at least it’s not an injury


It looks like Xabi Alonso has a sore throat, and might not be able to play tonight with Spain against Lithuania.  He wasn’t able to accompany his teammates on their regular walk this morning.

The doctors haven’t ruled him out completely, as they’d like to wait until the last hour to see if Xabi is able to play.  I hope he’s able to recover in time!

Lucky Dr. Cota… he gets paid to stare at and touch Xabi Alonso.


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  1. Oh, poor Xabi! I hope he feels better in time to play!

  2. I want that job! I have a magic touch that heals sore throats and fever….. I hope he gets well in time for tonight’s match.

  3. I have a sore throat too… but sadly I didn’t catch it from Xabi Alonso :-(

    Hope he gets well soon!

  4. I really hope Xabi can play tonight. La Roja have had enough injuries already. :(

  5. Did he get his sore throat from laughing too much? :D

  6. This pic makes me want to become a doctor even MORE…aaahh Xabi!

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