in case you missed it – Scotland vs. Spain

In case you missed it – Scotland vs. Spain [2010-10-12].

As good Spaniards, they won for Spain on its national day, Oct. 12.

One. How I love this team.

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Two. Some game notes:  Pepe, Borja Valero and Aritz Aduriz were the players left off the final game list.  Borja – pobrecito – did not get to debut.   The players were black armbands in memory of Agustín Domínguez, the former RFEF secretary general from 1978 to 1989 who had passed away on Saturday.  The majority of the players didn’t end the game with the tape still on their sleeves.  Iker started at “his” goal.  And Sergio Busquets is right – he doesn’t do many exciting things (read: “in case you missed it” worthy moments) during the game, but he does everything else.  Some negatives: David Villa ended the game with pain in his left knee, while Sergio Ramos’s right knee was bothering him.  And the Scottish national team coach, Craig Levein, said about his rival, “we lost against the best team that has ever played at Hampden Park.”

Three. The pregame moments.  As you know, these are some of my favorite moments.

How adorable is Sergio with the little kid accompanying Iker?  I love the way the kid cranes his neck around to stare up at Sergio!  Lucky kid, getting to hold Iker’s hand and have Sergio tap his forehead!

Meanwhile, Geri Piqué was busy saying hi and joking around with former Manchester United teammate Darren Fletcher, the Scottish captain.  He would also hug another former Manchester United teammate, Phil Bardsley, during the receiving line.

As he walked onto the pitch, Iker had his hands full, with a kid holding onto each hand, and his gloves and the little banner for Scotland under his arm.  Only the captains in this game got two kids; all the rest had just one.  And speaking of kids, here’s a shot of the players whose kids were almost as tall as they were – los bajitos – Cazorla, Silva, Iniesta and Villa.

Iniesta and Villa are about the same height, but the gelled-up hair gives David an extra inch or two.  And Xabi, ever the good spokesmodel, showed up clean-shaven.

A shot of Iker, just because.  And how come the escudo on the jackets don’t have a star on top?  Maybe the national team is being thrifty and waiting until these go out of style to get new ones.  Considering the crisis that Spain is in, not a bad idea!

There are no postgame shirtless shots because Telecinco decided to show highlights during that time when the players would have been taking off their shirts.  Yet another reason why Telecinco sucks.

Four. Geri is athletic, and Joan winks.  The latter is for all the readers who’ve confessed to having a crush on “Zidane” this past week.

Five. Andrés and Sergio had different ways of protesting – Iniesta tries to look all innocent, and Sergio uses his hands for emphasis while yelling.  Neither worked.

Six. The bench itself made the coaching staff and the reserves look more like they were at the opera than a football game.  I wonder if Javi, Vicente and Toni thought back to eight and a half years ago while sitting there?

Seven. The goals.

With his penalty, David Villa tied Raúl as Spain’s all-time top goalscorer.  They both have 44 goals.

After the game, Villa said, “I knew from some time ago that this goal would come if I didn’t injure myself or anything like that.  I want to score many more because I’m going to be part of this team for many more years.”

Iniesta scored the second goal of the night, and had an adorable moment nuzzling with Santi Cazorla during the celebration.

And Fernando Llorente was the big hero, scoring the winning goal.  Of the wiping-the-forehead celebration, he said, “it was dedicated to some of the guys on the bench, but it wasn’t anything in particular.  It was a thing we have between us.”

Check out those biceps as he does that!!!  ¡Impresionante!

And of course, Geri Piqué also scored a goal.  Unfortunately, it was for Scotland.  He better take Fernando Llorente to dinner for saving his ass.

Eight. Speaking of asses, Iker has a particularly delicious one.  Look at the shape of it!

Nine. Sergio seemed to be quite concerned about his hair.  During the pregame, he had it tucked into his jacket.  And as the team was waiting to return to the field after the half, he kept touching it.

Ten. A couple more cute moments – David Villa follows the trajectory of the ball with his eyes, and Iker says, “none of that here!”

