of firefighters, babies and songs

None of these pieces of news have to do with the national team in the strictest sense, but they’re all too good to not mention!  And especially in the case of charity work!  So, here is news on Fernando Llorente’s firefighting calendar, Andrés Iniesta’s upcoming paternity and David Villa’s wonderful singing voice!

Fernando Llorente spent yesterday getting wet while posing for the Bizkaia firefighters’ calendar in Lezama!  He looks incredible wet, no?  The money raised from selling the calendars will help to finance the firefighters’ participation in the World Police and Fire Games in New York in August next year, and former cyclist José Ramón Uriarte’s anti-cancer foundation.

I’m not sure that using Fernando was the wisest decision, because the pictures are hot enough to set fires!  And that’s the opposite of what the firefighters want, no?  Anyway, the photos from the session are enough to convince me to buy multiple copies of the calendar and hand them out as gifts!  And to consider setting a fire just so Fernando can come to my rescue!  Watch a video here.  I also love that he’s so tall he has to sit down for the makeup artist, and even then she has to stretch.

More pictures and news…

Andrés Iniesta is going to be a father!  Congrats Andrés & Anna!  After some news media outlets reported it, he confirmed the news on twitter and Facebook.  The messages read more or less the same, so I’m just going to translate the longer Facebook message:

Hi everyone, news about my future paternity just came out.  I just wanted to confirm the news and tell you all that it’s a joyful moment for all of us.  However, I’m very hurt by the ugly manner in which the news was made public.  It’s a very personal subject and the methods they used to get the news disappointed me.  I hope everyone understands that my partner and I do not want to speak about this news – which is something marvelous for us – publicly.  Thank you very much, and a hug.

I’m sure Baby Iniesta Ortiz will have a lot of company in the hospital when he/she is born, because it appears that he/she is part of the baby boom that will manifest itself nine months after Iniesta’s goal in the World Cup final, just like when he scored against Chelsea a year and a half ago!  Something else I’m sure about: Baby Iniesta Ortiz will have a Gusiluz in his/her bedroom (besides the father, I mean).

And please, please, please let Crackòvia Andrés become a father too.

Meanwhile, Andrés’ club and country teammate has launched his singing career (sort of) for a good cause!  David Villa teamed up with former Mecano singer Ana Torroja to sing a song for the X1Fin: Juntos por Mali (for a goal: together for Mali) project.  Musicians, actors, sports stars and other celebrities teamed up to produce a record (out on Nov. 23) and a concert (to take place on Dec. 2 in La Farga de L’Hospitalet, Barcelona; tickets on sale through here) to collect funds to build a school in Mali.  The previous project for Sahara was a success.

David and Ana sang the song “Insurreción” by the group El Último de la Fila.  David said, “both Ana and I liked the song.  We hope to it will encourage people to get involved and to buy the record, because it’s a great and simple way to help people that don’t have the same opportunities as us… Footballers are a reference for society… and have to be willing to lend a hand to people who need it.”

Watch the video below; David has quite a nice singing voice, no?  Who knew?  He definitely has options once he stops playing football!  And I like him when he’s all smiley!


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  1. thanks for sharing these great little news items! david’s got a great singing voice! :o)

  2. villa is pretty good!!
    and LOL at crackovia iniesta :)

  3. 1. Llorente as firefighter = i’m dead. *squees*
    2. what did Iniesta mean by this? –> “I’m very hurt by the ugly manner in which the news was made public. It’s a very personal subject and the methods they used to get the news disappointed me.” did the media stalk him/his gf or something? O_o
    3. i was pleasantly surprised by David Villa’s singing! :D Iker could use some lessons from him hahaha.

    • “I’m very hurt by the ugly manner in which the news was made public. It’s a very personal subject and the methods they used to get the news disappointed me.”

      press got this news from Andres’ granfather ( I don’t know all details) but it it seems that the news was released publicly before the couple had wished it to be so.

  4. i am SPEECHLESS. DAVID SINGING???! OHMYGOSH! I think I just died! This made my year!!! Seriously, i didnt know he could sing! and pretty good at that!! *flails*
    Football, modelling/ endorsements, and now singing?! what’s next David????! a movie perhaps??!
    Gosh, this guy never fails to amaze me! ♥♥♥

  5. Far be it from me to complain about anything involving Fernando Llorente, particularly when wet, but in my experience, fireman calendars involve considerably more semi-nudity than shown in that video… Can we commission some special editions, plz? Or would that be too much of a fire hazard?

    Big congratulations to Iniesta, of course, and this furthers everyone’s belief that his second WC promise was going to involve a proposal :-p Miniesta will not only have a Gusiluz, he or she will *be* a Gusiluz! It’s a hereditary trait, as Crackovia has taught us!

    And, um, I was REALLY not expecting that from Villa. Admittedly, a certain “Amor mío” episode, and several butchered Amaral songs. may have caused me to have very low standards when it comes to singing footballers, but… wow. Talk about a pleasant surprise. He could give Sergio a run for his money…

    • Awww “Miniesta” thats so cute! haha

    • From pictures, Anna is quite tanned, so depending on who the baby takes after, s/he MAY not be a gusiluz! Still, anyone want to take bets on whether Miniesta’s first words will be “La verdad es que si”??? :-)

      Off to dig up clips of Sergio singing!

    • Now if Andres wanted to make some extra money, he could sign a contract with the company that makes the Gusiluz to make a special Miniesta edition, released to coincide with the actual birth date of the child. Every family in Spain would buy one!

