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The PSA our boys filmed back two weeks ago is out!  A handful of the players – with Iker and Pepe appearing twice – of the Spanish national team stars in a public service announcement for the United Nations Development Program’s 8 Millennium Development Goals.  These were agreed upon in the year 2000 by 189 nations, and the objective is the reach these goals by the year 2015.

The goals are:  One. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.  Two. Achieve universal primary education.  Three. Promote gender equality and empower women.  Four. Reduce child mortality.  Five. Improve maternal health.  Six. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.  Seven. Ensure environmental sustainability.  Eight. Develop a Global Partnership for Development.

Important things, no?

For a translation of the video and screencaps, read more (it’s worth it, I promise you, because our boys are such good looking ambassadors for this cause, since they can just about convince me to support anything).

Xavi: winning in Europe.

Pepe: getting a star.

Villa: becoming champions of the world.

Iker: many objectives have been reached, but nothing will be as great as achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Torres: our rivals are poverty.

Xabi: infant mortality and AIDS.

Cesc: we will defeat them.

Llorente: and we will help universal education to win.

Capdevila: maternal health.

Pepe: and equality.

Sergio: we will make an effort for the environment.

Santi: and to achieve worldwide development.

Iniesta: join our team.

Iker: and together we will achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Del Bosque: there’s still a lot left to win.

By the way, there’s also this PSA starring Zizou and Didier Drogba.

To see what you can do to help out this very important cause, go here.  More information can be found here or here.


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  1. That they are doing their share to promote the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals makes me love the team so much more. :) Thank you for posting the full translation—I can only pick up bits and pieces from what little Spanish I know.

  2. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love them even more.
    Great video. Aaah men who speak Spanish, what else is there to live for, eh? ;)
    Ooh I’m making an effort for the environment, here! Right here, Sergio, over here! :D

  3. That’s beautiful :)

    I’m a Geog student, so I study UNDP so despite it being a good cause, I’m quite sick of it. But these boys – :’) I LOVE HOW CESC SAYS ‘WE WILL DEFEAT THEM’ HAHAHAHA IT’S SO FIEEREECEE

  4. Nice translation!

    Btw, you have a link on the vid? Thanks!

  5. Aw, the things they say. <3
    They're probably scripted but I'm going to believe they came up with those words themselves. xD
    Thanks for the translation & the caps!

  6. Hahaha I just studied the Millenium Goals in my global health class… do you think watching this video counts as doing homework? :)

  7. Thank you for posting the one with Zizou and Didi as well. Magnificent beasts, both!

  8. Lmao Cesc sounds like he’s doing a voiceover for a cartoon character. You’re not alone, I would totally buy anything La Furia Roja promoted too.

    Zizou and his mini-Zizous are everywhere on your site these days! I approve, the world needs more Zizous.

  9. This is awesome its nice when good people do good things…cute!…i cant wait wen u continue los secretos!..ur the best Una

  10. Now I want to reach the millenium development goals…i will do anything these boys tell me to do. i am melting with love for this team

  11. i think my soul just left my body. HAHA.

    The vid is so great, and i knew it, Sergio and me are so meant for each other (I am currently doing a research paper/mini thesis concerning the environment), would he mind if I interview him? xDDDDD

    and omg CESC.

  12. Oh my gosh!! I fell in love with Llorente!! He’s soo cute and I love his voice. Baritone.. so manly!

    Go La Roja! Good thing to support causes..

  13. I love Llorente, but I love Capdevila too… for me, he is sexy, with his luminous light-brown eyes and sensual lips :) these two are my personal favourites, and yes, they both have great voices :)

    p.s. who said Capdevila is not attractive? a drunk Pepe Reina in his show? Hell NO, I wouldn’t believe such “tonteria” even if the real REINA, Her Majesty the queen Sofia, said that… ;))))

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