Aritz Aduriz at Marca

Aritz Aduriz made his debut with the national team last week, so he’s very much in demand this week!  He gave this interview to Marca, which appeared in today’s edition.  I like him.

Q:  How has your first week with the national team been?

A:  Very good.  It’s a wonderful experience being able to share training sessions, a locker room and games with these great players.  I’m very happy to be here and I have a lot of desire to help out.

Q:  Did it make you uncomfortable that your call-up started a political debate due to that letter asking for the national team of Euskadi to be called Euskal Herria?

A:  It was expected.  There are people that take things out of context.  I don’t want to rehash this topic nor am I thinking about doing so.  What I want to do is play and help.  The only thing I can say is that I’m proud, satisfied and happy to be on the national team.  The answer is that I’m here.

Q:  Is it true that the team is as wholesome as it appears from the outside?

A:  Absolutely.  From the outside, you see a team with a very high level of play, that is the champion of the world, but on the inside, it’s incredible.  The group is great, and they make you feel comfortable from the moment that you come in that door.  I thought it would be like this, but what I found still surprised me.

Q:  It’s like they’re not champions of the world.

A:  Totally.  They’re normal people, and has been a very united group for some time, and it’s easy to integrate oneself.

Q:  You weren’t on the first list of Del Bosque.  In fact, you were at Port Aventura [an amusement park] when you got the news.  How did it happen?

A:  Voro, the delegate of Valencia, called me to tell me.  I was taking a few days off with my niece, my brother-in-law and my girlfriend.  We were all surprised, but since it was still early in the morning, we stayed there a while longer.

Q:  What did you feel when you heard him say your name?

A:  I was flattered.  If the national team coach says your name, that means that you’re doing things well and what your team is doing has been noticed.  I always say that without the work of my teammates, I wouldn’t be here.

Q:  Do you see yourself coming back to the national team?

A:  I know what level the forward position on the team has and how complicated it is to return.  I’m going to try and play well with Valencia, so that the team is on top of the table.  That would be a good sign and who knows if I’ll be able to return.  The míster will make that decision.

Q:  You debuted against Lithuania and you were very critical towards yourself, to the point where it appeared you weren’t content.  What happened?

A:  How was I not going to be content?  What happened is that I had three occasions that didn’t end up going well, and that made me frustrated, but nothing more.  It’s a day that I’m never going to forget.

Q:  Will you have minutes against Scotland?

A:  I don’t know.  Considering how Fernando is playing…

Q:  It’s always said that British football is the type that Basque players like the most.  Is it true in your case?

A:  I like the football played in the Premier.  I’ve always liked the speed, the intensity of the games, the way in which they live for the sport, the culture…

Q:  If you score tomorrow, who will you dedicate it to?

A:  I’m not very into special celebrations.  I like to celebrate goals with my teammates, because if I score, it’s thanks to them.

Q:  Did you think Villa was anxious to score?

A:  I think he’s doing fantastically.  He’s one of the best forwards in the world, if not the best.  It’s not about this goal that everyone is talking about, but about the many more goals he’ll score.

More on Aritz:

– of the two shirts he has from his debut (the players get two shirts for each game), one is for him and the other is for a friend that he met while with Valladolid: “he was in a car accident and his wife had to have a leg amputated.  He asked me if he could have the shirt to cheer up his wife, and of course I gave it to him.  We’ve known each other for a long time, and he was in Salamanca.”

– wherever he’s gone this past week, he’s made friends.  People say he treats everyone around him – footballers, journalists, fans – extremely well.


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  1. Welcome and good luck to Aritz, I hope has many goals to score for La Roja… he’s young but already but quite experienced (I was born the same year as him and I know that 29 is a perfect age in all senses :) moreover, he’s got a very interesting face and nice eyes, so he’s sure to have many female fans ;))

  2. Best of luck to newbie Artiz!
    For some reason he really looks like a tennis player to me. Maybe it’s ’cause he kinda resembles Feliciano Lopez, right?

  3. Don’t cha love how the arrival of Aritz in the team, has brought out the Lion (no pun intended) in Llorente! I just love how the team has re-engineered itself with crosses and headers! So many options! I hope Aritz and Villa (of course) score tomorrow night! It’s going to be tough for Aritz to get minutes, now that Xabi is back and Santi and Fer are on fire, but ya never know.

  4. He’s doing so great for Valencia at the moment that it makes me wish he’d never left Athletic. ;) But leaving that aside for a moment, I’m really thrilled that he got the call-up because he deserved it, and I’m happy with his performance against Lithuania. Of course, it won’t be easy for him in the long run considering the competition, but I’m going to be happy for every minute he’ll get to play.

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