from Scotland with love

Joan Capdevila sent a message of encouragement to La Rojita from Glasgow this morning, telling that he was sure they would do well, and that they have the support of all of Spain, as well as the full confidence of everyone.

Meanwhile, he and teammates Bruno, Santi, Borja Valero and Fernando Llorente spent part of the morning signing autographs and posing with fans!  Pictures here!

How sweet, on both accounts!


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  1. Que lindo es Capdevila… love him, love him… :) Anyone can tell me now that I have bad taste and need to check my eyesight, but he’s got some mysterious power of attraction… <3

    • No, I totally agree with you, he is hot hot hot! He has one of those faces that can go from “plain” to gorgeous in a split second. And he has one of the best smiles on the whole team Love him!

    • u don’t have bad taste at all! although he’s not particularly high up my list, i agree that there’s something about him! might be his sense of humour (bucket over the head during post-world cup celebrations), his eyes, his ruggedness…? he looks like a guy who can take care of a lady. :)

    • oh and arbeloa himself said capdevila is a really lively and fun guy!

    • No you dont have bad taste! lol he does have a certain kind of sexy to him ;)

  2. Aw! These guys need to stop making me love them so much!

  3. Capi is just so adorable! Another fantastic person to have around the team, just like Pepe Reina. So fun, ethusiastic and crazy!

  4. Capdevila is so hot. In his own way,but hot. I don’t know how or why Reina called him feo :). And Santi is so short and cute :).

  5. YouNeverWalkAlone

    AHhhhh omg thats crazyyyy….lol i was just abt to say, i don’t care what you people think, I loovveee Joan Capdevila….but someone else beat me to it!
    lol he’s like twice as old as me but like you he holds some “mysterious power of attraction” for me.

    He’s so adorable!! <3

    • Well, now you know that you’re not alone… viva Joan Capdevila!! ;)) as to the age difference, that’s quite normal, I’m 29 now but when I was 17-18 I very often felt attracted to 30- and even 40-year-old men ;) the same as now…

  6. I’m fully agreed with u K. about Juan there is REALLY somthing special about him. I don’t know what is it !!!

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