let’s win here again*

Happy National Day Spain!  Hoy es el Día de la Hispanidad!

Well, Spain trained in Hampden Park last night, and it looks like they had a great time!

(So cute I put it in twice.  They remind me of an amusement park ride.)

Well, everyone except Sergio Ramos – check out that pout! – and David Villa’s mortal enemy, the goalpost.  Hope they make up before tonight!  ¡Mucha suerte David!

* With Hampden Park being the stadium where Real Madrid won its ninth (and unfortunately last) Champions League trophy, everyone on the national team who was part of that Madrid team got special attention.  They were even asked to pose together, so here are Toni, Vicente, Iker and Javi.

The twitter update:

Sergio sent out the latest teammate-thumbs-up pic, and Iker was the “victim” yesterday.  I bet Sergio ordered poor Iker to pose like that.

The tweet says, “I sent you all a photo with Iker… we’re going to have dinner… a hug.”

Meanwhile, Borja Valero gave an interview to EFE.  Here are the national team parts of the interview; if you’re interested in reading the rest, go to the Madrid blog!  Of his time at Madrid’s youth academy, he says that Vicente del Bosque knew the name of every single boy that played there when he was director, and that he called Borja by name from the first day.  That just shows how great VDB is.

Q:  Hortaleza has a new representative on the national team. [Hortaleza is a neighborhood in Madrid.  Luis Aragonés was also from there, giving rise to his nickname, “the wise man of Hortaleza.”]

A:  Yes, and I still can’t believe it.  I look at my teammates and I start laughing.  It’s incredible.  I’m very much enjoying this experience, and I hope it won’t be the last time.  I was always a “chico del barrio.”  The road that I took to get here was not easy.  It makes you even more humble and you try not to change.

Q:  It’s said that the quality of the group can be measured by how fast the ball goes in the rondos.

A:  Being next to Iniesta is incredible.  It’s true that no one makes any bad passes in those rondos.  Arbeloa [they played together in the cantera of Real Madrid] and my four teammates from Villarreal were important in helping me to enter into the group.  Capdevila had told me it was a family.

Q:   Your debut brings back good memories from your time in the youth teams of the national team.

A:  I’m conscious of the fact that it’s very difficult to get playing time, but debuting would be great.  I spent a lot of time in the youth teams, from the U-15 team, and the most special moment was in the U-19 Euro when I scored the game winning goal in the final.  It’s unforgettable.  Repeating it with the first team would be magnificent.

Q:  Is it difficult to secure a spot in this group of world champions?

A:  It’s very complicated because they all have played together for a long time and won the most important things.  I work hard every day for that and for Del Bosque to notice me.

And probably because he was mentioned in a flattering light in the interview, Álvaro Arbeloa tweeted that it was a “great interview.”

He also called Borja Valero “his good friend, a wonderful footballer and a better person!”



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  1. Sergio’s pose is always the same :D But I love it!

  2. Mucha suerte to David indeed! I hope he gets that goal and doesn’t hit the goalpost. If not, I fear for the goalpost’s safety!

    I love the Roja’s trainings. I wish I was part of all that fun!

    And Sergio has to be telling them how to pose, because it’s too coincidental that they all have their thumbs up?

    Awe, I’m glad that Capdevila and Arbeloa and everyone else make all the newcomers feel like family, and not outsiders! Especially after something like winning the world cup.

  3. Happy National Day! :)
    The gif is absolutely adorable! It’s always a treat to see the boys having fun! :)

  4. the picture after the gif, the second guy from the left, who’s that? i’ve been trying to figure out who it is…. the guy between (i’m guessing) villa and iniesta.

  5. Yes, let’s win again! :-D Fingers crossed as I say this, but somehow I’m thinking Scotland’s novel (if somewhat difficult to understand) strikerless 4-6-0 formation probably won’t cause La Roja all that many problems! Especially not San Iker.

    Love the .gif – it looks like a recess game or something! The cuteness is just overwhelming…

    Villa should be nicer to the goalposts, so that one of them will sway in his favor (magically jump out of the way, perhaps?) this afternoon!

    And Sergio, well… I’m glad he’s tweeting. But I really cannot condone this sort of grainy photograph with an unsophisticated (and boring!) pose. Pro tip, Sergi: Take posing/GQMF notes from Xabi and get Cesc to give you some advice on the proper protocol for TwitPics – I’m sure they’d be glad to help!

    • I suppose, it’s not the protocole, it’s the initial quality of the pic taken in a dim light with a telephone. Nothing can help make it look better.:)

      • Haha by “proper protocol” I was referring to the fact that Cesc likes to twitpic shots of himself shirltess, or at home with his dog – basically, more exciting things than Sergio’s standard “thumbs-up” pose!

    • Ah, David won’t need any magical goalposts today!! ;)

  6. All of these images of them playing together are really delightful. It’s team-building. They already have a pretty good grasp of the finer points of the game (ahem). They all know how to play with each other. So the important thing to build on is their togetherness. I like it. How can I get a job there? I could be a crappy translator, or locker room showering photographer, or witch doctor.

  7. LMAO I cant stop watching that gif, it had me in tears! Pique looks like a protective daddy runny with his two babies Villa and Cazorla haha ;)

  8. Haha, I laughed out loud at “David Villa’s mortal enemy”. I hope tonight he encounters his best friend, the goal net

  9. Hey Una! Sorry for spamming your blog about the game but I was wondering:
    Anyone know why both the David’s are wearing those mourning armbands? (i’m guessing that’s what they are anyways)… Did some (former) teammate die?
    They are the only two i’ve spotted with those black armbands so far…

    • if i remember correctly busquets was also wearing one but it had been torn and was hanging from where it was attached on his sleeve.

  10. Where was Aduriz today? He wasn’t even on the sub list – a pity that his NT time was so limited.

    One other question if I may – do you have any idea what the black armbands were? All the players wore it on their left arm.

  11. LOL, is it just me or do Spain’s training sessions NEVER look like actual work? XD Ah, what I’d give to be a part of that! :D

  12. Ohhh I can’t handle Sergio’s cute smile in the pic with Iker.
    So so so so so cute… ^^

  13. that top gif looks like they’re in a playground at school, not a training session!

    And as for Sergio’s grainy twitpic, I love Iker’s expression- the “what is it this crazy boy is making me do, sticking my thumb up?” is too funny. And this many thumbs-up are no coincidence- I bet Sergio orders people to pose like that!

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