quote of the day – Sergio Ramos

Andalucían, answer him in Andalucían so he’ll understand, since it might be hard for someone to understand Castellano.

Sergio Ramos, during today’s press conference with Gerard Piqué, after Piqué was requested to respond to a question in Catalán and then asked whether the journalist wanted the answer in Castellano (Spanish) as well.


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  1. Oh my, I need to see the video! I’ll be done giggling for the rest of the week! Nothing better than Sexio (MrDamnHotICan’tEven)) joking with PK (MrHilariusAndIHaveGorgeousEyesAnd IAmSoTall)!!!!

  2. I could get used to Sergio being the smart ass.

  3. I love this one! I wanna see a video of this too…. I love moments like this.. because even if we know that they’re a “piña”, hearing/seeing them being sarcastic is quite rare… sarcasm is a totally different level of hilarious!!! thanks for this!:)

  4. Uf. As amusing as that sounds, I think it might be rather more of an indicator of his feelings about Catalán being used for matters of the national team… :-(

    (But he can totally talk to me in Andalusian. *swoon*)

    • MadridChiquita

      I was wondering if that was it as well. But I think no matter if you agree with him on that point or not, it makes it seem like he’s got an interest in the politics, which I think is sexy.

    • Yea, that’s why I thought it was thoughtful of Geri to volunteer a followup in Castellano for the other members of the press who weren’t the Catalan journalist who’d requested his Catalan answer. Polite to comply with the original request, thoughtful to volunteer for everyone else. Nice job being a grownup, Geri :-)

  5. sergio sounded so stern in the video. Ö

  6. ok, I thought it was a joke!

    If not, I do hope nothing bigger would be made out of it. And I do not want the boys to fight. If they do, I at least hope the fight would take place in jello!

  7. Here is the video

    watch Sergio at the end of the video.

  8. where do i find the video

  9. I just read a tweet from sergio.. he didn’t mean to get it out the wrong way… he said he has nothing against Catalans and he was just goofing around… we all know sergio’s a good guy..:)

  10. Sergio didn’t came out too good in the eyes of a lot of people after saying that….He later said on his twitter that he doesn’t have any problem with the catalans and the catalan language and that it was a joke…..

  11. someone kind enough to explain to me the joke? I don’t get it…I’m not very familiar with the topic of the politics of their language(s).

    • Late reply, but my take is that in Spain, Castellano is the offical language and everyone should know how to speak/understand it. So Sergio is making fun of the reporter’s request to receive his anwers in different languages as if he didn’t understand Castellano.

      Anyway, Sergio is being sarcastic and I always appreciate sarcasm – but in this case many people are overreacting and upset about it.

      Hope this helps a little.

  12. But the image of Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique, my two favorite Spanish footballer hotties, doing a conference together…mmm….

  13. The video:

    Did you see Sergio’s recent tweet ? He doesn’t have to justify all this. It was obvious that he was joking. Hate how people have to consider everything negatively!
    The pic with PK is super sweet anyway <3

  14. Sergio, why so awesome? XDD

  15. There’s a video of this quote here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwVg6JTUu1s, the first half minute….and then it goes into some spanish rap…..not sure how the two are related….


  17. I’m not going to say that Sergio is anti-Catalan or anything (because I totally don’t think he is), but do you think he would have reacted the same way if a member of the English press had asked Pique to answer a question in English (which language he also speaks)? I’m sure at Real Madrid press conferences Mourinho or CRonaldo get asked the odd question in Portuguese and no one says anything. I really think he overreacted.

    • but piqué is spanish and he’s in spain playing for the spanish national team. it seems to me that to ask a question in catalan and to expect piqué to answer in catalan (when both the journalist and piqué speak spanish as their first language, in a room full of spaniards) is being divisive. similar things have happened to rafael nadal and he’s being asked questions by a catalan journalist when he’s played for the spanish davis cup team and he’s said “we’re doing this in spanish.” i can completely understand why it would annoy sergio and why he said what he did. hell, it annoys me.

      • He is also Catalan and plays for the Catalan NT.

      • if the journalist was asking Piqué to respond his/her question in Catalan (which maybe the question was asked also in Catalan), then what makes you think that both of them speak Spanish for their top first language? I dont think so, gurl..

