Tuesday’s good & bad results

At last the international break is over, which means that my sleeping schedule can go back to normal!

The La Rojita result was good, the La Roja one not so good.  Let’s start with the good stuff, and put the bad stuff after the break, so you don’t have to see it unless you want to!

Sergio Canales scored the game winner as Spain beat Poland 1-0.  His goal was quite ingenious – watch it here – but as you can see, this wasn’t the first time that he and Thiago had attempted something like that.  They had scored in this way just two months ago, when they were playing with the U-19 team in the Euro championship.  It was the idea of Ander Herrera to repeat the play, which they call “la picadita,” on Tuesday.  Thiago said, “it was a play that we had done with the U-19 team, it worked out well for us and we wanted to try it again.”  Maybe Poland should have studied more Spanish highlight reels…

With the win, Spain will enter into the second qualification round, which will determine the seven teams (out of 14) that will dispute the U-21 Euro along with hosts Denmark next year.  The draw for that round will take place on Sept. 10 and the games will be played Oct. 10-13.  The Eurocopa tournament will determine the teams that get to play in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Too bad the players now have to return to their club teams, because I can really see them rewarded for this with more time at spas and beaches

Juan Mata tweeted about the game after, saying, “we suffered but we did it!  We had to win two out of two (games) and that’s what we did… fantastic strategic goal of Canales.  On our way back to Spain, hugs!!”

Meanwhile, La Roja lost 1-4 to Argentina at El Monumental.  Fernando Llorente scored Spain’s lone goal, which was a pure Spain style goal.  Other game notes: with this defeat, Carlos Marchena’s streak of 56 games without a loss ended.  Xabi was the captain in the absence of Iker and Xavi.  And the game must have left such a bad taste in their mouths that Álvaro Arbeloa remained quiet on twitter after it, though Cesc did tweet.

The best part of the game came before and after, when the players were exchanging hugs and shirts, since so many of them are current or former teammates.  I might do an “in case you missed it’ just for those non-game moments.

And just so we can end on a happy note, here’s more regarding the team winning the Príncipe de Asturias award: they were congratulated by the Spanish national basketball team, themselves the winners in 2006 after they took home the equivalent of the World Cup for basketball (they’re currently trying to defend the title).  Sergio Llull said that the team “deserved it for winning the Eurocopa, the World Cup and for making football history.”  Meanwhile, Jorge Garbajosa said the team earned the award for “allowing 40 million plus Spaniards to enjoy themselves” and for “the values they impart, such as group work.”  Ricky Rubio added that the team “has shown that they’re not only the best and they win, but they play beautiful football and that’s important for the fans.”  And Prince Felipe himself said he was “happy” that the team won his award, since he believes they meet all the requirements for it.


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  1. good it was just a friendly bt still 4:1 is a bit high …those guys need to get their act together a bit more play around less in training and realize that every team out there wants to beat them now simply cause they are campeones….I hope they focus more in the next matches, friendly ones or not and try to kep their -loses- to a minimum ….

  2. congratulations to la rojita, hope they continue their good spell for a long time :)

    and i feel bad for pepe…what with that arsenal blunder probably still fresh in his memory :(
    but all of them were culpable anyway…should have taken this match seriously (friendly or no) especially against a national team that was hungry to redeem itself in the eyes of its homebase…

    still, hopefully this would serve as yet another one of those wake up calls for our la roja boys and motivate them in the future. we love you but this simply wasn’t your day…

    and now, to make *me* feel oodles better, i’m gonna spend the next few minutes trawling through the last few weeks’ pictures of them when they were all happy =P

  3. are there no children in argentina?

  4. I think they didnt deserve loosing so high. They played even goos over wide phases of the game and had 3 posts hit. But well that are stories the football writes. I feel with them. =(

    Happy for Sergio C. and great that Poland havnt seen replays. hehe!!! So loving that trick and awesome it worked out again! YAAAAAY!

    My congrats for the Principe de Asturias! WELL DESERVED!

  5. they played really well in the second half but it was too late… at the beginning of the match their minds were anywhera BUT the match… well losing is sometimes a good reality check, hope its just that.

  6. I watched La Rojita’s match, and was pretty impressed with how they handled things. Sergio’s goal was lovely, and it was nice to see the future “big boys.”

    Then I had to turn off my computer at halftime of Spain-Argentina, because I just couldn’t watch any longer. After the third goal from Argentina, I felt SO bad for Pepe, and for the whole team, and it was absolutely painful. Llorente’s goal was classic Spain, and truly a thing of beauty, but talk about “too little, too late”!

    I’m just glad it was a “friendly”.

  7. Please do an “in case you missed it’ please, thanks! Would love to see photo stills of club team mates exchanging shirts or saying hi to each other after the match…

    Really sad they lost 4-1 though…actually, I feel sorry for Pepe’s mistake. He must feel quite upset now.

  8. I still cant wrap my head around the fact that La Roja lost. but what’s done is done. Im trying my best to come to terms with it now. Im sure the team will learn from this and I hope this will give them more drive and motivation to win in their future games.

  9. I, like many others, also found this game awful to watch. In my opinion, the score should have been 2-2 bearing in mind Villa’s goal post hits and Argentina’s horrible third goal.
    I only wanted to see Iker on the pitch to be on the safe side, and I wanted to see our typical line up which would obviously never happen since Puyi couldn’t play.
    I have no resentment towards Pepe whatsoever. Even the best of us slip up at times (no pun intended). It was even worse that whilst I was grieving with pain, my brother (Arsenal fan) was dying with laughter after watching history repeat itself..
    Last but not least, congrats La Rojita! Sergio’s goal put a big smile on my face :)

  10. i feel sorry for pepe..as a liverpool fan,i freaked out considering this might affect his perfomance at the league..i hope he’ll bounce back asap.be strong pepe!btw,this result makes me feel really bad..i mean,i’m afraid we cant see playful spaniard during their training anymore….*run away crying*

  11. I sooooooo want to give Pepe a big hug right now. :(

  12. We all pine the loss and feel terribly for Pepe. The truth of the matter is, they didn’t have the full starting team on the pitch and Argentina did. Argentina came with the big guns and La Roja came with Monreal (my husband said ‘Who?’). It was very easy to see the gaps created by the absence of Serge and Xavi. And, of course, knowing Iker’s technique, he would have proved himself, yet again, in those same circumstances.

  13. I’ve been an Albiceleste fan longer than I have been a la roja fan but I was definitely still shocked by the 4-1 scoreline. Happy that both Messi and Higuain scored though and felt terrible for Pepe. If Casillas and Sergio had played, would it have been different? Probably, but I have a feeling that Argentina would’ve still won, what with home advantage, the return of Zanetti and Cambiasso and the end of Maradona as coach (I love him, but thank god…)…but still I would’ve been so happy with a tie, or a 2-1 or something. I almost felt like a traitor for cheering for Argentina before the game, despite the fact that I’ve been cheering for Argentina since ’98 and Spain only since ’06…=(

  14. Please please please please please do the “In case you missed it..” they cut the transmission right after they showed the golden surfaces of Piqué’s abs… I’m really really really in need of more material!!!!

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