the La Bombonera twitter update

Stop the presses, Sergio Ramos is alive on twitter!!!  We got two – that’s TWO (2) – tweets yesterday AND a photo!  He’s spoiling us!

On the left, he says, “hi friends, I’m going to go rest, although it’s a bit difficult with the jet lag. Today we trained in the field of Boca Juniors, which I had wanted to do.”  And on the right, “I leave you all with a photo of La Bombonera with the 12 in the background… kisses and good night…”

And here is of course the first photo in weeks!  None of the other four musketeers are in sight, but Sergio still uses the four musketeers pose!

Real Madrid fans: is it me, or does Sergio look kind of like Sami Khedira here?

Meanwhile, the other two musketeers on this trip had their own thing going on.  They also posed in front of the “12” and even reproduced it with their fingers!  Adorable!  I wonder who thought of doing that… By the way, the “12” represents a fan society of Boca known as la doce (the 12), alluding to it being the 12th player (the 12th man of a football team), and they sit in that section.

From Álvaro, we also find out why La Roja was training at La Bombonera.  Since the game is being played in El Monumental of River, the players requested that they be able to train in the stadium of Boca so that they could experience the stadiums of both of these great teams.  The team will train in El Monumental today.

Here are Arbeloa’s tweets from yesterday.  Left: “ready to start training in La Bombonera.  With Xabi Alonso here at the 12 of Boca.”  Right: “no, we’re playing in El Monumental of River.  That’s why we asked to train in La Bombonera.”

And Cesc was obliging to us too, with this photo shared via twitter!  He called training in the stadium a “great experience.”


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  1. i just found this video it is so cute and funny, iker and pique

  2. Lots of adorable pictures today! :-D I wonder why Sergio didn’t join the other two musketeers? Trouble in paradise? Or is he just hanging with Navas 24/7 again?

    Sergio does look scarily like Sami these days, especially with the new hair and the lack of shaving. I’m envisioning some bonding sessions involving deep conditioning treatments and complicated discussions about headband usage in the very near future for those two. Sami can even implement his new Spanish vocab: “champú, acondicionador, gomina” (very important words, no?).

    In conclusion: yay for more tweets from everyone! (And Sergio, please reference my list of suggestions if you ever feel at a loss for ideas.)

  3. agree on sergio ramos-khedira observation. i’ve always thought sergio ramos head and hair (esp when parted in the middle) is the same as that of khedira’s. in fact, i think his twitter photo is like a blond/fairer khedira.

    best hairdo of ramos for me is the ponytail. i dont know but THAT just catches my eye every time.

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