in case you missed it – Spain vs. Lithuania

In case you missed it – Spain vs. Lithuania [2010-10-08].

The people of Salamanca get a sobresaliente (A+) for their support of La Roja, while the goalposts get a suspenso (F) for constantly getting in our way!

One. Other signs of support from the crowd at the Helmántico:  chanting “Iker, Iker” before the game, chanting “Iniesta” every single time he took a corner or a free kick, shouting “fuera” (out!) at the Lithuanian fans when they got rowdy, cheering all the substitutions, especially the one of Sergio Ramos for Arbeloa, for the former’s great game, which included two goal assists, and for the latter’s ties to Salamanca (Álvaro was born there).  And then there was the chanting of “Vicente, Vicente” at the end of the game.

VDB thanked Salamanca after the game for their “affection towards the team and towards me.”  Santi Cazorla described the crowd as “incredible.”  And Iker praised the commitment of the fans there, and added, “it’s a pleasure to go anywhere in Spain, but here they were phenomenal.”

This was Spain’s first game back home since winning the World Cup.

Two. Great goals, no?  And all three of them came off of headers!  Fernando Llorente scored two, assisted by Sergio Ramos and Santi Cazorla, and David Silva put the icing on top of the cake with his goal, which also came off a Sergio Ramos assist.  Fernando celebrated his first goal with Sergio three times (two hugs and one high five) and dedicated it to fisio Miguel Gutiérrez, who is from Bilbao.  It’s a shame that Aritz Aduriz wasn’t able to join the header party, considering his penchant for scoring headers so far this season with Valencia!

(Warning: post very image-heavy)

Three. Other things that get a sobresaliente:

– Fernando’s tight shirt.

– Aritz Aduriz’ debut – he became the 17th player to debut with the shirt of La Roja under VDB (in the space of about two years).  After the game, he said it was a moment that he will never forget, but that the most important thing was that Spain added three points to their total.  He revealed that VDB had told him as he was checking in to “stay calm foremost and then to help the team.”

– the decision not to sub out David Silva for Pablo Hernández.  When the officials signaled a change, David Silva walked towards the sideline, but at the last minute the substitute was changed to David Villa.  Silva would of course go on to score Spain’s third goal.

– Santi Cazorla ready to challenge Lithuanian player Tomas Danilevičius after a hard tackle.  FYI, Danilevičius is listed at 1.91m to Cazorla’s 1.68m.  That’s a difference of 23 cm.  Go Santi!

Four. Other things that get a suspenso:

– Sergio Ramos’ injury – he left the game hobbling due to pain in his right ankle, but the doctors of the team say that he shouldn’t have any problems playing against Scotland on Tuesday.

– Xabi Alonso’s cold – he looked very “boss” in the stands next to Nacho Monreal and Víctor Valdés, as the ones that didn’t make the final cut, but I would have preferred to have him on the field, although Santi Cazorla did a commendable job.  Xabi is also expected to make it to the next game – VDB confirmed that he won’t be calling anyone up to replace them.

– Llorente’s bleeding mouth.  When that happened, I feared for the game.

Five. Footballers are expressive people, between gestures, high fives, winks and expressions of frustration.

Six. The individual players section.

Like the start of his season with Real Madrid, Iker didn’t have much to do during this game.  That’s good, but it also means that the camera was almost never on him.  Still, we got these moments – check out Captain España’s intense stare, perfect profile and original save.

Meanwhile, the delectable Puyol spent the pregame and game getting a certain part of his anatomy aired out, both voluntarily and involuntarily.  And once again, hello Puyi’s thighs!

I was quite disappointed after Puyol got kicked in the chest that he didn’t lift up his shirt to check the damage.

Geri Piqué has a future on TV: these could be his audition tapes for Baywatch (left) and any reality TV show (right).

Sergio looked like he was in a lot of pain, pobrecito!  On the bench, he got his leg checked out.  Lucky doctors.

