more celebration pictures!

The RFEF has published some pictures from July 12 that I hadn’t seen before, and that is particularly true with pictures from the team dinner at Mesón Txistu!  As you can see below, the players’ families and loved ones joined them for the celebration.  I’ve also included a couple of bonus pictures from the bus tour of Madrid!

A couple of observations:

– I’m sure that Cesc is practically a member of the Piqué family, so he should have smiled instead of fiddling around on his phone.

– and if I had the World Cup in front of me, I’d look a lot happier than David Villa.  In fact, David looks a bit like a statue.  But how cute are the two of them posing together like a family?

– it’s no surprise that Xabi and Arbeloa sat together, no?  Albiol must be in there somewhere too.


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  1. i agree, cesc should’ve look to the camera, n pose along with the Pique ^,^
    wonder where cesc’ family/g.friend…

  2. my thoughts exactly on Cesc haha.

  3. My apologies, Una, but Sara and Iker + Mom and Dad make a perfect family photo! This is probably the first time I realize that they actually do make a cute couple.
    Lol, Cesc looks like the texting teenager who resents and tries to deny the fact that he’s related to his own family :lol:
    Is that Pique’s brother?
    Aww, loving the A-team!

  4. Aww, they look like kids who’ve just got the best toy in the world! lol at Cesc texting, he looks like he’s about to say “yes, yes, mama, I’ll just finish this and then pose”! And lol again at Pepe and Villa, I wonder how the latter managed to look so solemn when Pepe’s around! Nando, as usual, looks like a teenager.

    And Sara’s dress is very pretty, must say. No idea if she wore red on purpose, but it’s gorgeous and very appropriate for the timing.

  5. Yay I love seeing more celebration pics.

    I just found this really funny video from the eurocopa on YouTube involving some of the nt particularly xavi being asked to film inside the hotel for a reporter. It’s so cute but I can’t understand all of it :(.
    I thought it might be something you’d like to post with translation at some point maybe? :)
    I know everyone would love it and I’d be v greatful if you have time!

    Here’s part 1:

    and part 2:

    argh xavi is adorable

    • omigod…thanks for the video link ^^
      don’t understand any of the words they’re saying, but still cracks me up anyway hahaha

    • I also recently discovered these videos (Lo que el Xavi se llevo), it’s from the Euro2008, and I watched it like five times in a row cause it’s really adorable

  6. the reporter kids around with various people in the beginning then asks Xavi to bring him a bottle from the minibar, Xavi says they only have water. So then the challenge is a bottle of water and a towel from his room, and to film it. Later the reporter is waiting in front of the hotel until he gets chased off by security. The phrase we hear repeatedly is very Spanish, “He quedado con Xavi”; usually when you go out in Spain you agree on a place and time to find each other (as opposed to going to someone’s house or in a bar). You often will see a person standing at a Metro stop or other places, waiting on someone else. So he’s trying to tell the guard that Xavi’s going to meet him, and that he’s not sleeping.

    Finally he shows with the water and towel, and returns the camera. Xavi teases him and asks if he’s coming in to the hotel, and of course the reporter says he’s not allowed. The video is a series of notes saying he was going to film it all but it is not allowed. The rules are the rules. Earlier there was a bit about Aragones where Xavi says something like he’s the boss, with a lot of respect though.

    Hope that helps… it was pretty funny, I agree.

    • Thank you! Thats pretty much what I thought was going on so its nice to see I wasn’t way off :)
      What is he saying to xavi and the other players in the first part? Just asking them to be in the film etc?
      I like how the presenter offers the policeman his coffee and says ‘a present for you’ and they just look at him like he’s weird. hehe.
      thanks again,
      glad everyone else enjoyed the vids too :)

      • BTW “Lo que Xavi se llevo” is a takeoff on “Gone with the Wind”; e.g., “Gone with the Xavi”

        He asks Xavi in the beginning how many stars the hotel has and then lays out what Xavi has to do (water bottle, towel, film it)

  7. Is it just me or do PK’s parents indeed seem so cool?! Especially his mom, she’s always smiling! and how he said recently that his parents encouraged him to publish the book, so sweet! (don’t get me started and describe my reaction when he said that he writes what happens to him, I melted)

    Man, can you imagine PK in 10 years, he will be like 10 times hotter than now, and if he inherited his daddy’s classiness, he will be the total McDreamy.

  8. Thank you for these lovely pictures. I especially like the one with Pepe and David, so cute!

  9. I agree…Pique’s family looks totally cool and warm! His dad looks so affectionate and fun and his mom looks so sweet and charming! No wonder they produced such a fine specimen of a man – Pique himself :)

  10. Lucky be-yotch Saracarb gets to hold Iker AND the WC trophy.

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