the players are still (relatively speaking) poor

Remember this conversation in which Xavi and Andrés talked about the bonuses they were to receive for winning the World Cup?  Well, it appears they will have to wait a bit longer.  According to Marca, the RFEF still has not paid out the €600,000 bonuses promised to the players for winning the World Cup, because they apparently have not yet received €25 million they are due from FIFA for winning the World Cup.  The money for the bonuses are expected to come out of that, and from the earnings of the RFEF through commercial sponsorships.  The matter is expected to be resolved by the time the players meet again, for the two Euro 2012 qualifiers against Lithuania and Scotland on Oct. 8 and 12, respectively.

By the way, the Federation will also pay different amounts to players that participated in World Cup qualifying (this was one of the conditions agreed upon before the World Cup between the RFEF and the players), and everyone who participated in the World Cup will also receive a gift.  In the Eurocopa, that was a 52-inch TV.

Meanwhile, Vicente del Bosque said during a presentation of the book La Gloria al Rojo Vivo, the first on Spain’s World Cup victory, that he believes that Spain was predestined to become world champions in South Africa.  For those wondering, the book is a diary of Spain’s fight for the World Cup, and narrates the experiences of thousands of Spaniards as they watched their team, from the disappointing loss to Switzerland to the final against the Netherlands.  Buy it (the book, not the team) here for €14.95.


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  1. okay una, thanks for the link on the book details… but where’s the link where we can buy the team?? lol :)

    but seriously thanks for this info and for making me remember that i’m itching for the next euro qual matches… i miss them all. october seems so far far far away :( and i think nando echoes that sentiment…somewhat =P

  2. Will you buy the book? If ever you do, tell us if it’s worth it! Thanks! Keep up the good work on the blog!

  3. thanks for the info on the book! (anyways, they’re playing against Lithuania, not Latvia, on 8 October. just thought i’d point that out. ;> )

  4. quick little question..are all the players gonna be the same for all the Euro games?

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