By the way, Sergio played in his 70th game with La Roja, and became the youngest player to reach that number at 24 years and 192 days.  Interestingly enough, he had debuted in Salamanca five years ago.  He is now ranked 11th all time on the most capped list, surpassing Emilio Butragueño, who was at the game.

Seven. The substitutions: Pablo Hernández for former club teammate Villa, Aduriz for former club teammate Llorente and Sergio for current club teammate Arbeloa.  Love the beso between Sergio and Álvaro!

Eight. The banquillo.  Everyone on this team is hot.  Seriously.

Nine. I love the difference in height of the players!  Llorente is a giant and the bajitos (Iniesta, Cazorla and Silva) are so mini, especially when they are standing together!  It looks like Santi can barely reach the top of Fernando’s head!  He was probably already standing on tiptoe.

During the national anthem, the camera panned from Llorente to Capdevila to Cazorla.  It was like descending stairs.

Llorente even makes Biscuits and Piqué look small.

Ten. La Roja is known for its teamwork.

Eleven. It’s a contagious disease.

Twelve. For David fans, and Valencia fans who miss seeing these two together.

Thirteen. One of my favorite parts of the game is actually the part that happens after the game.

There were cute hugs between our own players, and when Iker went to exchange his shirt, he took it off and his captain’s armband came flying off and fell to the ground (bottom left).  He didn’t notice, so it got left behind on the field.  I’m sure one of the utilleros went back to retrieve it.  It would have made a good souvenir for anyone who could have gotten their hands on it though.

I would have preferred Spain’s players to copy the very good example set by Montenegro’s players, but this is not too bad.  Puyol and Piqué ended up topless, while Busquets, Iker and Santi exchanged their shirts, but had a layer underneath.  Boo.

Fourteen. Postgame interviews!  Silvia Barba (TVE’s sideline reporter) couldn’t resist touching Fernando Llorente as she talked with him.  She did that several times, and who can blame her?  The picture on the top right shows the instant where Capdevila joked with Llorente as he gave the interview.  And poor Fernando ended up having to ice his right ankle too!

This was the moment where Vicente del Bosque said he was “muy contento” with how the game turned out.  Very easy to see, no?  And how cute is Aritz?

Someone also asked Geri Piqué – JOKINGLY – in the mixed zone whether he would answer a question in catalán.  And Geri, and the rest of the reporters, all laughed.

Fifteen. It appears that Álvaro Arbeloa – how I love him – spent the whole way back from Salamanca to Madrid tweeting!  Between the tweet announcing that he was on the bus and the one saying that they had finally arrived in Madrid – about two hours apart – we found out the following:  Sergio is doing well and will play on Tuesday, Álvaro won’t be bringing the Cup to Zaragoza (he’d like to but it’s not possible), the anti-drug test he was called to do after the game was done via urine, he didn’t like the Mafia II game on Play and is dying to try out 2K11 – where he wants to be MJ (Michael Jordan), the players got mini replicas of the World Cup, Pipa (Gonzalo Higuaín) should concentrate on scoring goals and not on twitter, he and Albiol are an unstoppable team at videogames, Gladiator is his favorite movie, and the book he’s reading right now is Imperator by Isabel San Sebastián.

He’s also now the mayor of the Helmántico, with two check-ins.  Go Álvaro!

Sergio and Iniesta also tweeted about the game.

Iniesta’s was boring, as all his tweets are: “very happy with the victory tonight.  A big thanks to everyone for their affection and support.  To Scotland on Sunday!”

Sergio tweeted about his injury: “hi friends… we’re here on the bus after a good game with the national team (three more points).  In the end, it was just a hard knock (referring to his leg).  I hope to play on Tuesday.”

He also tweeted this photo of him with Biscuits doing the same old pose.  We’ve had Iniesta and then Piqué.  Who’s next?

The locker room looks quite messy too.  That brings back good memories of this.

