David Villa is a true champion

As some readers pointed out (¡gracias!), David Villa provided some major updates to his Facebook page yesterday, after having abandoned it for two months.  Here is what he said about the national team, I love that he wrote a special message of support for Pepe Reina!

– what can I say to you about the World Cup!  It was the most important moment of my career, not only for the achievement such a great sporting success but also for being able to make the fans of Spain so happy.  The reception in Madrid was incredible, as was the affection I received in Asturias, in Barcelona, and in the entire country.  I’ll never forget it.  Thank you very much!

– we have just returned from playing with the national team after a few strange days.  Everything went well in the game against Liechtenstein.  It was important to begin the qualification for the Eurocopa on a good foot and we played well and scored.  Everything according to plan!  Things weren’t so good with Argentina…

– even though it was a friendly, it was an important game because the Argentine national team is a daunting opponent that always wants to play well.  They did play very well, but I also believe we didn’t play too badly either.  The team always shows up, Cazorla hit the post once, and me twice, and we had a lot of opportunities, but the result was pretty painful.

– I would like to send out a big hug and a message of support to my friend Reina.  He didn’t have luck on Tuesday, but he is without doubt one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he’s also an incredible person and a great friend.  He’s done a lot for this group in the last few years and I’m sure he’ll continue to show his quality with the national team for a long time.

– another thing I want to tell you is how happy receiving the Príncipe de Asturias award as a member of the national team has made me.  I’m thrilled to be able to win it with such an exceptional group, and also for the link it has to my home province.

The message for Pepe wasn’t the only nice thing that David Villa did.  As you know, he comes from a mining family (his father, several uncles, grandfather and great-grandfather were all miners), and so he knows first hand about the suffering that that can cause.  Thus, the story of the 33 trapped miners in Chile touched him deeply and he decided to send two signed jerseys to the miners.  The one on the right says, “keep your spirits up, miners!” to which David added, “a lot of strength and encouragement (mucha fuerza y muchos ánimos).


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  1. Thanks for the translation Una! I love his comments especially about Pepe. Another example of how great this team is as a whole and how the players are trully a family as Iker says.
    And a great insight to how the players have not forgotten their roots. Villa is a top example! He remains humble with his greatness. A very nice gesture for the Chilean miners.

    Can’t wait for Oct when they are all back together again!

  2. David is an amazing player and person.
    I really love him!

  3. Villa has been one of my favorite players for some time. Primarily because he stayed with Sporting for so long before going “big” and moving to Barca. He is geniune and a phenomenal player. And yes, on this site I can admit, he is very, very handsome!

    • I think you mean Valencia? While he did play 3 seasons on the first team at Sporting de Gijon, I don’t think that signing for Real Zaragoza would be considered a “big” move by any stretch. Agreed on his being genuine, phenomenal and drop-dead gorgeous though!

  4. It’s hard not to like Villa. Besides being a wonderful player, he’s such a good person and what he did for the miners is touching. Any kind of help is needed by those victims and their families. I wish them well.

  5. What a wonderful, loving, supportive man! I’ve followed him for a long time and I’ve always been struck by his humility and love for his friends and family.

    It is so like him to reach out to those miners. You may not know that his father was also involved in an accident in the mine he worked at, which led to his retirement, so this is really something close to his heart.

  6. Wow he is such an amazing person… always been one of my faverouties and stories like this make me just love him more!!! :)

  7. I think what I like best about this Spanish team is just how genuinely nice they seem to be. And Villa just epitomizes that.

  8. Thank you very much for the translation. I just did rely on Google Translate to get to understand his message while reading it on his FB page :-)

    Those two signed jerseys has moved me. How thoughtful he is! I really luv him!

  9. I went directly to his FB as soon as I read this and the most amazing thing happened! I actually understood what he posted!!!!! and that’s coming from someone who only speaks/understands very basic Spanish!!!
    And his message to Pepe made me cry. He’s seriously one of the most amazing people I know. Just out of this world AMAZING. I think Ive officially become a fan for life.

  10. it’s offtopic, but I found it few minutes ago and HAVE to share, it’s from Eurocopa, but great too:

    this with Xavi is soo cool (I wish I could understand everything:P)


    • I have no words. I am assuming this man is a television personality and not a crazy stalker. And WHAT did Xavi do with the video camera he gave him? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

      Thanks for this!

  11. Thanks for the translation! I had gotten the gist of it from facebook, but glad to read the complete translation. I knew he’d be there for Pepe. And thinking of the miners is great. He is a true champion. Villa is my favorite! I was spoiled by dating a guy who looked just like him.

  12. it’s true that i don’t know a whole a lot about this mining accident… but what good would 2 jerseys do for 33 miners? just curious…

    • i was thinking that too but i guess just the act of giving anything is a huge act of support that can lift anyone’s spirits, and those miners sure need all the moral support they can get. they know that someone famous is thinking of them is great boost to them. they’ve been down there in a pocket of air for more than a month. any bit helps.

      • And they’re going to wait there until the rescue people can get them out because they’re under over 600 meters of dirt and rocks. I think it’s pretty effin AWESOME that David sent them that. At least to make things look a little bit more colorful…

    • yeah, as Lugifer said, those 2 jerseys will make those poor miners know that they are not alone; there are still someone outside who give them support and encourage them to fight with those frustrated condition. It just a sign to show that you care for someone; for their existences. :-)

    • Also, one of the miners is a former member of Chile’s international football team, so the gesture would mean a lot to him. The worst thing about those mens’ situation isn’t the physical conditions they have to endure, it is the isolation from the outside world. It would be easy for them to sink into depression and lethargy. This will help them feel that people around the world are thinking of and praying for them. It’s the same reason famous athletes visit kids in the hospital–to raise their spirits.

  13. Villa is not only an amazing player but an incredible human being!

  14. This blog is just great thanks for all the time and effort you put into it to kep a little roja fan like me living in malaysia up to date with whats going on with Los Campeones :)

    keep the good stuff coming


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