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One. So I guess the answer is “yes AND no” then.  Here was Andrés Iniesta’s answer to whether sex during the World Cup would be safe/sure (in Spanish, the word “seguro” is used for both those meanings):

Let’s see if it will be “seguro” because my girlfriend is here.

Read the rest of Andrés’ Q&A here.

And a big thanks to reader Katy, for sending me this little interview with Andresito from Sky Sports magazine.

Q:  You bought a vineyard for your family. How involved are you in it? Can we buy a bottle?
A: I’m interested but I can’t work there every day as I live in Barcelona and the vineyard is near my hometown of Albacete. My family is working on it. They love it, but we have nothing to sell yet as it’s a new project. Patience…

Q:  Is it true you once bought a piano so that the local village band could start playing again?
A: I’m still close to the people where I am from. They needed a piano so I bought one for them. I’m lucky that I can afford to do such things.

Q:  Is there any truth to the story that you invited Kasabian to a party to help you celebrate winning the World Cup?
A: I didn’t! I’m sure they are very good, but it’s not my type of music. I read that I was a big fan and that I wanted to meet them, but it’s not true.

Two. And David Silva, in an interview on his new life in the Premier (where one of his goals is learning English),  was asked if he sees his national team teammates a lot in England.  His response?  “At the moment no, I haven’t met up with anyone.  The truth is that I don’t have much time, because I have a lot of things to do with the house at the moment.  In addition, we have a lot of trips, not only with the national team, but also with the club, and it’s complicated.  But I hope that once I get used to everything, I can meet up with el Niño and with Pepe, who are closer to me.  Cesc is a bit further away, but one day I’ll visit him (in London).

Three. The list for the Euro 2012 qualifiers against Lithuania (in Salamanca on Oct. 8) and Scotland (in Glasgow on Oct. 12) will be announced today by Vicente del Bosque.  Twenty names will be on that list, and it is expected that Jesús Navas and David Silva will both be named even though they are coming off injuries.  The coach is waiting to see how Cesc evolves, and even if he’s not ready for the first game, it’s possible that he will be called up for the second game.  Also on the list will be Sergio Busquets, despite his desire to help out the U-21 team, which will be playing in the Euro 2011 qualifying playoff on those same days.  Puyol will return after missing out on the Liechtenstein/Argentina trip due to injury.

VDB will also receive an award from the Spanish Air Force today, in honor of his human and sporting values.

Four. There is now an official La Roja cava!  The RFEF signed an agreement with an Extremaduran vineyard, Bodegas Inviosa, to produce the official cava of the Spanish national team under the name “Bonaval.”  As you can see, that means that the bottles can wear the escudo and the star on their “shirts,”, just like the players do.


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  1. I dunno if it’s the lighting but Iniesta’s skin is practically the same shade as Silva’s and only slightly lighter than Pedro’s!

  2. I can’t wait for La Roja to reunite! I’ve missed them so much!

    And, uh… I think it’s pretty clear how Iniesta spent his free time in South Africa! :-P

    Silva is adorable. If there is a meet-up between him, Cesc, and the Liverpool boys, though, England will not be able to contain the awesome!

    • I doubt it was “free time in South Africa” — I’d like to imagine it was after the mad celebrations of the final! My vote is for Sardinia, perhaps right after el bañador precioso made its appearance. ;-)

  3. “I read that I was a big fan and that I wanted to meet them…”

    Oh Andrew. You’re hilarious even when you’re being diplomatic.

  4. Poor Silva! , he has to adjust to living in a new country and he is far from his NT friends. I hope lots of family and friends are helping him at the beginning. I imagine the Liverpool boys and Cesc meeting up with him and then… Cesc posts the pics on his twitter :D

    The RFEF are certainly making lots of money from publicity….. I hope its put to good use for the overall benefit of Spanish football.

  5. How can I get me some of that Cava??!! I can’t imagine that they would export that to Florida. Ahhh…. maybe my former exchange student can hook me up…

  6. me too just dreaming to taste that cava!!!!!!!!!!! and I’d never throw the empty bottle away. Am I crazy? :D

  7. Hm, I think I see something I need to get when I go to Spain next time! Cava plus La Roja? Paradise!

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