the numbers for the next two games

The players have chosen what numbers they’ll wear for the upcoming games against Lithuania and Scotland!

As only 21 players have been called up, two numbers are vacant, and those are the “10” most recently worn by Cesc and the “13” of Mata.

Nacho Monreal has chosen the “2,” while Borja Valero took the “8” and Aritz Aduriz will wear the “9.”  Pablo Hernández takes over the “18,” with Santi Cazorla in charge of “20” and Bruno Soriano opting for the “22.”  The rest of the players will wear the same numbers as in the World Cup.


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  1. I dont think I’ll like seeing the 9 jersey without Fernando Torres in it….. :(

    • Yeah..or Xavi’s 8. But let’s take this opportunity to imagine that somewhere, somehow, both of them are shirtless :D ..anyone wanna steal number 15? ;)

      • Aaah thinking about ANYONE other than Sergio wearing the number 15 is HEARTBREAKING!!!! But any other scenario where Sexio ends up shirtless is fine by me ;) Why cant there be more wardrobe malfunctions during Spain’s games like with Llorente’s torn jersey during the WC?!?!?!

    • Same. And number 8 without Xavi ? Noo..

      • A little random but….my brother in-law found an injured baby squirrel today and what did I do? I named it Xavi in honor of our injured #8 lol

      • LOL! How convenient is that?! Squirrels are freakin’ fast and tiny = Xavi! Good job Maisoun haha!

        And regarding the other comment: yeah, NO other player can touch that shirt! But I meant that WE should go and steal all the Sergio jerseys that he could possible get hold of. By then he’ll have no choice but to play shirtless :D
        Next Step: steal all the shorts..

      • ha ok gotchya! you get all the EXTRA jerseys and shorts…ill take the ones actually on him ;)

  2. Man, I’ll miss Xavi. Other than that, I hope all these players will perform as well as (if not better than) the previous “owners” of these numbers!

  3. uh oh…someone else in #9. the fangirls will have a fit. D: personally, i like Aritz though, even though his name is too hard to spell.

  4. Does that mean Aduritz will be in front alongside Villa? Or is it just that he’s called up incidently and he just temporarily gets the number 9? I was hoping for Llorente to start today.
    God luck, anyways, La Roja! Love you

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