Sixteen. Looking ahead to this weekend: the players returned by bus to Madrid right after the game.  Saturday is an off day for the players, and they won’t return to train until Sunday at 11h.  In the afternoon, they’ll travel to Glasgow for their third Euro 2012 qualifier.  We know what at least one player will be doing today: Álvaro Arbeloa will be the pregonero for the Fiestas del Pilar in Zaragoza.

And the U-21 team plays tonight in the first leg of their playoff for the 2011 Euro against Croatia at 21:30h Spain time!  Also at stake is a place in the 2012 Olympics!  Let’s go La Rojita!


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  1. thanks thanks thanks una!!

    i spent the entire day (nearing midnight on my end) doing an hourly — maybe even ‘half’-hourly… okay make that every 15 minutes — check on your site to see if you already had your ‘in case you missed it’ post (please don’t judge me… it’s the weekend and life seems clueless when it’s not about la roja…)

    and now it’s clear why we were kept wondering where una’s come and gone… fantabulous job on drowning us with pics and gifs and little other tidbits!! (i was SO waiting to see that clip of xabi on the stands… he’s just there, doing nothing. and yet he can make sane women go nuts.)

    the sergio ramos was the man of the match for me :) (the short-ish crop is growing on me. he looks hot in it… even when cringing in pain.)

    and i think more than a few fans could predict that silva was gonna score EVENTUALLY. so happy for him!

    dahveed…. well. poor guy. don’t worry. we still love the soulpatch.

    llorente — i apologize profusely for *kinda* doubting you in the past. feel free to look down on me from your ginormous height and make me cringe and roll-over with shame.

    santi trying to take on that opponent: classic.

  2. lol fernando’s tight shirt. i bet it was about the same size as silva’s shirt,
    anyway silva’s goal was superb!! and santi was the man of the match imo

    • I agree about Santi. I never really noticed him before but in this game I could see his quality and his grit. That tackle on him was nasty.

  3. Ooh I knew this took a while ’cause it was gonna be really good!
    “(Warning: post very image-heavy)” don’t worry, I’ve got some eye drops for when my eyes dry out after staring too much at all the hotness.

    I can’t believe Lithuania didn’t take their frustration to a whole new level and just ripped off Llorente’s shirt..and maybe Sergio if he got in the way too ;) We have to have a word with the Scots before they face off soon.

    Lol at Santi! I can’t even begin to describe how adorable our little men are! Iniesta should seriously avoid standing next to Llorente in the wall..

    What the heck does a person have to do to get a beso from Sexio. I’m incredibly jealous, Alvaro :( and that little wink when he got knocked down was just..arousing.

    Whoa, I can’t believe there wasn’t a bird’s eye view shot of Puyi’s *ahem* exposure..Actually, I wouldn’t mind literally being a bird just to get a better glimpse of that. And that little striptease was phenomenal.

    The thumbs up has spread to La Roja?! Actually, I’m not very surprised. The other day, I gave five different people the thumbs up on four different occasions. Each time I wanted to shoot myself afterwards. This isn’t very promising. I blame you, Karim.

    Lol, Alvaro is an entirely separate information outlet for all of us. I missed the game last night but watched it this morning right after finding out that we won via Iniesta’s spoiler tweet..

    “Who’s next?” Iker! Please let it be Iker! That’ll keep us all satisfied for at least another few days..even if they’re both giving us the thumbs up..

    About the game itself, I’m very proud of the boys. They proved that they could still win comfortably without quite a few key players. My personal (and..completely unbiased) Man of the Match has to be Sergio. (*ahem* more like Sex bomb of the Match).

    Also, good luck to La Rojita!

    • “Sex Bomb of the Match” – surely that’s virtually ALWAYS Sergio?

    • Aaaaaahhhh it was Iker! You are psychic! Or can telepathically suggest twitpics to Sergio. In either case, yaaaayyyy!

