Santi Cazorla at Don Balón

An interview with Santi Cazorla is published in the latest edition of magazine Don Balón, and here are the parts where he talked about La Roja.  I really hope that Santi is able to secure a place with the team again, because he’s a great player and because he’s a fun person!

Q:  Del Bosque has shown that you’re in his thoughts…

A:  If I was worried about missing out on the World Cup, I was even more worried that I wouldn’t play for the national team again because it’s difficult to be included… and I’ve returned!  There are spectacular players on the team, so it was a surprise for me that the coach called me up again so quickly, and for that I will always be grateful to him.

Q:  Where did you watch the games of the World Cup?

A:  The majority of them at home, in Asturias.  I don’t like to watch games with people shouting or talking around me; I prefer to watch them at home on TV.  I watched the final in Villarreal because training camp had already started.

Q:  You must have been very envious!

A:  Yes, but in a healthy way.  I wasn’t fighting for a position on the team, since I had been out for so many months.  They deserved the title and I enjoyed myself a lot watching them.

Q:  And now the classification for Euro 2012 has started…

A:  We’re going to face each game like the one against Liechtenstein, with humility.  Even if you’ve won many titles, football may give you something today, but take it away tomorrow.  I hope that we can continue ratcheting up success in our group, and maintain the level of play.

Q:  Someone who no longer plays for the national team is Marcos Senna…

A:  Yes, but he’s still the flag bearer for Villarreal and he deserves it for the number of seasons he’s been with the team.  I consider him an example on and off the field, and I hope this season injuries respect him.

Q:  Speaking of veteran national team players, how is Marchena adjusting to Villarreal?

A:  He’s doing well, and you can already tell he’s going to be an important player for this team.  He has experience and I don’t know what Valencia was thinking to sever ties with such a great player.  It’s a privilege for Villarreal to have a player like him, and I think he’s happy here with the family that is Villarreal.

Q:  Del Bosque is keeping an eye on a lot of players from Villarreal: Marchena, Capdevila, you… and Bruno!

A:  Bruno deserved to be called up because he’s made spectacular progress.  He’s a midfielder with a lot of quality who has grown due to work and confidence.  I hope he can return to the team.  I played with him on the youth team, when I was working and playing for the youth team of his town.


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  1. I love Santi……I was dissappointed when I found out he wasn’t going to the WC…..I hope he will be at the qualification and at Euro 2012!!!!

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