the first training session

As reported earlier, the players arrived at Las Rozas yesterday to begin preparing for the upcoming Euro 2012 qualifiers.  Upon arrival, the players most in demand were of course the new (and new old) faces: Aritz Aduriz (his second last name is Zubeldia, which means that his names all begin/end with A and Z), Pablo and Borja Valero.

I love Aritz’ freckles!!!  Fernando Torres has a worthy rival…

The players had a training session in the late afternoon, including a partidillo, where Pablo scored two goals.  David Villa and Fernando Llorente also found the net, although Fernando also had a goal annulled for being offside.  The team made up of Iker/Pepe, Arbeloa, Piqué, Nacho, Bruno, Pablo Borja, Silva and Llorente was the winner.  Watching the session was the U-17 team, and Captain España (Iker) spent some time after the session signing autographs.

I loved how some of the La Roja veterans took care of their former club teammates!

And Sergio did what he does best, look confused a la his Crackòvia alter ego hot.

I love this picture of Aritz, so I just wanted to include it, and as a madridista, I love seeing VDB and Borja Valero together again 15 years after they first met (Real Madrid paid Borja’s previous club 20 pairs of boots and 20 balls in order to sign him as an 11-year-old).

On Wednesday, the players will have a double session at 10h and 19h, and head to Salamanca on Thursday.

Meanwhile, over on the U-21 side, Sergio Canales showed that he’s fully recovered from the ankle injury that kept him out for three weeks.

These two can definitely continue to pass as U-21 for a while, and possibly even under 17.


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  1. Damn Sergio still looks hot with the semi cross eyed look he has going on in that pic lol vair cute! …and it looks to me like that pic could be the football version of Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ ;) I look at it and expect little angels (in the form of Fernando Torres and Sergio Canales) to start flying around haha

  2. These pics and your comments did such a good job I don’t need my morning coffee!Thanks. Miss Nando, Navas and Xavi tho the replacements aren’t bad.

  3. AAAAAWWWWW lookit the ittlebittyones — man, that pic of Bojan and Canales made me coo and tickle my screen involuntarily like when pictures of fluffy kitties come up. They ARE fluffy kitties, I am sorry.

    Borja Valero’s transfer fee of 20 balls & pairs of boots is not quite as good as my favourite one from Romania: 15 kg of sausages! From here:

    Earlier this season it transpired that the Romanian fourth division side Regal Hornia signed the defender Marius Cioara from the second division club UT Arad for the princely sum of … 15kg of pork sausages! “We gave up the team’s sausage allowance for a week to secure him, but we are confident it will be worth it,” revealed a Regal spokesman.

    However, the deal went sour within 24 hours when Cioara decided he had endured enough bangers-related ribbing to last a lifetime and promptly retired. “The sausage taunts all got too much, they were joking I would have got more from the Germans and making sausage jokes,” he moaned. “It was a huge insult. I have decided to go to Spain where I have got a job on a farm.” Hopefully away from the pigs. Regal were less than chuffed as they wheeled out their spokesman for a final lament: “We are upset because we lost twice. Firstly because we lost a good player, and secondly because we lost our team’s food for a whole week.”

  4. Bojan and Sergio look about 12 in that picture! (It seems like Bojan is *always* making some sort of silly face, too. He’s like the Piqué of the U21s!) I’m super-excited that Canales is healthy again – let’s hope he makes it through international week with no more mishaps!

    Sergio Sr. looks muy sexy even when he’s doing his best impression of his Crackovia imitator – no small feat!

    Aritz has lovely extension and turnout for a footballer… now, if only he would just point those toes, he’d be perfect for La Roja’s dance team!

  5. Lol Bojan and Canales look so boy band!

  6. is it just me or does Aritz look like Torres/ Villa mix ??? too cute

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