      • As Madridista already noted, the question itself was asked in castellano — but what made the request instantly make more sense to me was when I later read in El Pais that the request had come from a TV3 reporter. That’s the Catalan TV channel (that brings us Crackovia.

        So my guess is that TV3 was hoping to get a good Catalan soundbite from Pique that they could put on that evening’s news broadcast, which is aired in Catalan. That’s why the “odd request”. (My guess is also that that’s why the request was *made* in castellano instead of Catalan, as they were at an official Spanish team national-type function and that would be the right way to go about it.)

        To me this now seems like it’s less about being divisive and more kind of like… like when a hometown/local American TV station will ask a star “Can you give a shoutout to (e.g.) all the people back home in Philly?” and then they later put it on the evening news to make the locals happy. (“Hi Staten Island, this is Ingrid Michaelson, and you’re listening to WPLJ!”) Etc.

    • overreacted? damn, well said! you really got the point.

  18. Sergio has tweeted that it was meant as a joke. If you see the video, Pique thought it was hilarious.

    • I would say that maybe the context of the joke was not particularly fortunate, and the situation has a potential to be talked about, in many ways. But, but if they say it’s fine-and by they I mean Sexio and his Twitter, and also Pique’s rockin’ smile – I can do nothing but just stare at the twitpic some more;-))))

      BTW is it just me, or does anyone else almost feel as if Sergio personally sends abrazos and besos to them, when he tweets about it? ;-)))

      • That’s true. It seems as if during the Spanish NT’s press conferences, people are waiting for someone to allude to personal issues related to political matters in Spain. Anywhere else, that joke would have been fine.

        But I felt nothing wrong with it, maybe it’s because I’m not Spanish. And besides, Pique smiled straight away which probably means that he understands and is comfortable with that sort of humor amongst members of the team.

        Come on people, please don’t hate on Sexio. He seriously seems like a great guy..and quite a sexy one at that ;)

  19. oh my, cutie pies! all looks good!


    abrazos, abrazos, my boys!!!!

  20. The brief video is on Marca [sorry I don’t know how to imbed links – i am not techno savvy!] He did look quite serious when he made the comment at the conference but from what I was able to understand he tried to set the record straight in his tweets afterwards – and also linked to a cute pic of he and Geri all smiles as proof ! Maybe someone [Una??] can translate his tweets verbatim – I don;t want to put words in his mouth :)

  21. I totally thought it was a joke. Especially if what he was making fun of was the ability to understand Castellano, not Catalan.

    • Precisely, he was joking as if the reporter didn’t understand Castellano. People are definitely over-sensitive and overreacting to this.

  22. surely, it was sergio didn’t mean anything serious ^,^

  23. He did look kinda serious on the video but he was clearly just being sarcastic! hahaha! and nice for pointing out that pique just laughed at what he said. or maybe he just got sorta irritated with the media person who asked pique to say it again in castellano. sergio might have thought “do we look like translators to you?” and of course we understand why pique was speaking in catalan.. it’s the catalan pride and if you had to talk to press, which i think isn’t a highlight of their day, they’d want to speak in their most comfortable dialect. just my opinion…:)

  24. is this a hot button issue in spain?

    he seems to be really just goofing around.

    • It’s a very hot button issue in Spain, considering that the Catalan language was banned (by Franco) until the mid-70’s. This is the source of the enmity between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (the teams, not the players). You may think this is all just history, but I assure you the issue is still a source of much conflict in Spain.

      Having said that, though, we can all see now that Sergio was making a joke and trying to poke fun at the whole issue. Just maybe not the best joke to make. Silly Sergio.

      • thanks. regionalism is as strong as ever in a world that has created countries out of legal fiction. yugoslavia and the ussr have actually broken up because this legal fiction was not strong enough to hold people who are so different together.

        we see it here in the u.s. as well. though we speak one language our values are very different and THAT causes tension. coastal cities like sf and ny are more cosmopolitan and tolerant than the southern or midwest baptist ones.

  25. I have no idea what Sergio meant, but he looked really serious and I really think he should start thinking before he’s saying stuff like this……I mean, if he has “no problem with catalans” why saying that in the first place? he’s experienced enough with the presss to know what can come out of it…..so I think it was really sutupid for him to say that……

  26. I believe Sr Ramos was offering a witty critique of language and identity politics in Spain.

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