest:

on the prensa rosa: I don’t watch those programs, and I don’t read the magazines.  It’s all inevitable and uncontrollable… none of that will distract me from football.  I disconnect, and that’s it.

on success: I haven’t changed.  I won titles with Barcelona and with the national team, but I’m still the same.  The people around me are still the same.

on his state of mind: I’m very happy, as I was when I wasn’t winning trophies.  Football gives you life, or at least a sense of life.  You can be depressed but when you enter onto a field and see the ball, you forget everything else.

on fame: I like to take walks, go out on the street, but I try to avoid it.  I prefer to stay at home and have someone else shop for me.  I like to live calmly.  There have been times when I was waiting in line at the cash register to pay for something, got noticed by people, and had to leave the thing behind and come back the next day.  You get overwhelmed and you have to leave.  You also don’t want to create a scene in a shopping mall.

on La Roja: there are two ways of looking at success and titles.  One is to continue with the same hope and desire because you’ve tasted success and you know that that’s the best thing there is.  The other way is to rest on your laurels, let yourself go and think that since you’ve won everything, it won’t matter if you don’t win anymore.  That’s the difference between a winner and someone who isn’t.  Continuing with a desire to win more titles is what sets the cracks apart, and here, there’s more than one.

on winning: I do consider myself a winner.  I’ve always loved winning.  (Thinks).  More than winning, what I hate is losing.  I hate playing and not achieving what I want.  When you hate losing, there is only one option left, winning.  I don’t have too much experience in losing (laughs).  Let’s knock on wood, just in case.


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  1. What is prensa rosa?

    Love this…again…from now on, just know that I love and appreciate everything you do here.

  2. i loooooove that photo!!!!

  3. Hopefully these comments about the “controversy” will put it all to bed, it really seems to have been blown out of proportion.

  4. I’d like to know more about the ‘controversy’.

  5. Big pile of Spanish football-playing men=loooove. Though Geri looks like such a little boy here despite the facial hair- I want to pinch his cheeks and then join the pile! And yes, I agree with you- he should take the Lion King to dinner for saving them in this match!

  6. God, it sucks so much that he scored an own goal.. He likes to score so much (pun intended)

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8dgIdPfcNY In this interview Pique apparently tasks about some interesting topics. I do not know because it is all in Spanish which I speak none of. If you translate it, it could make for an interesting read…

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