in case you missed it – Argentina vs. Spain

In case you missed it – Argentina vs. Spain [2010-09-07].

Well, it wasn’t the best game if you are a fan of La Roja, and especially if you’re a fan of Pepe Reina.  So let’s not dwell on the game moments!  Instead, we’ll shift our focus to shirtless footballers, bad hairstyles and lots and lots of abrazos!

One. Xabi was the captain – and looked every inch of it – with Iker and Xavi on the bench.  Piqué, meanwhile, used an entire tube of gel in his hair before the game.  Here they are during Spain’s national anthem.  The bad thing about an anthem like Spain’s not having words is that you never know when it ends.  It appears that the anthem was repeated twice, or close to twice before the game!  Did anybody else catch that?  It just went on and on.

Two. Xavi gave us a few laughs with his dance moves stretching technique before the Liechtenstein game, and during this game it was the turn of Carlos Marchena.  Love the kick at the end!  And David Villa really takes warming up his arms seriously!  Same with Cesc and his waist.

Three. The pregame handshake thing saw a lot of hugs between former and current teammates.  Here we have current Barcelona teammates Leo Messi and Geri Piqué, and former Liverpool teammates Álvaro Arbeloa and Javier Mascherano.

Four. Leo also hugged Andrés Iniesta before the game.  Meanwhile, I loved the moment when their Barcelona teammate Víctor Valdés took to the field.  He came in for Pepe Reina at the half, and was already on the field having warmed up.  But then he had to jog back to the center sideline in order to be subbed in officially, which he thought was a bit ridiculous.

Five. The variety of hairstyles on the Argentine team – they ranged from classic hairstyles to fashion hairstyles to mullets (looking at you coach!) to sleek and smooth to no hairstyle because there isn’t any hair to curly mops to a fried mess.  There were more awful hairstyles than good ones on this team.

Six. The game itself didn’t provide too many good moments, but the players did – capitán Xabi and Fernando with his tight, tight shirt – so tight I can imagine where his belly button is – helped to ease the pain a bit.

Seven. As did our bench, since some of my favorite players were there.  Pedro looks like his legs were too short to reach the ground, so he had to stick them straight out.  And Fernando Llorente looks like he needs more leg room.  Víctor and Iker look like they shared two outfits, since Víctor’s in the blue shirt and green shorts and Iker’s in the green shirt and blue shorts.

Eight. Best part of the game was once again after the game, when shirts came off and hugs were doled out.  Piqué and Andrés d’Alessandro exchanged shirts (bonus Piqué here), and Carlos Marchena hugged and talked with former Valencia teammate Éver Banega.  Víctor Valdés shared a moment with club teammate Gaby Milito (wishing him a happy birthday perhaps?) and some Argentine player managed to get Xavi to take off his shirt.  What a great guy.

Nine. And someone got Iker’s shirt, even though Iker didn’t play during the game.  My first thought was that it was Pipita, but then I saw Esteban Cambiasso (remember, he’s a canterano and played several years with Real Madrid) wearing it.  However, I think Iker ended up with Gonzalo’s shirt (and Cambiasso’s) nevertheless.  Meanwhile, the screencap on the top row, right is the only glimpse of Iker from the game, and even then it was a blink and you’ll miss it moment.

Ten. Because they brought us a lot of joy yesterday, bonus La Rojita screencaps from the game against Poland, with an extra dose of Sergio Canales because (1) he’s cute, (2) he has great hair and (3) he scored the goal.  Click pics to enlarge!

Juan Mata and Javi Martínez.  Like Juan before him, Javi looks much younger when he’s with this team.  Maybe it’s because he got a haircut?

Víctor Ruiz, Thiago, Diego Capel and Roberto Canella.

Sergio Canales.

The best hair on La Rojita – Dani Parejo and Bojan.

César Azpilicueta, Ander Herrera, the goal celebration and coach Luis Milla.  I included the coach because I thought his profile looks almost exactly the same as Raúl’s – they have the same nose and the same hair.  FYI, they played together for a handful of years with Real Madrid in the mid-1990s.


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  1. “I included the coach because I thought his profile looks almost exactly the same as Raúl’s – they have the same nose and the same hair.”
    Oho, so I’m not the only one imagining things! He really does look like Raúl!
    Aww, I love the lovefest going on between the Argentines & the Spaniards!