      I’m a marketing genius! :D :D :D

  6. LOL, at your comment on Llorente as fire fighter
    and I’m totally with you, fire related accident will raised up epically if he were to become one
    because fangirls would gladly set things near them on fire if only to be rescued by him

    Congrats to you andres!
    I’m happy for you, and I hope it’s a boy ;)

    and dahveed seriously endears himself to me every day, with his message to the miner on chile
    and now with his singing. agree to jeniffer he could totally give sergio a run for his money

  7. I saw this exact same post from someone’s tumblr.

  8. Iniesta: “I can’t take credit for anything. The truth is, having a baby is a team effort.”

    OK, I made that up! :D

    • LOL! Before I read your disclaimer, I would TOTALLY have believed it! That would be So Andres.

      (And it’s true, it is a team effort! Haha, on one of the other football forums someone posted “INIESTA IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY” and someone replied: “wow that’s awesome! Does he have a wife or girlfriend?” Which had to invite, of course, the response: “NO CLEARLY HE IS PREGNANT.” Asking for it! :-)

      My favourite comment sobre este tema so far? “MINIESTA!!!” :-D

    • Haha “la verdad es que…” :-D

      It does sound like something he would actually say.

  9. god! how hot does Llorente look in that??? I never realize how cute he is.

  10. :o I would (foolishly) reuse the same Llorente calendar every year if I got one!

    Congrats to Iniesta! I guess it’s unfortunate that the news came out against their will. Despite the complete invasion of privacy, I really doubt that there is anyone who wouldn’t be happy for them.
    LOL at the idea of Crackovia Iniesta being a Daddy! I hope they don’t consider doing that any time soon ’cause it’s quite a touchy subject at the moment, but once “Miniesta” (lol!! as Jennifer cleverly labeled he/she) is born, it should be alright to mention that Crackovia Iniesta has a little Gusiluz clone.

    Who would’ve thought that David was multi-talented?! (obviously not when fashion is involved..) I too enjoy the jolly side of David; that soul patch should be hanging under a broad smile more often! :D

  11. oh, I’m totally charmed by David’s singing!!! He and Sergio ought to record a duet!!!:)

  12. YAY! I can’t believe Andres is gonna be a dad! To be completely honest, I can’t really picture him as a father just because he gives off this really childish innocence vibe but hey that’s amazing news! And yes, David Villa can hold a tune, its so cute. Not a huge fan of Fernando in terms of his looks but anyone in a firefighters uniform is hot.

    PS: Don’t EVER apologize or refrain from posting news such as these! We want it ALL!

  13. Okay, I admit, I never saw anything in Llorente. Until today and those pictures. Oh my, is he hot.

    real life guys become less and less atractive for me everyday now and this new admiration does not help. If I stay single and too demanding, I blame the La Roja guys.

    Call my name, Fernando!

    • “real life guys become less and less atractive for me everyday now and this new admiration does not help. If I stay single and too demanding, I blame the La Roja guys. ”

      ——Oh I soooo hear you on this! Im going to start a La Roja Spinsters Club for all who wont settle for anyone other than [enter your fave footballer here] ;)

      • It can have joint meetings with the Official Sexio Ramosgasm Fan Club, because I’m sure a large proportion of members will belong to both groups…

      • “(enter your fave footballer here)” does that even need to be blank for me to fill in? ;)
        The request to hold joint meetings between the two clubs should now be in motion.
        Is it so wrong for the words “I know you could be my soul mate, but you ain”t no Sexio” to come out of my mouth? The man’s perfect! I should just give up on the clowns bumming around here.

      • yes yes joint meetings! And our official theme song for both clubs should be “If I cant have you” by Yvonne Elliman lmao! this is a little embarrassing but this song is stuck in my head and completely appropriate at this time ;) Damn Sexio! Real guys just dont do it for me anymore!!!!! Ok everybody now…”If I cant have you….I DONT WANT NOBODY BABY!!!!” :D

      • LOL! Amazing song! Oh my God, I can just imagine Sergio’s hair lusciously swishing from side to side in slow motion *drools* and him doing that cute little dance move that he does (remember, in that La Roja video of them singing along to Se Parece Mas a Ti on the bus? :D)

      • Lmao! I love the image you now have playing over and over in my head, I do remember the dance lol and Im in class trying to hold in my laughter, people are going to start looking at me weird! ;) I have to admit everytime I play that song Im tempted to do that little dance!!! :D

      • Long time reader, first time commenter, blahblahblah, but this makes so much sense as to why my standards are so high! I will definitely join this club. But do I have to pick one? Lately it’s been Xabi, but most of them have my heart!

      • Noo, you don’t have to choose!

        I mean, Sergio would be my top choice, but Llorente… and Javi… and pretty much all of them…

        We understand and share your pain :-P

    • oh my, the meetings of those clubs, I am so in! Slideshows with spectacular pictures accompanied by spectacular dramatic music would be obligatory at every meeting, right?

  14. OH MY GOSHH!!!! Llorente as a model for a firefighter calendar!!! I have to have this! I have been following him since 2007 in La Liga and I can definitely say that I’m one of his biggest fans way, way before his famous shirt-ripping incident in this year’s World Cup.

    Unamadridista, muchas gracias por este pedazo de información! Justo cuando pensé que no podría amar a Llorente, este vino! Aaagghh!

  15. Too bad they did not undress Llorente for this photo session!!… but he’s still soooo caliente :) And yes, because of him I’m becoming too demanding as well… the worst thing is that I’m almost 30… and such gorgeous guys are normally taken since they’re 18 or 20 :)))

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