pelota al suelo – David Silva

With the end of the international break, we go back to the “Pelota al suelo” series!

David Silva is unexpectedly quite chatty during his interview, despite his memory failing him at some points!  He’s adorable!  And he can also give Andrés Iniesta a serious run for his money in the “la verdad es que” department.

1. What is the first World Cup that you remember?

The first one that I remember was the one with Luis Enrique, and Julio Salinas had an opportunity but in the end it wasn’t to be and Italy won.

2.  An image of Spain in the World Cup?

I think it was the game against Nigeria, when the ball went past Zubi, something like that.  I can’t remember things right now, I don’t know why…

3.  Which national team game do you remember the best?

After the final [I’m assuming he’s speaking of the 2008 Eurocopa], when they blew the whistle for the end of the game, seeing the people so happy…

4.  Which national team shirt is the prettiest one?

I think it has always been the red one, because [David makes a cute noise] that’s the one people identify the national team with.  But the gold one from the Eurocopa, it brought me luck, I have good memories of that shirt.

5. An unforgettable goal of Spain in the World Cup.

The goal of Goikoetxea was during a World Cup?  The one with the (makes a gesture).  (Nods).

6. Why has Spain never won a World Cup?

I don’t know.  There’s a lot of rivalry, it’s complicated, anything can happen during a World Cup.  I hope we win it this year (laughs).

7.  Which rival in the first round is the most difficult one?

On paper, it’s Chile, but you have to be careful with Switzerland and Honduras as well.  Any rival in the World Cup is difficult.

8.  Which team is the favorite to win the World Cup?

I think Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, Brazil… I think the great teams will always be there, but later on I’m sure there will be a surprise.

9.  Who will be the star of the World Cup?

I hope that it will be one of my teammates, someone from Spain, because that will mean that we went far in the tournament.

10.  How many pairs of boots will you bring?

I still don’t know, but we’ll bring some, to avoid any surprises later on, it also depends on the states of the fields, but two or three.

11.  What is the most boring thing about a World Cup?

I think it’s the hours that you spend doing nothing, the training camp is long, but that’s why we bring a lot of things to amuse ourselves.

12.  What will you bring in your suitcase?

Toiletries – a toothbrush, toothpaste, the things that I always bring.

13.  Which teammate do you spend the most time with?

I think here, with the team there are groups, because some like doing one thing, and others something else, but we always change around depending on what we feel like doing.  But the truth is there is a great group and a great atmosphere.  We play pocha or poker, a bit of everything, and we also have TV series, books that we bring, we bring a bit of everything, because there’s a lot of spare time.

14.  Which teammate is the most unbearable one?

Unbearable?  There’s no one.  Right now there are ones that make you laugh, like Joan.  Joan and Santi are always joking around and doing stupid things, and the truth is there is a great atmosphere and they help contribute to that.

15.  Why should we have faith in this team?

Because we have a great dynamic, and everything is going… the truth is things are favoring us right now and we hope to take advantage of that.  The truth is the World Cup is very complicated, but if everything goes well and the people have a lot of confidence, the truth is that it’s the moment to do well.

[See?  He used three “la verdad es que” three times in one answer, which was only made up of two sentences.]


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  1. Silva! Didn’t see this coming <3
    The "la verdad es que" thing must be a side-effect of his sudden chattiness :)
    Una, you make my day, as always.

  2. “I think it has always been the red one, because [David makes a cute noise] that’s the one people identify the national team with. But the gold one from the Eurocopa, it brought me luck, I have good memories of that shirt.”
    Not gonna lie, I’m totally going to watch the interview just to hear the cute noise. xD
    Thanks for the translation! <3

  3. I love Silva! Thanks for posting this. And that is a lot of “la verdad es que”s….

  4. Oh, how I love David Silva. Such underrated talent…I’m not a city fan but I so badly want him to do well with Manchester. And I want him to shave that mustache/goatee thing he’s got going on =)

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