the tributes round-up

It’s been two and a half months since Spain won the World Cup, and the majority of the players (and the coach) have been honored by their hometowns, or towns to which they have a connection.  So, let’s take a look at what happened and what’s to come.

First, what’s to come.  The team as a whole has been nominated to receive the gold medal of the Comunidad de Madrid, and Vicente del Bosque the Gran Cruz del 2 de Mayo.  And in Sevilla on May 23 next year, the three from Andalucía (Marchena, Sergio and Navas) will be honored during the day of the province.  David Villa and Andrés Iniesta will join Iker and Torres in Madrid’s wax museum in about half a year, when their wax figures are completed, and there is public clamor for Vicente del Bosque to be honored in the same way.

And individually, the only ones that have not been honored so far are Torres, Carles and Xavi.

Torres: Fuenlabrada (Madrid) plans on paying tribute to him, once he has recovered from his injury.  A sports center will be named after him as well.  Fernando has already received the town’s gold medal.

Xavi: Terrassa is planning on a tribute, but does not know when it will occur.  Xavi received the gold medal of the town back in February.

Puyol: La Pobla de Segur is ready to throw a big party for him, and is talking with his family to determine the date.

And now, what has happened already.

Mata: honored in Oviedo, where he was received by the president of Asturias and given a plaque and an insignia of the province.  He was honored along with Dr. Celada.

Capdevila: received his tribute in Tàrrega, where he cruised through the streets in a convertible and signed the book of honor of the municipality.

Llorente: received by the president of La Rioja in Logroño, who gave him a replica of the crest of the province in silver, a Riojan flag and a commemorative plaque.  In his hometown of Rincón de Soto, a sports center was named after him and he received a plaque.

Pedro: named as one of Tenerife’s illustrious sons.  A sports center in Arico (Tenerife) has been named after him (he’s from Abades, which is administrated by Arico).

Arbeloa: will receive Aragón’s sports merit medal (he grew up in Zaragoza) and schedule permitting, could declare open the Fiestas del Pilar in October.

Busquets: honored by his hometown of Badia del Vallès, and a football field was also named after him.

Sergio: honored by his hometown of Camas, and was named illustrious son of the town.

Albiol: received a tribute in his hometown of Vilamarxant (along with a chocolate replica of the trophy), during which he was named an illustrious son and received the gold medal.  The government of Valencia also bequeathed him their Cruz de Honor de Jaume I El Conqueridor.

Piqué: honored by his father’s hometown of Sant Guim de Freixenet, where he spent summers as a kid.  He also took this time to inaugurate a Barcelona peña named after him.

Marchena: was driven through the streets of Las Cabezas de San Juan in a convertible, and named illustrious son of the town.

Xabi: received by the government of Guipuzcoa, and given the taxpela of champions.  Xabi manages to look adorable even in a giant hat; how does he do it?

Valdés: the government of Gavà honored him with an event at the town hall.

Cesc: Arenys de Mar organized an event, and Cesc ended up in a jersey of the local team.

Pepe: received by the mayor of Córdoba (where his dad is from), and has been nominated as an adoptive son of the city.

Navas: honored in Sevilla and in Los Palacios y Villafranca, where he was named an illustrious son and given the golden crest of the village.

Silva: two receptions were held in his honor in Gran Canaria, and the president of the islands bequeathed to him their top honor – the gold medal.

Javi: got to live firsthand the last day of Sanfermines from the balcony of the Pamplona town hall, where he also received a San Fermín scarf and a painting of Caravinagre.  In his hometown of Ayegui, he received a tribute, was tossed up in the air and a football field was named after him.

Iniesta: received two tributes, one in Albacete and the other in Fuentealbilla.  In the latter, a statue of the World Cup was unveiled, quite near his home.

Villa: cheered on by the masses in Langreo and in Oviedo.

Del Bosque: spoke to the people of Salamanca from the balcony of the town hall, and was named illustrious son of the city on Sept. 11.  In addition, municipal buildings in Garrido, the neighborhood where he grew up, will be named after him.

Iker: honored by his parents’ hometown of Navalacruz, and his own hometown of Móstoles.  He was named a favorite son by both towns.


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  1. Funny how Cesc always ends up in a Jersey that’s not is team’s … :)

  2. Very Well Deserved Tributes. :)

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