inopportune injuries…

Oh no…

Fernando Torres, Jesús Navas and Pedro all ended this Sunday injured, which means that Vicente del Bosque might have to call up several new players.  Over in England, Fernando lasted 10 minutes of Liverpool’s game against Blackpool before leaving the game with a groin strain.  Jesús didn’t even step onto the field for the Sevilla-Atleti game, and according to his coach, he has a muscle injury to his left leg.  His presence on the national team will depend on his evolution over the next hours.  And Pedro left the Barcelona-Mallorca game with a muscle injury to his right leg, which means that he’s probably ruled out for La Roja’s games.

VDB will announce the substitutions today.

And meanwhile, the U-21 team’s fortunes weren’t much better, with Javi Martínez injuring his left thigh after a collision with Valencia’s keeper, and Ander Herrera also suffering a muscle injury in the Zaragoza-Sporting game.


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  1. Wow i hope all the guys recover soon.!!.. O and i love this blog i always check it first thing in the morning!!

  2. I saw Pedro getting injured on that nasty CampNou pitch.

    Did someone put a curse on the SpainNT or something? Anyway, all these injuries tell me that the players are very tired from the constant fixtures.

    Hope everyone gets back into tip-top health and start playing great football.

  3. when Navas wasn’t in the lineup today and there was no explanation I was worried he might have had another attack of nerves since he has been under so much pressure this year. here’s hoping the muscle injury story is true and that it’s not serious.

  4. oh no, what terrible timing! :( i feel especially bad for Fernando…he just can’t catch a break.

  5. Oh wow
    It’s definitely a curse!!
    I hope the best for all the guys because they all did very well :)
    Good luck guys

  6. Aw, I was sort of hoping to see Jesus play again! ;[
    I hope they’ll all get better soon.

  7. God Fernando’s really been having a terrible time with injuries this year, hasn’t he? This is bad news indeed- I hope they all recover soon!

  8. our poor boys! I hope they will come back soon.

    Off topic but wanted to share look here pay attention to desccription of photo! How hard is to recognize who is goalkeeper and who is the player in game? LOL

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