      • Hahaha yes it was! Maybe I have a knack for knowing what Sergio is thinking (except for when he puts on disastrous outfits).
        But if I could telepathically suggest twitpics, I would automatically ask for him to reveal a little more than just his thumbs ;D

  4. David Silva is seriously underrated. Maybe because he is low key on and off the field. I really like him.

    I love how all the Lithuanian players rushed to the Spanish players right after the game for their shirts. They must have been looking forward to that part. I bet every team wants a shirt as a souvenir of having played the world champions.

  5. Aaaah that gif of Pique and Sexio! I remember seeing that during the game and thinking ooooh nice camera work! We almost had a 360 view of Sexio ;)

  6. whats with the davids? they were inseparable at training, snuggling at each other before match, occasional touchings during the game..

  7. thank you so much for this detailed review :-)

    too bad Villa can’t score his 45th goal.

  8. que golazo de David Silva!
    and I’d be thrilled if one day we saw the two Fernandos play together

  9. Thanks so much for the break down. So happy to see Llorente score, as well as Silva (especially since Silva seems to be getting some flak in some circle for his play ay Man City so far). Wow Una you don’t miss anything do you – I had not noticed Iker’s armband falling to the pitch – good eyes! The internationals are fun and all but am having major football withdrawal this week end.

  10. hey, there’s no judgment here. I spent that part of the game that I watched looking for Sergio on my scream (althought I am a fan of the game of football as such too, first and foremost;-). I ain;t gonna judge nobody! LOL

    Don’t you think that Sergio looked as if he was after the lessons with Xabi, of how to centre? I mean, he was brilliant in those assissts, even looking classy!

    Llorente, Silva and Santi also left me with awe of their game!

  11. una, you are a real life-saver (or maybe sanity-saver)! I was going crazy cos I missed the match, and only heard about poor sergio’s injury when I saw arbeloa’s tweet. Thanks sooooo much for the review and the pics and gifs (i love your image-heavy posts :p)

    and i will try my darndest to catch spain vs scotland. (stupid time difference!)

    gods, i love this team so so much, esp after reading all the little exchanges between the team :)

  12. the whole game was just formidable! sooo dynamic! all our guys looked sooo good! esp Sergi!:)
    thanks a lot for this wonderful post, Una!

    the only thing I didn’t like was that Aritz (can’t remember his name somehow, as well as his surname, always have to check it on the squad list) wore Fernando’s UNTOUCHABLE number!!!! How did he dare?! Who let him take it?? and in fact, I find his face really …er…. silly (sorry, can’t find a better word) looking. Hope, he’ll show himself as a valuable player soon for me to start liking him. Really, I just adore the whole team! But for him… it frustrates me so much.:(

    • Yes, Fernando has wore the “9” for the last several years and done it justice, but the number is not his. Great players wore it before him and great players will wear it after. No number on the national team is untouchable, not Fernando’s, not Iker’s, not Villa’s. Aritz has every right to wear that number or any other number. He said himself after the game that he got the “9” because that was one of the few numbers left (as a first time called up player, he gets to choose last). There are only 23 numbers, and the team can’t save a number for an absent player.

      • But a player can show some respect for the absent player. For instance, now Sergio never takes #4 even when Marchena is not called up.
        And beside #9 there were # 10, 12, 13, and 14 available as all those players were absent. That’s a big choice, no? But he decided to take Ferny’s glorious number. As “a first time called up player” he ought to have been more humble and take a less noticable number (Mata’s #13 or Valdes’s #12, for instance). That’s the way I see it.
        And now it seems as if he’s trying to take Torres’s place in the team taking advantage of his being injured. Probably, Aritz didn’t think about that when he took number 9… as he’s not that intelligent to forsee how the whole situation would seem to the public.

        • Sergio doesn’t wear the “4” not because of Marchena, but because he’s chosen to wear the “15” as a tribute to Antonio Puerta.

          For this game, the numbers “12” and “14” were not available – they were taken by Valdés and Xabi, respectively, although they didn’t end up playing. The numbers aren’t chosen right before a game, they are chosen at the beginning of the concentración. No one knew that Xabi would get a cold and not be able to play.

