Iker looks back at the World Cup…

… and talks about what it’s like to be in charge of the Spanish national team in this interview from ABC.  What a fantastic captain he is!  And here are the Real Madrid parts of the interview, if you’re interested (some parts overlap).

Q:  Has your life changed much after the World Cup?

A:  A bit.  The reaction is always the same.  It’s still fresh in people’s minds and the fans are very happy with the title.  People are very affectionate when they see you on the street and they never stop thanking you for what we achieved.  It’s like you performed open heart surgery on 50 people when in reality it’s the complete opposite… all we were doing was playing football.

Q:  And on the professional level?

A:  It helped me a lot, both for the group success and on the personal level.  I’ve learned a lot of things.  And it’s true that the lesson was good for everyone.

Q:  Where do you keep those photos of you raising the Eurocopa and the World Cup?

A:  I have them at home and I have to decide where to hang them.  The one of the Eurocopa was already in place, but I’ll find a new place for them.  The photos from the World Cup have a lot of history behind them.  The one from the first game against Switzerland is also important, because it shows the disillusion, the sadness, the bitterness, the fear of what would occur in the next round.  And the one from the final is important because when I lifted up the Cup, we got to forget everything that happened to us.  The suffering against Honduras, the agony of the third game… at least we were able to start over with the game against Portugal in the round of 16.

Q:  Have you had time to look through the complete photo album?

A:  Yes.  It’s touching.  Each image brings me back to that exact moment and causes me to feel things.  I still get goosebumps, my hair stands up…

Q:  Being called up to the national team is a relief, because you’re winning titles there, while in Madrid you’re going through bad times.

A:  It’s cyclical.  The good times of the national team coincide with the bad times of Real Madrid, which is curious.  When things go well, success comes and that’s what we’re looking to do in the club.

Q:  You’re in charge of two armbands now.

A:  Which means twice the responsibility.

Q:  Does it motivate you or give you headaches?

A:  They’re two different responsibilities.  I’ve been the captain of the national team for four years and I’ve had the opportunity to grow with the circumstances.  I learned a lot from the former captains and I had enough time so that the transition went off without a hitch.  My teammates also helped me a lot.  In Real Madrid, I’m also one of the veterans of the team and I’ve gone step by step.  I’ve respected the hierarchical order.  It’s different here.


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  1. Thank you for translating! I love the nt but Iker is def. my favorite.

  2. Iker is the best and it seems like he just gets better and better – go Iker !!!

  3. iker is the man!

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