VDB at El Confidencial

Vicente del Bosque dropped by the offices of El Confidencial on Wednesday, and these are some of the gems that he said.  (He also made everyone there really happy by bringing the World Cup trophy along).

– on the Argentina game: the difference between starters and bench players is relative.  For all the criticism following the Argentina game, do you think that Silva is not at the same level as the others, or Cesc doesn’t play as well as the others?  The result was exaggerated too much.

– on the supposed juerga in Argentina: the players are completely responsible people.  They had spent five days in the training camp.  I remember when I was playing on the national team, you had to spend days and days inside the hotel.  I try to avoid these situations.  The players didn’t do anything that they hadn’t done before, in the World Cup or the Eurocopa.  Two days before the game, we had a dinner and whoever wanted to go out afterward went out for a bit.  That’s it, nothing more.  The behavior of these players is exemplar.

– on the veterans: the team depends on its veterans, those players who are around 30 years of age and have the ability to bring everyone together and to lead.  They’re also extraordinary players.  If they maintain their level, there won’t be any problems.

– on the group: the group is sound, full of wonderful people.

– on Carles Puyol: I didn’t do anything special [to convince him to continue].  I just spoke with him and told him that it would be a shame for him to retire without reaching 100 games with the team.  Puyol is very important for us.  He’s a great guy, very competitive… it was fundamental that he continue.

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  1. So, does Del Bosque get to just carry the World Cup around with him? Does it live at his house? Does he sleep with it? :D

  2. off the topic but i can’t help myself not to comment on it,
    nando’s feminine pose crack me up a bit, maybe it just me but it’s kinda remind me of mermaid LOL
    I always love your blog’s pictures because you always have the most wonderful one
    either is wonderfully cute/epic/fantastic or wonderfully cracktastic

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