training at El Monumental

The training session yesterday at El Monumental looked more like a training session and less like a school excursion, but there were still plenty of good moments!  These included the captain and the coach talking, and Sergio Ramos. Really, sometimes, the only thing you need for a good moment is a hot footballer, with the flowing hair an added bonus.

Following the training session, the team made their way to the presidential palace, where Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner received them.  She received a signed shirt and a commemorative plaque, and they got handshakes.  While the players were waiting around, they reverted back to their schoolboy alter egos, with their matching uniforms and the joking around (quietly).

Question: who was the third Barcelona forward in the World Cup?  The president’s son had told her to congratulate VDB for using the “three Barcelona forwards” in the World Cup.  I only count 1.5 Barcelona forwards in South Africa, since to me David Villa was at the World Cup due to his stellar performances with Valencia.

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  1. Erm… as far as I know there was only Pedro, yeah? Is she maybe counting Iniesta as a forward?

    *is confused*

  2. “the only thing you need for a good moment is a hot footballer”

    You got that right! :-p

    (However, flowing hair is required. It kinda cuts down on my choices, but I don’t mind.)

  3. iker, what are you thinking while the president is speaking? :)

  4. Oh I love actual training photos, with their cute little furrowed brows and concentrating faces *ahem* not to mention bulging muscles at full throttle ;)
    Awww Iker and VDB having a serious chat! Iker looks like he’s “the man for the job” y’know? :D

  5. seems to me you’ve been giving some inside hater comments against barcelona players.. which is weird cause halph the team are from barcelona…

    • Where are the hater comments I’ve been giving? In this post, all I said was that David Villa’s accomplishments with Valencia shouldn’t be discounted, since the World Cup took place before he ever put on a Barcelona shirt.

    • Now that’s uncalled for. Una is obviously a fan of Real Madrid but I have never seen anything anti-Barca on this blog, and in fact she has expressed her admiration for several Barcelona players.

      As for David Villa, yes he was technically signed with Barcelona before the World Cup, but his place on the national team has been long established, based on his work with Valencia. (However, you can’t dispute that Villa’s style of play is and has been very Barca-esque. He fits right in.)

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