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With Athletic taking on Barcelona this weekend (Saturday at 22h), Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez were both asked about their Roja teammates from Barcelona in separate interviews.  I liked what they had to say, so here it is!

Fernando spoke with Marca (print edition, so no link).

Q:  Whose one-on-one marking is more aggressive, that of Piqué/Puyol, or of your girlfriend?

A:  Piqué and Puyol.  They’re two of the best central defenders in the world and their marking is aggressive even in the training sessions.  That of my girlfriend is a child’s game.

Q:  Let’s talk about the firefighters calendar.  About the hose…

A:  It was a for a good cause, to help out firefighters and the fight against cancer.  If my participation is able to help…

Fernando also says that if he could have any teammate on his team, he would pick someone from the national team.  Also, that Liverpool is the foreign team that fascinates him, because Reina and Torres have told him incredible stories about what it’s like to watch a game there.  And that he would like to add Villa’s Barcelona shirt to his collection.

And Javi spoke with AS.

Q:  You’ve been able to play with the three jewels of Barcelona’s midfield on the national team: Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta.  Which of them is the most difficult to defend?

A:  Each one has his thing.  Iniesta has the biggest capacity to surprise.  He and Xavi make an impressive pair; it’ll be a long time before Spanish football sees another pair of footballers like those two together.  It would be good that they have an off day.

Q:  And what about Busquets?

A:  I’m going to say one thing about Busquets that defines him clearly, and that’s that when he’s not playing with Barça, you can tell.  He had an incredible World Cup, and his progression as a footballer has been spectacular.

Q:  Do you keep in contact with your national team teammates?

A:  Yes, we send each other text messages.

Q:  Have you learned a lot, being with them?

A:  Yes, I’ve learned a lot both from the senior team as well as the U-21 team.


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  1. I didn’t quite get what they had asked him about Pique’ Puyol and his gf….and Javi is so cute!!!….I love him….

  2. I love how they keep in touch and send each other text messages… if only they’d do so on twitter, no? ;P

  3. hi, I love your blog very much!

    thanks to E-resources of my university, I can watch print edition of MARCA online.
    Here the snaps of Llorente’s interview, and this is the only thing I can do. lol

  4. I can’t wait to watch this game!!! Not going to say who i want to win, since this is a NT-only blog (although you all probably already know), but either way it goes, all that gorgeousness on the same field will be a true pleasure to watch! Mmmm!

  5. I’d love for Fernando to come to Liverpool. We desperately need another striker and he’d fit in perfectly! Besides, the Spanish quotient at Anfield has been getting rather low. :(

  6. omg nooooo!! not a girlfriend ! he doenst kno but we are gettting married ahahh so do have a pic of his GF( bluh)

  7. @unamadridista
    so to clarify things, Fernando does have a girlfriend??
    and if so, do you happen to have any pictures of her ?
    thnx for the great post though :)

  8. Hi, sorry for off-topic question but do you know what happen with Villa’s facebook? The page doesn’t work anymore and I have no clue why it becomes like that since he just posted long messages two weeks ago O_o??

    • I noticed the same thing last night as well. I don’t know what happened to Villa’s facebook page. Also, which members of the NT are single? Is it only Sergio? I feel like everyone I hear of is married or has a gf.

  9. “I’m going to say one thing about Busquets that defines him clearly, and that’s that when he’s not playing with Barça, you can tell.”
    I don’t get it, is that some kind of backhanded compliment?

  10. “or of your girlfriend?” hahaha very sneaky ;) but gosh how embarrassing!
    Gone are the days where I was idle enough to watch three or four matches back to back. *sigh* I won’t be able to watch this one tonight, though. Limiting myself to one match makes me feel like I’m my own Mother..not so great :-?

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