evolution has been kind to us

Playing football can be educational too!  The U-21 team spent this morning visiting the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, which was not far from their hotel.  Besides visiting the museum, the players also signed autographs and posed for pictures.

This afternoon, starting at 20:15 (which would be night anywhere else but in Spain), the team will train at El Plantío, in a session that is open to the public.  Yesterday, 3,000 people attended the training session.

More pictures here!


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  1. Although I prefer team field-trips which involve shirtlessness, I’ll settle for them doing slightly nerdy things too!

    Really glad that the U21s are getting so much attention, too – it can only be a good thing!

  2. just started watchin’ the game, I am surprised with no goals so far (36 min)

    Sergio’s so pretty! They all basically are so pretty! I cannot wait to see what will Una write about that game!

    • I clearly should not post when the game is still on -or on the other hand: did I sprovoked goals?

      I am gonna shut up now, so Una would not kick me out of her blog for commenting too much! I am sending you besos, like Sergio would do -who’s by the way – still so pretty!

  3. Oh Una.. I want your “in case you missed it” so badly..

    I think “the all header goals edition” will be a suitable title.. :)

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