fun at La Bombonera

(Is the school dance about to start?)

I hesitate to call it “training” since the boys seemed to be really enjoy themselves yesterday!  And ok, I’ve only chosen pictures of them clowning around instead of training, but the training pictures were boring!  In the ones I’ve chosen, we get to see once again how much fun the team has together, how well they get along, and of course, their smiles!  El País characterized the session as “touristic training,” and even the RFEF described them like this: “parecían un grupo de amigos en el patio del colegio” (they seemed to be a group of friends out on the patio of the high school).  And, part of the training session consisted of them chasing each other around, as well as making groups of two, three, four.

The Spanish national team trained at La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors, yesterday afternoon.  Iker Casillas received the most applause when he appeared, although the crowd gathered at the stadium welcomed each player with cheers.  This was the first time in 32 years that the Spanish national team had stepped foot in Argentina – the last time was the 1978 World Cup.

I also love this one.  Some seem to have more of a sense of balance than others.

And lastly, the president of Boca Juniors presented Iker, VDB and the RFEF delegates with a Boca shirt.  The shirt had the number “10” on the back and said “champions of the world.”  The Spanish delegation gave to Boca a plaque commemorating the visit of the Spanish national team to La Bombonera, as well as a shirt signed by all of the players.

Other (serious) pictures can be found over at the RFEF site or daylife!


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  1. it looks so much fun! Ahhh its so great these guys have such good relations. Awesome!

    a few more pics here:

  2. I love these sorts of training photos! It looks like *such* hard work! :-p It’s like recess for big kids!

    Navas next to Llorente is… such an awkwardly adorable order. Jesús is just SO tiny!

    And that group shot where they’re all attempting to balance on one food just cracks me up – it reminds me of figure skating, because when you first learn how to do spirals and camel spins, it’s very common to get that sort of bent-leg, toe-pointed-down, struggling-bird look. (Thus the name “camel,” as Iker is demonstrating!) Any idea what the reason for that particular exercise might be?

    • One foot. Not one food. Standing on any sort of food would be even more hilarious as a method of training.

      • That’s hilarious! I think you may be my favourite commenter here. *lol*

        I didn’t know that’s why they called it a “camel” in skating! That pose actually reminded me of the Warrior III pose in yoga. I wonder if any of the boys do yoga? I can’t zoom in enough to tell who on the left hand side of the circle has his leg all the way up, but in this pic Nando looks like he is pretty close to a lovely Dancer’s Pose!

      • Ha! I wanted to know who has the nice extension too! From what I can see, he’s also got a pretty decent toe-point, but when I zoom it gets too fuzzy :-( I haven’t heard anything about any of them doing yoga, but I wouldn’t put it past Puyi (given his love for pilates and all things Japanese) or maybe Iniesta (because all that tranquility has to come from somewhere!).

        Fernando looks like he’s going for a Kerrigan spiral in that pic, which is hilarious/amazing/I would pay to see. Although he might get points off for bitchfacing the judges. :-p

        (P.S. You’re pretty cool too! Knowing what “ergative” even means = instant love!)

    • Navas is like the tinkerbelle of the team, tiny, pretty and magical.

    • Man, my thoughts exactly on the camel spin. Sometimes I wonder which of these guys would stay upright the longest if you gave them a pair of hockey skates. I mean, we already know which are less flexible than the rest (coughIkercough).

      • For some reason, I think Llorente would make a good hockey player. And I’m Canadian, so I should know.

      • None of them? Haha I just… picture VDB taking them to an ice rink for a team bonding activity, and everything going all wrong! I don’t even know whether hockey or figure skates would be better…

        Piqué and Cesc would fall down before they even got on the ice, due to too much fighting and too-loose skates; Pepe Reina would learn to hockey-stop and then go around spraying everyone with huge plumes of snow; Iniesta would hold onto the boards and just do that awkward-walking thing that beginners do… I think Navas would be quite good, for some bizarre reason. Sergio would either join Pepe in hockey-stopping, or attempt to translate his backflips to the ice. (Hopefully with the aid of a harness!)

        Yeah, I just spent WAY too much time thinking about that. Hopefully their contracts prevent them from engaging in such foot-endangering sports. (Although – given recent evidence of El Niño’s impressive flexibility, I kind of want him to be on “Dancing on Ice,” just for laughs.)

  3. I love this team so much. I like how most of the photos I see from training is of them just having fun and playing around, goofing off. Really shows how much these guys get along. Cannot express my love for them enough <3333333

  4. thanks for the photos :) LOL even in training gear, iker has really weird fashion sense :)

    • lol actually i think iker always looks great when his kit includes that neck-warmer thingie :)

      hmm maybe he should opt to wear more turtlenecks? turtlenecks with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows… i think he’d look very de-lish in those lollzzz (errr…as long he doesn’t pair it with flip-flops…it’d be a wasted effort then!)

      thanks una for these pics! made my day *\o/*

  5. I love to see pictures of the team having fun and messing around and I think its so cute that VDB is always somewhere in the background smiling, very cute! I love the first picture, everyone paired up and ready to…do whatever it is they are doing lol its hilarious that in these “training” pics someone is always being carried or being lifted up by another! I dont know whats with their fascination of carrying each other around during training but it only makes me want to “train” with them even more! :D

  6. This is the intangible that makes this team great!

  7. I do hope this is not the last time they visit Latin America.

    Long live the World Champions.

  8. is there any chance that there is a video of this?

  9. Oh my God I thought Cazorla was Albiol! :( But then I remembered that no way would Raul be shorter than Silva! :P
    Haha these photos should replace the cheesy happy family photos they stick in photo albums to try and sell them ;)

  10. They are adorable! I love how much fun they seem to have at training and how much they all genuinely seem to like each other!

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