pelota al suelo – David Villa

The last “Pelota al suelo” interview is that of David Villa!  I do wish all the players would have participated in this series, especially Iker and Sergio – I feel like we didn’t hear a lot from them during the World Cup, especially Iker!  But anyway, David’s not a bad interviewee!

1.  Which national team game do you remember the best?

The one that always comes to mind is the one where Luis Enrique had his nose broken.

2. What is the first World Cup that you remember?

It’s difficult to say, because you also have a lot of memories from watching videos and other things, so I’ll go ahead and say the same one [as the answer to the first question].

3.  Which World Cup final is the one that you were most excited about?

The France-Brazil one.  France won 3-0, no?  That was the World Cup in… France, no?  [Nods].

4.  Which national team shirt is the prettiest one?

The prettiest one… was the one from the Confederations Cup.

5. An unforgettable goal of Spain in the World Cup.

The one against Sweden.  One of mine.

6.  Where did you watch the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

Where did I watch it?  I watched it in Germany, with the team.  I have good memories of the first round because we played very well, and also because it was my first World Cup, and of course sad memories of the day we were eliminated, against France.

7. Why has Spain never won a World Cup?

It’s difficult to explain because we’ve always had good teams, good players, from one of the best leagues in the world, but we were never able to win it.  We can only hope that after June, you won’t ever have to ask that question again.

8.  Which rival in the first round is the most difficult one?

All three of them.  All three are complicated rivals and we hope to win all three of the games to start off on the right note.

9.  Which team is the favorite to win the World Cup?

To be sincere, I don’t really care, because being the favorite doesn’t translate to having any advantage over the other teams.

10.  Who will be the star of the World Cup?

I hope it will be a Spaniard.

11.  What is the most boring thing about a World Cup?

The days that… the training camp, especially on days when there aren’t any games on TV.

12.  What will you bring to pass the time?

A computer.

13.  How many pairs of boots will you bring?

I still don’t know, I have to talk with Adidas, but I suppose five or six pairs.

14.  Which teammate do you spend the most time with?

With Pepe Reina, especially playing cards.  Pocha.

15.  Which teammate is the most unbearable one?

(Laughs).  Unbearable?  No one, but… (laughs) there’s nothing left to say.

16.  Why should we have faith in this team?

Because we believe in this team, because we’ve been playing well, because we have hope and because we believe we have all the conditions to do it.


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  1. “The prettiest one… was the one from the Confederations Cup.”
    Agreed, Dahveed! That jersey was indeed the prettiest one. -nods-
    Now, the jersey with the star gets top position.

  2. nice! thanks for the translation, unamadridista! i love your blog soooo much!! *and your madrid blog too* thank you and keep the good work!

  3. After all of the “Pelota al suelo” interviews his answer to –9. Which team is the favorite to win the World Cup? –“To be sincere, I don’t really care” ha!

  4. I love that he picked one of his own goals as his favourite. No false modesty there. :)

  5. what a great interview like the rest of them..this team is incredible and so are you Una thanks for all the stuff you post!!

  6. Ahahaha, I can just imagine Pepe playing cards!

    Thanks for all this, Una!

  7. lol, david villa was the star of the world cup.
    daveeed, te amo

  8. gahhh, i love this guy to bits! ♥♥♥

    thanks for this! :) i watched the vid before this was posted and i could not understand a thing. :(
    so thank youuuu! :)

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