Eleven. Seriously international football players, what do you have against Xabi Alonso?  A vicious kick reminiscent of De Jong to Xabi’s thigh left him face down on the ground.

Xabi played in his 80th game, and is now currently ninth on the all-time games played list, just one game behind Fernando Torres and José Antonio Camacho, who are tied for seventh.

Twelve. Even when these players aren’t doing anything special, they still manage to look adorable.  How do they do it?

Thirteen. The twitter take on the game.  It’s clear who’s the king of the La Roja twitter world.

– Sergio: good night friends.. here we are at the airport and we’ll soon leave for Madrid.. 3 more points and another good game from La Roja.  A big hug.

– Álvaro: here, the legend of Iker started.  Here, Raúl scored.  Here, Zidane scored that fantastic goal.  And here, Floris scored today!  Crack!

– Andrés: happy for the win and for being able to help with the goal.  This result puts us in a very good position.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll prepare for Saturday’s game.

Fourteen. Looking forward: Spain won’t be playing another qualifier until next year, when they take on the Czech Republic at home on March 25 – more than five months away!  But don’t worry, they’ll be back together in one month’s time, when Spain plays Portugal in a friendly in Lisbon on Nov. 17.


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  1. hi!! wasn’t he agustin dominguez, not fernandez?

  2. So sweet! I love your recaps of the national games–and this one was particularly entertaining to read. Poor Pique.

  3. that iker-sergio kid is the cuteness!! his shorts are almost trousers :)

  4. Huy, that game certainly got my blood pressure up. I really hate own goals!!
    Y gracias Floris, for saving the night :)

  5. una, thanks again and great job for indulging our la roja fix:)

    question though (and this might just be a ‘duh’ question… but i’m really curious and ignorant about this, sorry!): is there a standard/code/unspoken preference among the players regarding the order of how they come out onto the pitch? i mean, of course the captain leads his team out… but how do they decide that this player or that player comes in line behind him etc etc?

    i’ve just been wondering about it coz i can’t get the pattern lol. i only know that when ramos is playing he gets the more than enviable pleasure of being next to iker (or does iker have that pleasure..?) … and villa it seems can almost always be found on the tail end (in this game at least he’s among his kindred height-wise.)

    sorry if this is such a silly question… =P

  6. Llorente is just so… impressive. And that shirt he wears lets us admire that fact.

  7. I only found Xabi shirtless gifs post-match

    thanks for the great wrap up!

  8. I think they’re just jealous cause they’re not as pretty as Xabi :)

  9. OMG!! I also saw Fer Llorente’s goal celebration and his biceps and the first thing that came to my mind was ‘I hope una is going to make a gif of his goal celebration because his biceps look delicious”.

  10. I’ll take Llorente to dinner, so Pique can go practice his defending skills in the meantime. Everybody wins!

  11. Lindos lindos… there’s no other team in the world with so many hot men :) yesterday morning I saw a video with Llorente and Capdevila and thought: “wow, that’s too much cuteness for my eyes!!” :)) and after that, my intuition told me that they both will be heroes in the match against Scotland… and they were… that’s magic isn’t it? Llorentisimo es Dios, with his 3 “llorentazos” in 2 last matches… (I’m still regretting that Del Bosque did not give him a chance in the final against the Netherlands, the whole world would know his name now)… I’d surely love to have a younger brother like him (I call him “younger brother” as I’m kinda similar to him in appearance, at least my eyes)… :)) And of course, A VERY SPECIAL THANKS for Capi’s winking gif, I’m really touched!! <3 :)

  12. I feel bad for Piqué, I know he’s always dying to score a goal from watching his Barça games, but not quite like this. Thank the gods Llorente was subbed in and then scored – how perfect was Capdevila’s cross that landed right at Llorente’s right foot?

    Piqué did attempt an assist at one point after his mistake.

    I get a tiny feeling that Piqué is a bit envious of Llorente – both similar height, but Llorente gets to score goals. Piqué is probably just ambitious and wants to do it all.

