Andrés Iniesta at Olé

I seem to be spending half my life this week translating interviews with Andrés Iniesta – there was the Cuatro video, then an interview with Sport, another with El Periódico, then came El País and now we have Olé!  But then again, he is the most popular guy in Spain, and it seems in Argentina too!  And perhaps in this blog as well, no?

Andrés starts off by telling the interviewer that he called Gaby Milito to say hi, and because his birthday was yesterday (Sunday).  He was surprised to find out that Gaby’s birthday is actually Tuesday!  We also find out that Andrés has never tried mate, that he likes Estopa and La Oreja de Van Gogh, his mother’s chicken with potatoes (but we already knew that, didn’t we?), and the color green.  He would also like to improve his English and he’s also determined to get a degree in physical education.  We got Sergio’s book recommendation the other day, and Andrés’ is La sombra del viento by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, his preferred author – I adore that book and recommend it too!  And he loves movies starring Denzel Washington, and describes himself as “a very normal person.”

UPDATE: a lot of people have asked about the kid but the article doesn’t say who he is, just that his name is Agustín, that he was wearing an Argentina kit, and that Andrés joked about how Agustín stopped crying when he picked him up.

Q:  Do you all feel loved in Argentina?  Were you surprised to see 3,000 people in La Bombonera attending the practice session?

A:  It was very nice.  We had heard from people and from the press that we were very loved in Argentina, and to be honest, it was nice.  Coming to Argentina, training in the field of Boca, playing in the stadium of River… I don’t think it will ever happen again.  So I’ll enjoy it.

Q:  La Bombonera is the house of Riquelme.  Are you still in contact with him?

A:  Of course.  I’ve had the luck of sharing a locker room with him, and watching him play is a beautiful thing.  I’m in contact with him, and we’ll see if today or tomorrow we can get together, because we have to exchange a few things.

Q:  He asked you for a shirt for his kids?

A:  Through Puyol.  Román was in contact with Puyi, and he told me that Riquelme wanted to get in touch with me because his son wanted a shirt, and from then on we’ve talked every once in a while.

Q:  Did you that JR would be at the game?

A:  Really?  We hope that he and all the fans that come to the game will get to see a great game.  There will be a great atmosphere in the stands.

Q:  What do you know about the Argentine league?  Do you follow it?

A:  I don’t follow it too much, but I pay attention when Leo and Gaby talk about it.

Q:  Will you ask Messi for his shirt?

A:  (Laughs).  We already exchanged shirts at El Calderón, because now Leo has 10,000 requests for it, haha.  If we can, we’ll exchange shirts.  If not, it’s ok, since I see him everyday in Barcelona… Leo is unique, he creates disequilibrium, he can win games.  In the World Cup, you could see how different he was.

Q:  Are you excited about facing him?

A:  I prefer having him as a teammate, that’s clear.

Q:  Is the national team Barça?

A:  No.  There are a lot of players from Barcelona on the team, but we’re a national team.

Q:  Del Bosque said in the pregame chat before the final that you all were football romantics?

A:  It was a great moment.  It was a very short talk; there’s not much you can say before a game like that, and then we came out and did the best we could, and we won the Cup.  The míster always know what to say in each moment.  He said that, and not much else.

Q:  Can this Spain team be remembered like Brazil 1970 and the Netherlands of 1974?

A:  I hope so.  It’s difficult to win a Eurocopa and a World Cup together, and this group is young and has a lot of years left.  It would be tremendous to write another page in history.


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  1. I didn’t think I could love Iniesta anymore, but I do. I love his interviews, they’re just so so sweet.

  2. i loooooove iniesta! thanks for translating all his interviews :)

    btw, la sombra del viento is puyi’s book recommendation, too :)

  3. The baby looks EXTREMELY happy that Iniesta is holding him :). I’m sure I’d be as happy, too LOL. CUTE!
    Whose baby is it btw?

  4. More Iniesta, more! :)

    Do you have the link for the original interview?

  5. His interview with El Pais was SO ADORABLE omg he is such a dork!!! I am prolly going to translate it as well if only because of his adorkable Newton joke, que precioso, Andres <3

  6. Who’s the kid? Or they just used a random kid to take the picture?
    Andrés’ so lovely <3

  7. After reading all these interviews, I know why Pepe Reina called him, Sweet Sweet Iniesta when announcing the World Cup campeones.

  8. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Who is the baby?

  9. For anyone who is interested, La Sombra del Viento in english is The Shadow of the Wind. And it is amazing.

  10. nice interview… do you know who the boy iniesta’s with in the photo is?

  11. sorry that was horribly written… who’s the boy with Iniesta in the photo?

  12. Riquelme!! I miss him on the national team so much…Might have to write down the name of that book and look it up sometime…

  13. Oh man the book sounds promising! Is there an English publication?

    • Yes, it’s called The Shadow of the Wind in English. By the way, Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s latest is called El Juego del Ángel / The Angel’s Game and it is a prequel of The Shadow of the Wind. It’s also takes place in Barcelona, but in the 1920-1930s.

  14. “and that Andrés joked about how Agustín stopped crying when he picked him up.”

    Of course he did, Andres is a gusiluz! :)

  15. Awwwwwww Andresito looks AMAZING with a baby in his arms…
    I’ve officially melted… ^^

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