Terrassa (and everyone else) loves Xavi

Picture courtesy of Terrassa21’s flickr.

Well, one good result (and probably the only one) of Xavi’s injury is that he finally had time to go back to Terrassa to be honored for his enormous role in winning the World Cup for Spain and other stellar achievements!

On Wednesday, the town hall and town of Terrassa celebrated Xavi Hernández for basically being a fantastic football player and person.  Xavi, accompanied by his parents and his agent, was received in the town hall by the mayor, where he signed the Book of Honor of the city (Xavi already has the Terrassa City Medal, the highest honor they give out).  The mayor said of Xavi, “he’s the best player in the world both on and off the field and a role model for young people.”  Xavi also came out on the balcony of the town hall to give a little speech, telling them that it was a great honor to be there and that Terrassa has a very secure place in his heart.

Being the modest guy he is, Xavi also told reporters that the national team “won’t miss me, because there’s a great group of players with enough quality to win these next few games.”  He added that he hopes to reappear against Valencia next weekend.

Xavi’s father Joaquim was also at the celebrations, and he told Radio Nacional that “Xavi is suffering a lot.  His tendons are very affected but he kept playing because he loves the sport.  The months of August and September were very difficult for him.  He’s at his limit and he needs to rest.”  To La Sexta, Joaquim said, “Xavi was on the verge of tearing both of his Achilles tendons, which would probably have meant the end of the season for him.”

Watch another video here, including more from Xavi’s parents (his mother says that she was reminded of her father, who had always said of Xavi, “this one will get far”).


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  1. If you take my picture, please put my name and a link to my flickr


  2. he deserves ever honour he gets..

    such a great guy and a role model.

  3. Who doesn’t love Xavi?? Really wish he was with the National Team right now but good to see him getting this recognition – love that the crowd in the video were chanting his name! Una do you know if his brothers were there as well?

  4. Xavi looks like Andy Garcia. So handsome.

  5. Xavi doesn’t need that attention, because everyone knows his great value, but, in fact, he definitely deserves all of this and even more ! Thanks Una

  6. Thank you, Una, for warming my soul with this!. I love Xavi! I dread the day when he is no longer playing. I hope he will be a coach or something. He´s got football intelligence, that one.

  7. Congratulations Xavi! Well deserved. I heard his fatherś words and it was obvious he was worried by his sonś injury.
    Take it easy and recover well!

  8. xavi is awkwardly cute. ;-)

  9. I love LOVE Xavi. I had actually heard things about him but I stopped following European football years ago because of time difference. But whoa! When I saw him play in the WC it was amazing. I say that watching him play is like watching an entirely whole different show. You can’t ask for more with Xavi he is a great person and football player. I want him to get better because I too will regret the day he retires. It will truly be a sad day. Never have I heard anyone say anything negative about this man and thats says a lot. Xavi, this Mexican loves you and your style of play. Get better soon and as much as you hate not being able to be there for your team you need your rest. Greeting from San Diego everyone :)

    Xavi you may not think so but you deserve all and everything you get. Can’t wait to see you back. And he is adorable in every sense of the word. Love his serious face and his little smiles. Sigh!

  10. i super love him.. thanks for this! he’s definitely the one id bring home and introduce to mom and dad! hahaha

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