    • It’s the total football mentality they teach them at La Masía… You know, once you go bla-ugrana, you never go back…

  13. This post is made of awesome. :D Love your notes. Love the gifs. Love the screencaps. Thank you so much! :)

  14. TheFunInFuneral

    “There are no postgame shirtless shots because Telecinco decided to show highlights during that time when the players would have been taking off their shirts. Yet another reason why Telecinco sucks.”

    This sucks indeed since I was kinda looking forward to some gifs featuring Xabi’s awesome naked chest which he showed yesterday <3 Hairy yet amazing :D (thumbs up for Polsat Sport for showing that!)

  15. Gracias Floris indeed! I love this blog so much :)

  16. thank you soooooo much for this post! im loving all the pics and gifs and bits of info!!! i hope you know how much we appreciate all your wonderful posts about this amazing team! :)))
    gosh, this team is just toooo adorable, one cant help but love all of them! if anyone told me before that i’d fall in love with a whole football team, id have laughed my head off! but now, to say that im addicted and obsessed with them would be an understatement!
    anyway, still havent recovered from all of this esp David’s finally scoring his 44th goal and in the 44th minute at that! despite having a crappy week so far, just thinking about all this makes me feel so much better. :)))

  17. I loved this game! Thank you for the pre-game gifs! I was watching the game on espn3 so there wasnt any pre-game goodness but I got the shirtlessness at the end…I think next game Im going to run both streams lol I want pre-game goodness AND shirtlessness!!!

    Sergio and the the forehead tapping is killing me!!! Im reading this post in class and that gif put the biggest smile on my face…rather embarrassing for everyone else to see…lol

  18. I was so busy the whole day and I was thinking about how to get to the computer fast to see if there’s a recap of the game! I only saw the second half, totally worth it!

    The winning thing must be, I guess, Serhhhio with the kid. Sweet like chockolate, adorable, I have no words.

    Not for the fist time I am considering writing to Uefa offering to walk the players to the pitch, I’d be a good girl and not get crazy. I would just stare!

  19. Sergio Ramos needs to have kids. He’s great with them haha.

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS. I really enjoy reading all your posts. It makes me smile in the mornings when I wake up and see an email notification about a blog update. :)

    • “Sergio Ramos needs to have kids.”—-Oh no no, that just cant happen unless they’re mine! Sergio with any other woman is just not acceptable…..;)

  20. I’m only halfway done downloading the game, but I can’t wait to watch it! Poor Pique, I feel so bad for him! But nevermind, Llorente and his tight shirt saved the day! (and why is he the only one wearing that style?)

    I love it when Iniesta scores! I think this is going to be a fantastic year for him, for both club and country.

    Villa maravilla! Now that he has that Raul record out of the way, he can settle down and go back to being the goal machine we all know he is. :)

    And thank you for the Capdevila wink! *love*

  21. Congrats on the win boys!

    Heyyy..I want to be a front row shorty and get a chance to put my hands on their thighs (and vice versa) in the team photo.. “A shot of Iker, just because” haha, no explanation needed there, hun! Speaking of Iker, that end view shot — what a classic! Look at number 10’s face, pure envy haha.

    Why hello there, Joan Capdevila! It’s amazing how contagious crushes are on this blog! After a couple more “in case you missed it” gifs, we’ll all have crushes on every single La Roja player..that’s if some of us already don’t *ahem*.

    Wait, we’re all aware of Sergio’s English “skills”, so does that mean he’s screaming at them in Spanish? Haha! No wonder that look of frustration was masking his face. Regarding that same gif: again, Andres, step away from the big boys..A bromance with little Santi is the right way to go!

    Lol, Iker looks like he’s saying “nuh-uuuh sista!”.
    Anyone else get a little tingle in their belly when Sergio ends his tweets with hugs or kisses? :D

    • “I want to be a front row shorty and get a chance to put my hands on their thighs (and vice versa)”—haha if only! if only! ;) But I’d rather be a back row tall-y(…?) and sneak a tush grab lol dont mind if i do!

