La Roja wins the Príncipe de Asturias del Deporte award

The Spanish national football will be awarded the Príncipe de Asturias award for sports this year, following its conquest of the world!  They were the unanimous winners, beating out mountain climbers and runners and handball players.

The award will be presented in Oviedo on Oct. 22.  I’m assuming that Iker and VDB will go pick it up, but it would be nice to have David Villa and Juanín Mata there too!

And looking back at this picture of Prince Felipe with the national team reminds me of how excited I was when that event took place, because Spain was just about to start its World Cup bid and I had such high hopes for them!


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  1. Why can’t the entire team meet up and receive the award? :(
    You gotta love that suit on Nando. It looked good on Valdes as well.

  2. Of course my eyes went straight to Xavi in this picture (sigh), but how gorgeous does Javi Martinez look in that suit as well? Actually the whole photo is a feast for the eyes!

  3. Una, cuold you, pls, explain why you mention Mata and Villa? Do they live in Ovieda?:)

    They really deserve this award!!! I’m so glad for them!:)

  4. yes, please! David Villa and Juanin Mata too! :)

  5. There is nothing better than our guys in suits!!
    I’d be ok if the world ended now
    They’re too adorable :)

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