  2. OMG, OMG!!! Shirtless Xavi!!! That NEVER happens! Thank you, anonymous Argentinian!

    And yeah, the Argentinian team always seems to have hair issues. *rolls eyes*

  3. I can’t believe Xavi took off his shirt!!!!! it’s like christmas had arrive early…..:P

  4. Iker I love you for making Pipita pull off his shirt!!! O=)

    LOL @Pedro for the short legs pic. Haha had to laugh so hard!

    Thank you so much Una!!!! that lifts a bit from the bitter flavour.

    And Sergio C is indeed cute. Hes totally won me over with his smile! =D

    And Milla :O indeed looks like Raul…. never realized that!

  5. I feel soooo soo sorry for Pepe Reina, he’s one of the best but this is the second time something happened to him this year and it must be really painful for him.

    A shirtless Xavi and a goal by Fernando Llorente eases the pain a little though.

  6. Thank you so much for all the La Roja and La Rojita updates – it’s one of the things I look forward to everyday! And shirtless Xavi is always welcome :)

  7. Haha I laughed at Marchena when he did that at the start, very can-can, no? And I was soo happy to see Xabi as captain! :D To be honest, YES I’m quite a bit biased, but wasn’t that game missing a great deal of Ramos-ness? Nonetheless, I’m gad he was spared and rested, but no shirtless Sergio left me alone and empty by the end of the game.. I suppose a special appearance of shirtless Xavi makes up for it ;)
    Hot dang.. Llorente’s shirt is SKINTIGHT!
    And I wish they captured more shots of the guys on the bench; you could see them regularly in the background but there weren’t any closeups of them :(

    • the stringers need experience. they can never up their game if they never get to play. and if they continue to play like that, there’s a long queue of hopefuls that can take their place.

      what vdb may have not realized is that arg prepared well for them. esp wasnt able to play their possession game. also battista is still auditioning for his job. he has until dec to prove himself. plus arg has a huge chip on their shoulder for having receiving a thumping on their way out of the world cup. they wanted to prove that they can beat the champions.

      • It’s true that everyone needs to play and that everyone in La Roja actually deserves to as well. I just can’t help but root for my favorite player. If it was up to me, I’d have him playing ALL the time, but that’s just unrealistic and it doesn’t benefit him nor the team. Yet a girl can only dream :)
        Yes, I noticed how the Spaniards just couldn’t keep possession; it’s obviously frustrating to watch but to be honest, the Argentines were out for blood and they weren’t going to led the World Champions get in their way.
        I think when you really want your team to win, you view the game through rose colored glasses, and you really don’t want to consider the difficult and slightly unlucky circumstances that La Roja were facing (as you mentioned above).
        I’m positive that the team will learn from their mistakes, and that the only way to go is forwards.

  8. LOL love this post so random and hilar..thanks for easing my pain.. :’)

  9. Canales wears the same no as the real sergio.. :P

  10. I enjoyed the game afterall though
    I mean of course with all the great things that came out of it, which most of them you put on here,
    It was great lol
    I laughed so hard at poor Pedro and his short legs and then Llorente and his long legs lol
    Love them both
    Then our la rojita are so adorable I love them all :)
    Thank you for the post
    It made my day :)

  11. The game yesterday was painful (as everyone has said, poor Pepe! I hope he is able to move on from this and the arsenal game mistake and have a great season w/ Liverpool…) but the rare sight of shirtless Xavi took a little bit of the sting away! Also, God bless Piqué for always being so obliging with the shirt removal, haha :)

    That being said, I hope we don’t see many more matches without Xavi starting in the center and Iker at goal (and Puyi and Sergio in their usual defensive places as well.) You could reeeeeally tell the difference :(

  12. A shirtless Xavi…yay! A shirtless Higuain as well. Good eye on Iker’s and VV’s outfits. I would have never have caught it!

    I hope Villa cheered up Pepe on the flight home.

  13. Where can we see more pictures of shirtless xavi? Because. That. Never. Happens.

  14. Awww both Sergio’s wear 15! That’s too adorable.

  15. Does anyone know what the Arg. NT was giving to the SNT during the handshakes? Something black and rectangular. You can see Messi holding it in the pic with Pique. In the actual game you could see them holding them during the anthem and then each of them gave theirs to a Spanish player.

  16. hehe Canales does wear the same number as Sergio…I’m sad that Marchena’s 56 never-lose-a-game streak has ended. Any more shirtless Pipita pics =)?

  17. More power to your blog! It always makes my day. Love, love La Roja!

  18. i’m happy valdes got to play, and he was great imo :)

    hope to see puyi at their next match! watching the two games without him was tough for me :)

  19. Pepe – YNWA!!

  20. Valdes smiling!! He looks sooo adorable!!

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