reason 361 why this team is a winner

The Spanish women’s U-17 team is currently playing in the U-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago, and they received a message of support and encouragement before their game against Venezuela on Sept. 13 from Raúl Albiol!  Spain would go on to win that game 2-1, and will play in the quarterfinals on Friday.

After the technical talk before the Venezuela game, the secretary of the delegation announced to the team that they had a phone call, and the phone was put on speaker.  During the conversation, Raúl told the girls to fight for success, and was especially affectionate with Ana Sáenz de Pipaón, a defender who couldn’t participate in the World Cup due to a knee injury.  She said, “he wished us luck, and said he hoped we would have the same fortune as they did in the World Cup.  Then he spoke to me personally to tell me that he knew that I had injured my knee and couldn’t play a single game.  The same thing happened to him during the World Cup.  He told me that he knew how much effort it took for me to stay in Trinidad and Tobago for the rest of the tournament even though I couldn’t play.  He also told my teammates to encourage me.”

How sweet!  And how I love this team!


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  1. That must have been inspiring, what a nice gesture. I love this team too!!

  2. That’s actually one of the nicest, sweetest things I’ve ever heard from the world of football. Especially his commiseration with Pipa.

    (Also – totally awesome way to draw some attention to the girls! They need their time to shine, too!)

  3. Wow, that’s incredibly sweet of them :D Being privileged enough to get a personal message from the men of La Roja would prepare me to do the impossible!
    Also, thanks for mentioning when the game is due, I watched one of the games a couple of days ago and I knew that the Spanish girls were going to play soon but didn’t know when.

  4. thats so sweet! Good luck for the girls!! :)

  5. I’m really glad u posted this. I’m from trinidad and tobago, and i’m heading to that match to support the spanish girls! (sadly trinidad’s girls are out…)

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