          And if we follow your logic that Aduriz should respect an absent player by not taking his number, then why shouldn’t he also respect Cesc’ “10” or Mata’s “13”? The same Mata, by the way, who had voluntarily gone back down the U-21 team to help them qualify for the 2011 Euro and Olympics. Doesn’t that deserve much more “respect” than an injured player?

          Besides, those numbers are atypical for forwards. Out of the numbers available, Aduriz chose the one that most forwards would gravitate towards. And he had every right to take it. He wasn’t taking advantage of anything.

          You need to understand that Torres doesn’t have a fixed place on this team. No one does. If he or anyone else is injured, they’ll be replaced. And if he or anyone else does not play well, they won’t be called up. The team is much more important than any individual player.

          Trust me, people here who understand the situation don’t care who wears what number, because they know it’s the team and the players inside that matter. It’s only uninformed people that make a big deal out of this.

          And I think it’s quite rude to call Aduriz “not intelligent.”

          I apologize if I come off sounding harsh, but I just wanted to set the facts straight.

      • OK, I see your point.
        Sorry too if I sounded harsh towards Aduriz. I just probably love Torres too much and I’m so sorry that he’s injured again and can’t play. I’m just afraid that if it goes like that for some time more he can really lose his place in the team…

  13. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Eeeee That last picture with La Rojita is tooooo cuuuuttteeee…Ah Sergio Canales is to die for.

  14. I’m running out the door, but I NEEDED to ask this — I read Sergio’s tweet “sxo estar al martes” and went “Wait, SEXIO estar al martes?! No, that can’t be it — but then what IS it?”

    He’s not really saying that he, Sexio, will be playing on Tuesday… is he??? ;-)

  15. Piqué – Baywatch: Ibiza

    Fernando Llorente’s performance makes me wonder if Fernando Torres’ starting spot could be compromised – when he isn’t injured.

    Silva has been shining on the pitch – I think the move to Manchester City has helped him lots.

    • “Silva has been shining on the pitch – I think the move to Manchester City has helped him lots.”

      He didn have good luch in WC, but he’s a rilliant player. I’m sure he will learn a lot in City, but I wonder why people is so surprised of his good performance agains Lithuania, as that’s his usual way.

      • exactly my thought! my friend (who just started watching football during the WC and you know theres not much of silva on the WC) was like “Did you watch the lithuania game? that silva dude was surprisingly good!” and i was like ‘surprisingly good? hello where in the earth have you been?of course he was good, he’s david freakin silva!

  16. Thanks for the update! Loved it. Two Fernando Torres together (I know that for Llorente that it’s his mother’s last name that is Torres)… Yay for Llorente and Silva! Poor Villa :(. I hope that trying to surpass Raul hasn’t been affecting him. I agree, I think the Lithuania players couldn’t wait to exchange their shirts with the World champeions.

  17. It was a good game! I’m especially happy for Sergio, since it was such a special day for him and he assisted with the 2 goals. :D

    btw, una, do you know if there’s any source that I can download the U-21 game? I would love to see la Rojita play, but just missed it!

  18. Thank you so much for this! I am especially grateful for the gif of Puyol taking his shirt off, I may have to steal that. And for the screenshot of Capdevila–he is so underrated, and I love him. :D

    That gif of David Villa kicking the goalpost in frustration is heartbreaking. :( Don’t worry, Dahveed, it will happen soon!

    David Silva proved you don’t have to be six feet tall to head in a goal. Yay for bajitos!

    Thumbs down for the thumbs up. Stop it, Sergio, you’re a bad influence.

    And yes, the crowd was terrific! I was so surprised to hear them chanting for Iniesta, but it was wonderful!

