… but will Puyi wear his?

On Thursday, the president of energy company Iberdrola, Ignacio S. Galán, presented all the players/coaches who won the World Cup with a watch.  There’s a fun story behind this!

Iberdrola is one of the official sponsors of the RFEF, and one day in Potchefstroom when the sponsors got to meet with the team, Ignacio Galán was wearing a watch.  Sergio Ramos saw it, and admired it.  According to Galán yesterday, Iker warned him in that moment to be careful because Sergio would find a way to take the watch from him.  So, he turned around and promised Sergio that if the team reached the final of the tournament, he would give all the players an identical watch.  Sergio then said, no, we want a better one!

So, on Thursday, with the national team in his hometown of Salamanca, Ignacio S. Galán presented the players and coaches with their watches.  The watches are personalized for each player, and have a World Cup on them.  Vicente del Bosque thanked him for this gesture.  The players were represented by Sergio Ramos, Iker, Carles Puyol, Fernando Llorente and Xabi Alonso.  I like how Carles wore his watch to the presentation.  And yes, Xabi does look like a model in the above picture on the right.  Very boss.

No thumbs-up; muy bien Sergio!

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  1. Haha well I guess Sergio earned them all a free watch! We should seriously be allowed to see his bare calves more often…Who else wants to be between Sergio and his interlocked hands?

    Lol at Puyi’s “thanks but no thanks” gesture.

  2. Ah Sergio… I don’t know what to say…..
    I guess he is the type of person that when they put their eyes on something they get it ! ( its a saying in my mother tongue!)
    We all know that Xabi is a hot and classy model.

  3. “Sergio said, no, we want a better one!”

    Amazing. Just add that to the mile-long list of reasons I love him – he’s absolutely shameless!

  4. Hahaha, Sergio… how funny. And wow, P.S.: he looks absolutely fantastic in these pictures. Looking forward to seeing them all in action in a few hours :)

  5. Xabi’s ginger beard is back, yay!

  6. I love how Sergio still manages the ‘thumbs up’ pose by replacing his thumb with the new watch lol

  7. hehe I love that last picture. Puyi looks like he’s trying to find a nice way to say “no” and Sergio….hehe

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