the Friday twitter update

Apparently, a massive battle of Trivial Pursuit took place after the Spain-Liechtenstein game, as the team made their way back to Zurich, and we were privy to that thanks to the twitters of Álvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso!

Álvaro’s first tweet of the day (left) told us that the team was on the bus on their way to Zurich after a great game, and that he was ready to beat Xabi Alonso at Trivial Pursuit.  He also asked one trivia question of us: how many goals has Villa scored?

We then find out that Xabi emerged the big winner (right), and that he’s still unbeaten at Trivial Pursuit!

As proof, Xabi offered this pic, saying also that Arbeloa had once again lost!  (Xabi got 78% right out of 41 questions, with five as his longest steak of correct answers – smart guy!)

Álvaro was obviously quite upset by the result, and blamed twitter, saying there were too many twitter distractions, and that’s why he lost.  He also asked for a rematch (left)!  I guess it went well, because a bit after that tweet came this one, which you can read for yourselves (right).

I hope they keep this up!  And get Sergio to start tweeting again!  Anyway, this half of the four musketeers weren’t the only ones active on twitter yesterday.

Juanín Mata wished his teammates good luck for the game, saying, “let’s go Spain!! Let’s start the qualifying phase on a good note…. good luck!”  How sweet!

And Cesc gave us this photo before the game.  Adorable!  (And wow, when they’re sitting down, Pedrito looks to be the same height as Biscuits!)


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  1. What I love is that Xabi is following an Arbeloa fan twitter and that Álvaro is following a Xabi fan twitter. They really support each other! So sweet.

  2. haha these guys and their games. LOL

    girls, have you seen Alvaros bday greetings to Albiol? One minute after midnight. So cute!!! To say it with Alvaros words Get better soon Chori, we miss you!
    Happy birthday to my good friend Albiol!!!!! Te echamos de menos Chori!! Recuperate pronto!!!!!

    on Villas goal-count, theres benn confusion yesterday, even among the journalists. Apparently Villas goal against Poland didnt count and hes not on level with Raul yet. I think that was the reason Alvaro asked.

  3. I hope you keep updating us on the Twitter posts, because I really don’t want to have to break down and get Twitter myself!

    And I am SO not surprised that Xabi rocks at Trivial Pursuit. His intelligence makes him even hotter. :)

  4. That’s a good looking bench. Can’t wait for more of Crackovia’s Pedrito’s Flashforwards.

  5. Grr!! What is up with my twitter feed?! I’m getting all the Alvaro/Xabi posts but I haven’t seen the Cesc/Mata tweets until I read about them here!
    Anyways :D I’ve had faith in Alvaro to keep up with the twitter world for quite some time now, but I expected Sergio to be by his side along the way! However, Mr. Classy’s been great so far (even if Cesc already has almost twice as many tweets as he does). He definitely exceeded my expectations!

    Twitter related question: does anyone know if SCanales16 really is Sergio, or is it a fake-o?

  6. I wonder why, with just a short time joined twitter (also with a very few tweets), Xabi’s account has been verified? Why Alvaro’s hasn’t yet?

    • yeah especially since Alvaro vertified Xabis account. hehe ;) Well, we dont need a vertification to know hes the real one. ;)

  7. i guess this is why arbeloa calls xabi this is sparta

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