    • I love Capdevila too… I agree he’s underrated…for me he’s very sexy … I prefer the more virile faces to the teenage-looking ones, and for me Capdevila’s the type I like, he’s caliente, with his sensual lips and an absolutely captivating smile :))

    • when i saw David kicked that post, i wanted to weep. it just broke my heart in pieces. :(

  19. Thank for covering this. It wasnt shown in america but the david silva’s goal with sergio’s assist was one of the top 5 plays of the day on ESPN…everyone looked me wierd when i shouted with joy that they won

    • Actually, it was shown in the US via live ESPN3 web telecast. All Euro qualifiers and several La Liga games are shown on ESPN3.


    • in the u.s., espn3 covered it online live. i was able to watch it.

      go over to livesoccertv to check who covers the games. for example, for spain’s game on tuesday vs scotland, the ff will provide coverage at 3PM ET:

      ESPN Caribbean, ESPN HD Brasil, ESPN Latin America Andina, ESPN Latin America North, ESPN Latin America South, ESPN Venezuela, USA, ESPND, Setanta Sports Australia, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports HD 1, UEFA

    • spain as world champs is too important a team not to be covered even by the u.s.

    • thanks for the suggestions pam and lugifer!!! i will start checking those to see when the games are!!

  20. does Aritz remind anyone else of Fernando (Torres)? i mean, they have the same freckles, height, playing position & shirt number.

  21. Thank you once again! This was a fantastic report!

    Question: What did the comment about Pique answering a question in Catalan mean?
    What does ‘soul patch’ mean?


  22. Your dedication to this team and your blog is commendable. You really have a knack for telling the story and we all enjoy the results of your obviously tireless efforts. There were lots of nice images this weekend and you captured them here. It would be so awesome to find out that even one of the players read your blog. Muchas gracias!

  23. re: villa substitution. i think they really meant to sub villa but that it was misheard. silva was more effective in trying to create and take advantage of opportunities during the game and i would presume the coaching staff wouldnt pull out a player like that early.

    i really like silva. he was everywhere. the kid’s got a lot of heart and skill.

    what happened to sergio’s leg? was there a collision? a tackle?

    saw that iker chest stop and i was wondering if he was bored and was trying to change things up because he could have easily have caught that ball with his hands.

    spain opponents do well defending in the first half then they get tired and lapse off. i guess that’s why the dutch roughed la roja early on; to get into their head. you’ve got to wonder why van marwijk started de jong when the guy already broke somebody’s leg early in the year (and he just broke another players leg recently).

    • As for Sergio’s leg, there was a small collision (an accidental one as it seemed) between him and number 18 from the Lithuanian team a minute or two before Sergio gave that resultative pass to Silva. He tried to continue playing but couldn’t stand till the end of the match and was subbed.

    • yes, he’s incredible!:)

  24. I love it when you say “Biscuits”. :D

  25. So glad for Llorente and Silva (what a goal), anc Cazorlita!, he was superb. Ramos did a very good match attacking and assisting (LOL, he totally forgot he’s a defender). I hope he’s not too injured.
    BB Villa, I feel there’s so much pressure on him.

  26. Damn I can’t really say how much I love this post with these gifs! Thank you!

  27. Thank you so much for your round-ups – I’m pretty much internet-less and without a way to watch football until the end of the month, so it’s SO nice to have someone put everything *important* (shirtlessness and Puyi’s shorts, specifically) in one handy post! Bss! :-p

    • Since you can’t see Sexio in action, this calls for more gifs of his throw ins!
      I might not be able to watch the entire match tomorrow either. I need to sleep like a sloth, so late night matches are not ideal. I really hope the match is “interesting” enough to generate a detailed “in case you missed it” post.

      By the way, wow 60+ comments, go Una! :D

  28. people started to think that llorente will get starting position regularly (you know when torres isnt injured), well i think its too fast to judge who’ll get the place. i mean, i know llorente has been impressive but he and torres are two completely different strikers. .Llorente is a great poacher doing most of his work inside the box while torres great bursts of speed enable him to overcome defenders to get in the box….he’s not in his best form rite now but when he does, he still one of the world’s best and still deserve the starting positon

  29. Omg Busquets = Biscuits. This was too good (:

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