      And the gif of Sergio that you’re referring to….as if I didnt spend enough time watching it over and over, trying to read lips (ya right) and analyzing….things….;) could you imagine if there was audio available for it?! I have a hard enough time completing day to day tasks as it is! lol

      —-and I get all tingly when Sergio tweets PERIOD! Pics give me chills, and vids would just give me a heart attack…they do know they can upload video right?!? Someone needs to get on that if not ;)

      • But think about it, if you were squatting down in the front row, you can easily reach out for the back row players and give their shorts a little tug, no? Ooh wouldn’t we all love to get pictures of that?!

        We should hold official sessions where we take part in in depth analysis of Sergio-related multimedia. By doing so, die-hard Sergio fans would be capable of imposing all sorts of intriguing questions and potentially find answers. May I suggest Topic no.1? The Groin Tattoo :)

        Sexio videos? Are we really that sure we want to see the thumbs up in 3D motion? But! I can imagine him giving us a little beso and a wink! Oooh baby :D

      • “you can easily reach out for the back row players and give their shorts a little tug, no?”— LMAO the images you put in my head could keep me entertained for hours!

        As for the official Sexio Ramosgasm sessions, not only should we hold those but also I think what we really need is to have an Una Convention where we all come together and basically do in person! ;)

        I actually think I NEED to see some HD thumbs up action, slow it down and play it back lol over and over and over! Or you know a vid of Sergio pointing out and explaining each and every tattoo on his gorgeous bod…STARTING with the groin tattoo!

    • YouNeverWalkAlone

      Ahhhh *sighs dreamily* Loooovveee the wink….

      And yeah, I ALREADY have a crush on every La Roja player…but especially Capdevila! <3 <3 <3

      And i can't stop looking at the .gif of Sergio teasing that kid…lol like you said, lucky kid gets to hold iker's hand AND get teased by sergio…Why can't I be a child that leads the Spanish National Team onto the field?!

  22. Congratulations to all the guys! Congrats to Villa for his record.
    They are adorable. So many endearing moments!
    Llorente is really simpático, LOL “look guys, I can score without using my head”
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful gifs

  23. Thank you so much, again, Una! I love your “short story”! You know how to pick the best parts. I saw that cute “cuddling” between Andres and Cazorla after the goal. Adorable! I´m going to miss these guys.

  24. That was some match!

    OOOH Iker’s ass. Again, I say it: Sara Carbonero must be made of steel if she can be around him and not faint from how hot he is. Love him going into “no, you can’t do that” teacher mode, too.

    LOL at Sergio tapping the little kid’s forehead. Lucky little kid. LOL again at Llorente’s forehead-wiping goal celebration. He’s quite the Super Sub..

    Iniesta and Santi Cazorla are adorable together. I want to pinch their cheeks.

    Also: David Villa on 44 goals now (with hopefully many more to come,) is stunning! He’s a positive goal machine….hope Torres rejoins him soon as strike partner though.

    And Xabi……what is it with him nearly getting killed by players who then only get a yellow card for their offences when it should be red? First in the World Cup final and now here…

  25. OK, just a couple of other observations:

    –in the gif of David Villa scoring his goal, watch how Puyol comes bombing in from out of the picture on the right. Awesome!

    –Sergio Ramos’ hand ALL over Capdevila’s chest in the other gif. YUM!

    –Does Sergio Ramos always play in long sleeves? I know Pique does.

  26. I’ve been staring at Sergio yelling trying to read his lips for a while, and I really think he’s yelling ‘shit happens’ at the offical. If thats actually accurate I just love him that much more, but I’m probably wrong. Regardless, he’s still adorable. Una I love your blog!

  27. Sergio and the little boy… words fail me.

    “And of course, Geri Piqué also scored a goal. Unfortunately, it was for Scotland.” Hahahaha, I just laughed out loud. My friends think I’m crazy laughing at my computer. I read the post to them but they didn’t get it… oh well! All thanks to Llorente for winning the match and making it so that I can laugh at Pique’s mistake, not cry about it…

    • hahah i understand what you mean! i always laugh at something on the computer and when i’m going to explain it to my friends they look at me as if i was stupid. i guess they don’t see the beauty in football-humor ;)

  28. “And speaking of kids, here’s a shot of the players whose kids were almost as tall as they were – los bajitos – Cazorla, Silva, Iniesta and Villa.”

    It’s funny that they partnered the bigger kids to the shorter players and the smaller kids to the tall ones!!!! as soon as they came out it’s the first thing I noticed! LOL

  29. BEST BLOG EVER. Seriously, you deserve an award! You’re so dang observant about the things we *really* care about, which is the team… in all its good-looking glory ;D Jajajaja! I did really miss Nando, Xavi, and Cesc out there… but it’s great to see David Silva getting his time on the field!

  30. I love your recap posts! Sergio with that kid was SO cute, and the United part of my heart loves that Geri and Darren Fletcher are still friendly! And I nearly died laughing at the pic + your commentary of Iker’s wonderfully-outlined tush. LOVE!

    My “favourite” part of Pique’s own goal was Iker’s hands-on-hips right after it happened — I wish we could have seen his face, because I’m wondering if he had the mom “NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID” face on! It would’ve gone great with that pose. (In my head that’s exactly how he’s glaring at Geri.)

    ESPN Deportes was gracious enough to show us 3 seconds of shirtless Xabi right before they cut to commercial. This has been a really good week for Xabi coverage — or lack of coverage, one might say! ;-) Thank you Xabi for taking off your shirt – we know it is cold in Scotland, and believe you me, your brave gesture was greatly appreciated by ALL of us!

    Left out of your Twitter roundup (probably because it came in late today) was what seems to be a new development — I linguistics-nerd-love Cesc on Twitter for tweeting in three languages (and not always the same thing, too), and as of today IT LOOKS LIKE XABI ALONSO HAS DECIDED TO FOLLOW SUIT! English, then Castellano, then Euskara, which is a complete and total MINDFUCK. I cannot get over just how awesome this turn of events is. I hope he keeps it up. (Not like I’m going to learn Basque from it, because — did you READ that tweet? The only words I get are Eskozia, ambiente, himnoa, and Hampden Park. No chance in hell. I’m just going to read the tweets and marvel at the language.)

    • Oh my god when I saw Xabi had tweeted in Euskera, I like… squealed. Out loud. In the library. (Fittingly, it’s the languages/linguistics faculty library.) But seriously, a man who can tweet in three languages, one of which is ergative? I cannot even BEGIN to quantify the awesome.

      • I know, I totally started hyperventilating and flailing my arms hysterically. I was at work. We’re dorks. And I just added Nagore on Twitter too, so that’s one more potential source of incomprehensible ergativity ;-)

  31. OMG!! Nagore just tweeted – Y la niebla mañanera me recuerda a Liverpool que tambien lo añoro y espero volver pronto.

  32. Una – thank you so much for your fantastic blog! I love reading everything about La Roja.

    Well I was lucky enough to actually go to this match at Hampden Park and see these wonderful players in action!!!! Sometimes I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing them with my own eyes – they are so gorgeous and talented. I’m a Liverpool fan and it was fantastic to see Xabi again – I miss him so much at Anfield and of course I wished that El Nino had been able to play.

    I was sitting with the Scottish supporters so couldn’t celebrate the Spanish goals and had to “pretend to be happy” when Scotland scored – which was really difficult!!!!

  33. Una, I love looking forward to your blogs after the games. I know it will always make me smile. And if I didn’t love the usual cast of characters and the usual favorites (Iker Xabi, Villa, Pique, Puyi, Cesc, Torres, Xavi, etc.), my love for Capdevila and Llorente (as well as Silva and Cazorla) are growing. What a perfect team.

  34. barcelistasista

    i love your blog!
    i soo needed my la roja fix today!
    i love david villas eye movements while following the ball!
    also the kids with sergio and iker!bless!

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